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Redefine and reshape your workspace with quality partition screens from Office Corporate. We offer a range of expertly designed, masterfully constructed room screen divider online. Collaborate, concentrate, protect, and achieve with Office Corporate.

Reimagine your space with a partition & panel room screen divider 

Office Corporate brings you a range of premium room screen dividers to allow you to section off areas of your open-plan office workspace effortlessly and affordably. Reimagine and reorganise your office space with a choice of room dividers developed by leading brands that have changed the game when it comes to spatial organisation.

Office Corporate’s variety and an incredible selection of room dividers are ideal for any workplace and are more reliable than any alternatives on the market. We’ve sourced dividers constructed from a range of premium partition screens & social distancing partitions for ultimate strength and durability. We believe you shouldn’t settle for flimsy alternatives, and that’s why we only stock options that are up to the test. To view, our office chairs range you can click on the blue link.

Our social distancing partitions are also a must-have in today’s world providing businesses with a seamless, simple solution to facilitate social distancing in a busy workplace environment, or for customer-facing staff.

Here are just a few of the reasons why fast-pasted, agile businesses around Australia love of range of panel room screen dividers:

  • Quality: Never settle for less than perfection with every purchase. Our screen dividers are crafted from quality materials for better performance.
  • Easy installation: Installing our panel screen dividers is light work and be completed by your staff easily and without hassle. Invest in these no-fuss divider solutions.
  • Sturdiness: After simple installation, our room dividers remain firmly and steadily in place until you remove them. Our options are the steadfast solution that your company needs.
  • Variety: Invest in options that will suit your business and space needs perfectly. In a range of sizes and materials, our selection offers something for everyone.
  • Guidance: Our screen partition & room dividers are chosen not only for their high-quality but also because of the benefits of shopping with Office Corporate. By choosing us, you are getting access to our product specialists who are ready and waiting to assist you in choosing the right product for your needs. With expert guidance and the ultimate professionalism, we’ll help guide you through the purchase of your divider.

What’s more, businesses all around the country choose to stock up on screen dividers with Office Corporate due to our quick delivery, nationwide. Partner with us to fulfil all of your office furniture, accessories and stationery needs in a flash.

Divide and conquer with quality panel room screen dividers & partitions

Office Corporate’s partition screens are the solution that perfectly balances the need to provide your workplace with structure and organisation, while allowing enough flexibility for agile, constant reinvention.

Here are the advantages of investing in premium room screen dividers with Office Corporate:

  • Perfect privacy: Section off areas of the room for your employees to allow them to benefit from their private work area. The use of screen dividers provides the perfect balance between fostering a collaborative workspace and ensuring that employees have space where they can zero in on tasks that require complete concentration.
  • Don’t lose the spirit of collaboration: Collaboration is key in any successful business and employees work together to drive your business forward. The use of room screen dividers is a fantastic alternative to sectioning off areas of your office with walls. Employees are still able to pop their heads over room dividers when collaboration is needed. 
  • Steadfast but removable partitions: Not only is the use of room dividers as opposed to walls much more affordable, but it is also less permanent. At Office Corporate, we understand that businesses are constantly evolving. Room dividers provide your business with the flexibility it needs to reorganise your office space for the introduction of more staff or changing business requirements.
  • Let in the light: The use of room screen dividers is also ideal for ensuring that your workspace remains breezy and light. This solution allows air to flow freely throughout your office providing proper ventilation. Also, as opposed to walls that can make a space feel cramped and dark, room dividers allow light to flow freely helping to create a happy, light, and bright office space. 
  • A pop of colour: Room dividers are particularly useful in adding personality to your office space. Compliment your design aesthetic and corporate identity with branded screens for a professional edge.

Sophisticated panel room divider & social distancing partitions

Our social distancing partitions & panel room dividers are more crucial for your business than ever in today’s climate. World events have highlighted the need to ensure that office spaces remain hygienic and that employees are protected at all times.

Office Corporate’s partitions can enable businesses all around the company with an easily-installed, easily-maintained, and fuss-free solution to maintaining social distancing in corporate or commercial environments.

Do you own a store? Our clear screen dividers are perfect for commercial applications. These clear dividers will allow customers and employees to maintain a healthy distance and protection during transactions, while still allowing employees to connect with customers providing the personal interaction your customers have come to know and love.

Are you an office manager or business owner? Maintain distance in open-plan office environments with Office Corporate’s panel room divider screens. Install our easily-assembled panel room dividers in open-plan offices to encourage employees to operate in their confined areas. While still allowing conversation and collaboration, our dividers ensure that close social interaction is kept to a minimum. You can check out our range of classroom furniture here.

Have you purchased your social distancing partition from Office Corporate? Consider these expert tips to further protect your employees and your business in environments where social distancing is key:

  • Crowd control: The key to ensuring that your panel room dividersocial distancing partitions can do their job is ensuring that your office space isn’t filled to the brim with employees. Too many people in a confined space will make social distancing ineffective or impossible. Should you need to ensure that employees can social distance, try staggering working hours, or increasing your office space.
  • Eliminate visitors: Another way to ensure that your office area is not over-populated is to prevent visitors from entering the office. Each person who enters your workplace brings an increased risk of contamination. Encourage employees to limit visitors to office areas unless necessary.
  • Limit movement: By limiting the frequency that people move, you are also limiting the potential spread of any germs, viruses, and bacteria. Ensure that employees in walk-ways and passages, employees moving between machinery in factory spaces, and employees in closed spaces such as lifts are kept to an absolute minimum.

Premium partition screens & panel room dividers, online

At Office Corporate, not only have we sourced superior partition screens, panel room divider, but we’ve also sourced and stocked an incredible range of sleek, professional, and durable office furniture.

Do your office desks need a refresh? Are you looking for quality ergonomic seating solutions for your employees? While you are stocking up on room dividers with us take a look at our long-lasting desk dividers and comfortable seating options.

Fulfilling your office furniture needs with Office Corporate is not only rewarding because of the fantastic quality of our products and because of our efficient delivery and service, but we also reward you for shopping with us with amazing business rewards.

Earn a business reward point for each $10 spent on our website and redeem your points once accumulated for access to amazing free products including appliances and tech. It pays to be an Office Corporate customer!

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