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Be it a compact inkjet or a multifunction laser printer – pair any and all types of HP printers with genuine HP printer ink and HP ink cartridges from Office Corporate. We deliver authentic, branded consumables for home and business printers by trusted brands like HP, ensuring superior and cost-effective printing round the year.

Optimise your printer’s performance with HP printer ink

Topping the charts in printer performance for decades, HP ink is by far the most recognised printer brand around the world. From launching the very first commercial ink cartridge refills for printers back in the ‘80s, to developing sophisticated all-in-one machines for contemporary workspaces, HP has always been one step ahead of the game. Be it individuals, schools, institutes, or large corporations, quality-conscious users across Australia prefer HP for their printing needs. Here at Office Corporate, we equip them with genuine HP inkjet cartridge that maximise the performance and lifespan of their printers.

HP inkjet printers have come a long way from the very first line of Deskjet that shot to fame in the ‘90s. Today, HP inks are focused not only on producing vivid images and sharp text, but also on enhancing ease of use via touchscreens, smart printing programs, and sophisticated connectivity options. Further, like other prominent printer brands, HP has been striving to make its printers and printing consumables more eco-friendly.

Genuine HP ink cartridges ensure more than just printing quality

HP mandates using only genuine HP printer ink or HP inkjet cartridge for their inkjet or laser printers. This is to ensure the optimal printing experience as described above, as well as to protect your printer, your business, and the environment. Businesses that require high-quality and high-volume printing must take extra care to ensure the authenticity of their HP ink cartridges. Failing to do so can result in unnecessary interruptions in your workflow, which in turn can significantly raise your operational costs. Further, there may be legal ramifications of using spurious ink cartridges which may be an additional hassle. Lastly, using off-brand or counterfeit ink instead of genuine HP printer ink or HP inkjet cartridge has a considerable environmental cost, as these cartridges run out faster and are difficult to recycle. 

The degree to which an HP inkjet printer is able to achieve these objectives, depends a great deal on the authenticity of its ink cartridges. It goes without saying that genuine HP ink cartridges will get the best printing output from your machine. Proprietary HP printer ink and cartridge design ensure vibrant, clear and smudge-proof printing on a wide variety of paper types. A genuine HP inkjet cartridge will also optimise ink usage and last much longer than an off-brand cartridge of the same capacity. But there’s more.

Keep your day-to-day printing operations streamlined and effortless with HP printer ink from Office Corporate. Our HP ink cartridges come from reliable sources and are speedily shipped to all locations in Australia. Further, they’re available at unbeatable prices and additional discounts for our member businesses!

Find the perfect HP inkjet cartridge for your inkjet printer

Finding the right cartridges for your inkjet printer can be daunting if you don’t know where to get started. Luckily, things are simple at Office Corporate. We have already done the research for you and put together an extensive range of HP inkjet cartridges and HP ink cartridges for all popular models of HP printers.

Whether you own a multifunction printer that handles all your printing, scanning, copying and faxing needs, or a dedicated photo printer that transfers your favourite clicks to paper, you’ll always find the right HP ink cartridges on our website. We even stock compatible cartridges for old HP printer models so you don’t have to worry about finding consumables for your trusted office printer that has now been discontinued!

To make things even simpler for you, all HP printer ink and HP inkjet cartridge cartridges listed here on Office Corporate mention the number of pages you can expect from the product. So whether your requirement is just a few pages a week or thousands of pages every month, you can find all kinds of HP cartridge options ranging from 4-colour value packs to high-capacity single colour options.

Slash HP printer inks & cartridges costs with Office Corporate discounts and rewards

Our mission here at Office Corporate is to help you stay on top of deadlines and well within your budget. Shop with us to avail of lightning-quick delivery, personalised customer support, and attractive discounts on your HP printer ink and HP inkjet cartridge purchases. Shop in bulk to save even more on your printing consumables. Plus, Office corporate members earn reward points on every purchase. Sign up to make each purchase count - your reward points can make your future purchases cheaper by up to 10 percent!

So go on ahead and equip your HP printer with genuine and superior quality HP ink cartridges from our collection. From the latest releases to classic inkjet models that remain popular with Australian businesses, we offer HP printer ink and HP inkjet cartridge for all types of HP machines. Should you have any doubts or queries, our team will be happy to help you out. Find more on our ink and toner cartridges.

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