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Adequate first aid for heart attacks and defibrillators or electrocution instances needs to be built into the fabric of sensibly planned workplaces. Major medical emergencies like heart attacks and shocks can occur in your place of business despite your best efforts to avert them.

Get emergency-ready with premium first aid defibrillators

For the safety of your employees, you need to invest in quality first aid defibrillators, as well as emergency response training for the personnel who will be handling them.

At Office Corporate, we focus on the nuts and bolts of running an establishment smoothly, and a part of our efforts is to equip Australian businesses with top-notch products and accessories. It is only by strengthening and supporting local businesses that we can build a culture of self-reliance and efficiency. This has been our belief right from the onset of our two decade-long journeys. It continues to guide us today as we go about sourcing the best products from st john ambulance on the market and making them accessible and affordable for organisations throughout the country.

World-class first aid defibrillators and accessories, made affordably

When you need to stock up on supplies to help you provide first aid for shock or heart attack episodes, there are a few commonly available sources. These range from general online shopping sites, specialised dealers of medical equipment and instruments, and your local suppliers operating out of brick-and-mortar stores. There are pros and cons of each, but generally speaking, none of these can always offer the right balance of product quality, price and logistical efficiency that Office Corporate excels in.

When you choose us for your first aid defibrillator needs, you receive more than just the optimal equipment. Office Corporate is first and foremost a supplier of office essentials. As such, the emergency response gear we offer takes into account the ground realities of providing first aid in workplaces and institutes. Our online store is a place that always keeps your time and budget constraints in mind. It also ensures that you don’t have to be trained in advanced medical terminologies and protocols in order to make the right choices when it comes to first aid for heart attack or shock scenarios.

What are the best brands for sudden cardiac arrest?

We have categorised our emergency response equipment into first aid defibrillators, cabinets, and accompanying accessories that are vital in providing first aid for heart attack or shock instances. This allows us to fulfill all kinds of orders, ranging from complete emergency response setups for factories and other large-scale establishments, to recurring refills and accessories to help existing defibrillators function at their best like st john ambulance.

Our bargain prices and unbeatable discounts apply both to our defibrillators and their accessories. No matter what your requirement and budget, you are always assured of the best deals when you shop with us for your workplace first aid equipment. We also reward you for recurring purchases by means of our members-only programme. Once you register, every $10 you spend on our site earns you a point. These points in turn can be exchanged for extra discounts on first aid supplies.

Choose the right first aid defibrillators for sudden cardiac arrest

The effectiveness of your first aid for shock or heart attack episodes hinges on the quality of defibrillators in your establishment. Office Corporate enables you to choose a product that best fits your staff’s training level and the frequency with which you may need to administer first aid for heart attack or shock situations.

From portable semi-automatic machines that paramedics can easily carry to the site of the emergency, to sophisticated, fully automated external defibrillators that require minimal training and ensure maximum safety, find choices galore in our first aid section. In line with our commitment to making quality office products accessible to all types of Australian businesses, we exclusively feature products from leading brands like Philips, Heartsine, and Lifepak.

Complete your purchase with first aid defibrillator accessories

Choosing the right defibrillators for your needs is a great start. But you also need to create a reliable setup from which these machines can be used with maximum effectiveness. For this purpose, Office Corporate offers numerous defibrillator cabinets that can be bolted to doors or installed as freestanding docks for your defibrillator and other emergency response supplies. Equipped with alarms, signs, and lockable doors, these cabinets go a long way in keeping your expensive equipment secure yet accessible.

You cannot administer effective first aid for heart attack episodes or electrocutions without defibrillator pads and batteries that are compatible with your machine. Office Corporate serves as a one-stop shop for all these accessories. Add these to your cart while shopping for first aid automatic external defibrillators to strengthen your emergency response capability and earn more reward points on your purchase.

Enable your establishment to provide effective first aid for shock and heart attack episodes. We would be proud to have you on our list of regular customers, and are always available to clarify your doubts about our products or any other emergency response supplies.

What are the different types of defibrillators?

The type of defibrillator has many functions and it can vary. Automated External Defibrillators (AEDs): These are found anywhere and used by any individual in an emergency. Each step is explained by it. They're not giving people electric shocks unless they are needed, so they are able to avoid harm. Some models require pressing a button to trigger a shock, while some models provide shocks automatically. Defibrillator manuals: This is typically suited to health professionals, such as in ambulances.

How much does an AED Defibrillator cost?

It can be purchased in Australia starting at $1,999. We offer a large selection of heart defibrillator models that are manufactured by leading brands st john ambulance. All prices are tailored to the budget of the buyer.

What is a defibrillator?

Defibrillators use electric energy to reset the heartbeat or stimulate the heart to its correct rhythm. It is used during a sudden heart attack. When it starts to get cold there will always be no heartbeat or pulse. Defibrillators analyze heartbeats to decide if an electric shock must occur or not. Almost one-third of Australian cardiac patients are at risk. If they survive without a care facility there is a low chance of survival. AED and immediate cardiopulmonary resuscitation can significantly enhance survival rates for patients. This must be done quickly.

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