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Update your craft supplies with the PVA Glue. This glue is ideal for models, masks, crafts, and school projects using a variety of materials. Washes off clothes, even when dry.

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Stick to superior craft and PVA glue from Office Corporate for unmatched performance and unrivalled results. Our incredible range of glue includes PVA glue, glitter, paste and gum, and much more. There’s no better sticky situation than with these premium options.

High-performance craft and PVA glue for a better hold and perfect results

Office Corporate’s fantastic range of versatile craft and office PVA glue is ideal for creating the perfect hold during craft activities, school projects, office tasks, and more. No matter your use, you can expect our glue to create the best kind of sticky situation and adhere effectively to a wide range of surfaces.

Add a bit of sparkle to dazzling craft projects with glitter glue in a rainbow of shades at home or school, or stick quickly and effectively at work. Our PVA craft glue provides you with the ultimate versatility and easily adheres to surfaces including paper, cardboard craft, wood, and even fabric. Don’t worry about purchasing a selection of glue types for different surfaces with our strong-hold options as they are the popular and common types of school glue.

For over 20 years Office Corporate has been keeping stationery draws and craft cupboards around Australia stocked with top-quality craft and stationery supplies. We make it easier and quicker to get access to a range of superior products at the click of a button.

Our PVA craft glue range is no different. We source our products from the industry leaders like Bostik, Clag, EC, Osmer, and more. These brands are committed to excellence and use game-changing school glue formulas to produce products that out-perform the competition. Choose us, the home of solutions with a difference.

Office Corporate also makes it cheaper to stock up on quality craft and office glue with amazing, regular specials, discounts on bulk purchases, and regular rewards for our returning customers. Are you considering Office Corporate as your go-to provider for school and office stationery needs? Our business rewards where you earn points to spend on gifts on our website mean that you will have made an excellent choice. Our price beat promise where we commit to beat any competitor’s price by 2% is just the cherry on top!

Premium PVA Glue: You’ll want to stick to these choices

After experiencing the Office Corporate difference with your first purchase of superior craft and office glue, we guarantee you’ll never need to look anywhere else.

Office Corporate’s options are the preferred choice for Australians all around the country because of these amazing features:  

  • Just the right size: For craft projects and office tasks, big or small, we stock just the right size. Choose from handy pocket-sized glitter glue pens, and a range of glue tubs and bottles from sizes from 15ml right up to 5l. No matter the project or tasks at hand, we stock the right size bottle to keep you covered.
  • Non-toxic solutions: At Office Corporate, while we compromise on our prices to offer you quality solutions at the most affordable rate, we won’t compromise on the safety of our products. We only stock non-toxic PVA glue choices to afford you peace of mind that you are protected from harmful toxins when using glue at work, and that your families and learners are protected during school and craft projects at home or school. You can have this in a different colour, the most common colour is white glue.
  • Acid-free: Further to being free of harmful toxins, your glue choices are also free from acid. PVA wood glue developed with the use of acid can damage the surface of paper, fabric, and board and affect your artwork or craft project significantly. Choose our options made for seamless results.
  • Washable options for stress-free crafting: Tone down the fuss, and turn up the fun with our washable glue, the ideal choice when crafting with kids. This PVA glue easily rinses out of fabric and off little hands ensuring that clean-up time is always a breeze. No-stain, no-fuss!

Office Corporate: The home of an incredible range of sticky Glue

With all the top-class craft glue choices and types available on our website, you’ll be spoilt for choice. Not sure about which of our superior glue tubs and tubes are right for your craft activities, work needs, or school project?

