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Office Corporate is proud to be associated with The Bibbulmun Brand.

Office Corporates Bibbulmun range features over 80 quality office supplies at competitive prices and includes Australian-made carbon-neutral copy paper and a wide range of indigenous office stationery and washroom products. Bibbulmun products feature a distinctive magpie icon, whose black and white colours represent Indigenous and non-Indigenous businesses coming together to make a difference in the lives of Indigenous people.

Part-proceeds from Office Corporates sale of cultural choice office supplies are channelled to the Bibbulmun Fund, which supports Indigenous communities by developing and implementing community-based programs. Bibbulmun products offer a simple way for customers to give back to Indigenous Australia, and for organisations to meet their Corporate Social Responsibility targets.

Doing good IS Good for Business 

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is an organisation’s initiatives to assess and take responsibility for its effects on environmental and social wellbeing. Organisations who do so, typically go beyond what may be required by regulators. These initiatives are often viewed favourably by their clients and the public. Australia’s history with its Indigenous community has sparked strong calls for reconciliation to be the responsibility of all Australians, and not merely left to governments to close social and economic gaps. Bibbulmun makes it possible for customers to play their part, however large or small, by contributing part-proceeds to initiatives which go beyond mere handouts, and empowering Indigenous Australians to build a better future for themselves and their community.

Supply Nation 

Supply Nation provides Australia’s largest national directory of verified Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Businesses, connects corporate and Government bodies with Indigenous suppliers.

As a member of Supply Nation, Office Corporate is actively increasing our focus and engagement with Indigenous businesses through sourcing quality aboriginal stationery from the Indigenous business sector. Office Corporate aims to increase our supplier diversity as well as offering suppliers varied options for our customers. By being a member of Supply Nation, Office Corporate has access to training and development to build our supplier diversity program, meet and connect with Indigenous business owners and managers, and have access to a broad range of Indigenous businesses to support.

Supporting the Bibbulmun Fund

The Bibbulmun Fund invests in targeted community projects that are run by community members and have support from local leaders. It encourages, supports and inspires Indigenous communities across Australia. The Bibbulmun Fund designs and delivers programs around entrepreneurship, education, numeracy and literacy. This includes scholarships, work-ready programs, reclaiming culture and language courses, youth diversionary programs, elder camps and leadership programs.

Please feel free to contact Office Corporate for all of your Bibbulmun & Indigenous stationery and office supply requirements. 

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