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Office Corporate brings you premium paperclips, the low-cost and affordable binding solution that secures papers and documents together tightly but temporarily. Clip it, clam it or fasten it with Office Corporate’s quality choices.

Our Paperclips & Foldback Clip Hold their own

Invest in the best paper clips and paper clamps with Office Corporate’s game-changing range. We offer you a selection of clips and clamps that deliver a better hold so that you can rest assured that your documents, no matter what they are, will stay together firmly as long as you need them to.

Office’s Corporate’s paper fastening solutions pack a punch. Don’t underestimate the humble paperclip. This everyday essential has been around for a full century for a good reason. Since 1899 there has been nothing as effective at securing papers together. The simple paper clip has been used by millions of people and has actually made such a big impact it is always top of mind when we think about stationery for every purpose.

Secure your report at work, temporarily bind legal documents, or fasten school papers with Office Corporate’s quality range of supplies. While staples and staplers might do the job, they’ll also damage paper. Our paper clips and clamps are the perfect solutions to holding papers together effectively and protecting the surface of the papers from damage so that you can easily remove the clip or clamp for the paper that looks just as good as it did when it first came out of the printer.

Don’t invest in low-quality supplies solutions and simply hold thumbs that they’ll get the job done! With Office Corporate’s selection, you can rest assured that you are purchasing stationery that out-performs the competition, time, and time again.

We put in the time when it comes to sourcing superior office and school stationery so that you don’t have to. All you need to do to gain access to premium office and school items is to visit Office Corporate, the online hub of quality paperclips solutions. Any product that you find on our website has been tried and tested, developed by brands renowned for their attention to detail, and is loved by many.

Paper clips and clamps that hold fast

Office Corporate stocks a wide selection of paper clamps, foldback clips, large and small clips, nail clips, safety pins, and nail clip dispensers. Whether you document fastening preference, we have exactly the right choices for you.  

Our customers hold our incredible range in high regard. Our options are sourced from brands such as Bibbulmun, Celco, Esselte, Marbig, and Office Choice. These companies pursue excellence in the design and manufacturing of their paper clips.

Here’s why our foldback paperclip securing choices are the go-to choice for businesses around the country:

  • Affordable: We stock quality stationery at prices you won’t find anywhere else. Our fastening supply range ensures that you can purchase premium clips and clamps at a fraction of the cost. Office Corporate’s dedication to pricing our stationery and school items at fair prices assures this. Our price beat promise takes it a step further by guaranteeing that you’ll pay less for quality stationery with us.
  • Volume: Our paper and nail clips are offered in packs allowing you to stock up in bulk. Purchase a pack of 800 clips or a pack of 50 nail clips. In addition, with Office Corporate’s incredible savings on bulk purchases, you can get stocked up to your heart’s content.
  • Variety: Our clips and paper clamps are also provided in a variety of options to ensure that whatever your securing preference, we have the solution. Purchase paperclips and clamps in chrome, white, or coloured choices. Purchase products in every size imaginable. Even invest in clips and clamps with 30 sheets, 60 sheets or 90 sheet hold capacity.

Cutting-edge foldback paper clips

Our super strong foldback paper clips are made with premium materials for a paperclip hold that sticks. Secure your report or document with this option that allows you to pick from multiple different size options from 15mm, right up to 50mm.

We stock choices that provide an air of sophistication with black metal or silver metal clamps. The quality folding arms snap onto the paper and ensure that they hold is maintained for as long as you need it to last. In addition, the quality level handles are removable allowing the submission of a document that is easy to read as the recipient flips through the pages with ease.

Foldback paper clips are easy to get on, and just as easy to take off, ensuring that you have the flexibility you need to make edits and last-minute adjustments to any text.

A world of quality Foldback clips & Paper Pin is a few clicks away

Looking for a fastening solution that’s a little more permanent? No problem! At Office Corporate, you can expect to have access to every solution under the sun. We cater to permanent binding requirements too with binding machines, binding combs, staplers and staples, and binding covers.

Purchase a paper clamp & pins solution first to allow you to review your draft document, and invest in a quality paper binder from Office Corporate to bring your pages together for good when your draft is signed off.

With Office Corporate, all your needs, office furniture requirements, and school supplies are just a few clicks away, and with fast shipping all over Australia, you can expect your doorbell to ring in a flash.

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