Here’s a handy guide to choosing the right glue for your needs:

  • PVA glue refers to one of the most popular types of adhesive formulas and for good reason. It dries crystal clear ensuring that it is hidden on documents and craft pieces, provides long-lasting hold, doesn’t dry rigid and hard, does not negatively affect the paper, and doesn’t turn yellow over time. This choice is the ultimate versatile, all-purpose glue solution perfect for use at work.
  • Paste: Office Corporate stock glue paste from industry leaders such as Bostik and Clag. This sticky formula is thicker than traditional glue options but is ideal for use during craft projects with little ones. The paste is easily applied with a brush applicator preventing little fingers from coming into contact with the adhesive at all. The smooth paste is great for crafting with kids, and for tasks involving paper, board, and fabric and provides a steady hold without the hassle.
  • Gum: Office Corporate’s glue gum is ideal for school and craft projects. With a slightly different consistency to glue paste, gum will effectively bond paper, wool, and textiles. This option is ideal for striking crafty creations and stunning school projects among your other craft supplies.
  • Glitter: When your craft or school project needs to shine, our glitter glue options are ideal. With shiny flakes in a variety of shades, these dazzling solutions add an edge to all of your more decorative projects.

Superior solutions for every need of craft PVA glue

Not only does Office Corporate bring you craft glue options for every need, but we also bring you a wide range of stationery supplies including pencils and pencils, calculators, markers and highlighters, notes and flags, and craft scissors and cutters, and much more. With Office Corporate, you’re guaranteed to find the solution you need.

We ship quickly and effectively around Australia, ensuring your stationery and craft materials arrive at your door in no time. Stick with us for an amazing range of quality products, super-speedy delivery, and dedicated, professional service, every single time.

Stock up a wide range of school glue, PVA glue 1 litre

PVA glue appears to be a thick, creamy mixture that can be used as craft glue with the smell of vinyl alcohol. In fact, it is the dispersion of PVAD (polyvinyl acetate in water), plastics and additives. We can safely say that PVA wood glue, which is a combination of such compounds, is not toxic to the skin and is completely harmless. And all additives are environmentally friendly.

Craft  PVA glues main features:

  • Excellent adhesion
  • water soluble
  • water resistant
  • strong bond
  • dries clear
  • general formula
  • porous materials
  • Non toxic
  • Paper adhesive
  • pva wood glue
  • Complete safety against fire, explosion and porous materials.
  • Moisture resistance and moisture resistance.
  • Non-toxicity and possibility of use even on playgrounds.
  • It dries with minimal shrinkage and fills all gaps.
  • It forms a thin transparent film and, in addition, is very durable and saturated with polyvinyl acetate.
  • Solubility in many solvents, so its range is expanding.
  • Low cost and therefore cost-effective for many consumers.

In addition, it is worth noting that PVA glue is also used as an aid in starters and polyvinyl acetate. This is used for picking leaves, keeps the surface perfectly smooth and increases its adhesion.

Types of PVA glue for craft 

As mentioned earlier, PVA glue mixture can be used to adhere to almost any surface. This is used by both school students in offices and builders for wallpaper, pre-arrangement, joining parts, and more just by using white glue. Let us consider in more detail the types of this combination by adding porous materials.

PVA home craft glue is used in cases where the wallpaper is done on paper and vinyl. On wooden bases, plaster concrete is worked.

Making PVA glues involves a variety of mixtures used in construction. For example, carpentry is used for wooden bases and furniture. There is also parquet glue for parquet design. In particular, the dispersion of PVA is added to various building mixtures. School glue adhesive office - for clerical work when attaching paper, cardboard, photo paper. Often purchased by school students.

Method of application PVA glue on wood excess glue

It is important to treat the surface carefully before use. To do this, soil and dust are removed. The base should be dry and clean (humidity not more than 4%). If you plan to apply this mixture on smooth walls, then you need to sand them (for better adhesion). If, on the contrary, gluing on rough concrete floor foam is done, you must first thrash it.

When using the compound on the floor, it is appropriate to use a spatula with wide teeth. And the thickness of the layer should be 0.8 mm for linoleum, 3 mm for ceramic tiles and 0.7 mm for pile carpets. If you are going to join wooden structures, and cardboard, it is important to apply a thin layer and press for about 1 minute and then put it under the load. Depending on the thickness of the layer, the drying time may vary.

If you need to glue something, the first person remembers the most popular non toxic PVA glue. In every home and office, it is used not only for gluing paper and cardboard but also in construction work as well as in industry. All this is due to its primitive composition, which helps you to change the properties of the adhesive glue with the help of special additives.

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