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Give your artworks the care they deserve with Office Corporate’s premium yet budget-friendly art folio collection. Handpicked by experts and offered at attractive prices, our folios, carrying cases and zippered pouches allow you to store and transport your creative works with complete peace of mind.

Superior and affordable A1 art folio options for artists

Whether you need a durable A1 art folio to protect your growing collection of large format paintings or a stylish and travel-friendly A2 art folio for carrying drawings and designs to school or work, look no further than our online art folio! Take advantage of our quality assurance, unbeatable prices, and our express shipping and delivery options throughout Australia.

Office Corporate exists to help businesses across Australia streamline their day-to-day operations while staying well within their budget. Besides large corporations, educational institutes, and government offices, we also serve art schools, design studios, and individual artists and photographers. Our online art folio ranks among the best in Australia, featuring an extensive A1 & A2 art folio range in addition to a variety of high-quality art materials and art storage accessories.

What makes us the best art folio in Australia?

Shop for your new A1 art folio or A2 carrying case at Office Corporate, to find the perfect combination of quality products and affordable prices. We stand apart from generic eCommerce platforms that don’t always cater to the needs of professional artists, photographers and designers.

Instead, we offer the quality assurance of a niche art folio, together with the convenience of year-round discounts, membership rewards, and Australia-wide delivery at express speeds. Plus, we specialise in office equipment, stationery, and supplies of all kinds. What this means is that you can supplement your A1 or A2 art folio purchase with drawing tools, paper, canvases, easels, a wide range of painting supplies and other art supplies or consumables for your office or studio.

The term ‘art folio’ applies to any kind of carrying case that is designed for the storage and transportation of artworks. You could be looking to protect your large format paintings or designs while they are in storage at home, in school, or in your studio. If you frequently travel or commute with your artworks or photographs, may be in need of a sturdy, weatherproof and ergonomic carrying case.

Here at Office Corporate, our product specialists have equipped our online art folio to cater to all kinds of art storage needs. Find a durable A1 art folio to safely transport your artwork or architectural drawings to school and minimise their exposure to dust and humidity while in storage. Our A1 art folio collection features high GSM products from established and trusted art supplies brands like Micador. Buying our art folio in different sizes can help you keep your portfolio safe.

Choosing the perfect A1 art folio or A2 carrying case

We have also handpicked a fine range of A2 art folio options for smaller artworks and photos. From sturdy Micador products that are perfect for art students to stylish zippered bags from Osmer that help you make a statement at work, we offer myriad solutions depending on your requirements. If you run an art school or learning centre that requires art supplies in bulk, you can also stock up on our durable yet affordable A1 and A2 art folio options from kids' art supplies brands like Rainbow.

At Office Corporate, our focus is to give you year-round access to a well-equipped art folio, no matter where you are based in Australia. Our dedicated product specialists and customer support team will work with you to help you find the perfect A1 art folio, the most affordable set of A2 or A3 art folio storage bags, and any other art supplies or accessories that you may need. One of the great tools you can have to test your artwork as a student or an artist is a visual diary to make sure you have your first sketches to look at in the future.

 An art folio that rewards you every time!

Office Corporate takes immense pride in serving as a trusted partner for countless Australian businesses. From large establishments to individual entrepreneurs and hobbyists, our clients choose us for our product quality, variety, and year-round discounts. Be it a single A1 art folio or a collection of zippered pouches for smaller drawings, we guarantee the best prices on every product you purchase from us. Save even more on your art supplies by shopping in bulk, and by signing up for our membership rewards

Once you register with Office Corporate, you become eligible for our attractive rewards programme. This means that you earn points on anything you purchase from our online art supply store or any other department. Redeem these points at a later date to make your next A2 art folio or presentation case even more affordable! For more details, swing by the rewards page on our website.

Ready to turn your art into more than just a hobby? Looking to equip your art school with quality and reasonably priced supplies for your students? Office Corporate has you covered! Find an A1 art folio selection that keeps your drawings safe in storage as well as in transit, a fine A2 art folio range that includes heavyweight paper folios as well as stylish zippered bags, and a variety of other art storage and transportation solutions at unbeatable prices.

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