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You cannot ensure an efficient workplace without paying due attention to occupational first aid. In today’s fast-paced times when most establishments have broadened their focus to include multiple areas, ensuring a safe work environment has acquired even greater significance.

Occupational first aid supplies delivered Australia-wide

In tune with our commitment to helping Australian businesses succeed, Office Corporate ensures prompt delivery of reliable first aid supplies to organisations, institutes and individual users throughout the country.

Just like the other categories of office products listed on our site, our occupational first aid selection ranks among the best on the market. Health and safety are areas where there is no room for compromise. Curating the right first aid supplies should be foremost on the agenda for all office administrators and decision-makers. By partnering with Office Corporate, you can streamline this task for your organisation and eliminate the need to conduct extensive market research in order to find the right first aid suppliers.

First aid supplies that comply with workplace safety regulations

Creating a safe working environment for your employees and setting up occupational first aid protocols to handle emergencies with ease requires plenty of legwork. It is not just about putting together a first aid kit and making it accessible to your staff. The kind of first aid supplies you will need is closely linked with the kind of establishment you run.

Factories, warehouses and spaces where heavy machinery or precision instruments are manually handled require particular attention in matters of occupational first aid. Schools and daycare centres also need an uninterrupted supply of first aid materials. Small offices where employees mostly work at their desks may be relatively low-risk in comparison, but even in such cases, there are certain standards to which your first aid supplies must match up.

While attending to your occupational first aid checklist, you need to comply with all workplace safety regulations in your state. You also need to make sure that the supplies in your first aid kit or medical room are able to address the kinds of medical emergencies, accidents or injuries that may occur in your establishment. Lastly, you must set up a process wherein your first aid supplies can be replenished well before they run out or go beyond their expiry dates.

In order to meet these requirements, modern workplaces and institutes rely on working relationships with first aid suppliers who can take care of their occupational first aid needs without any unnecessary hiccups along the way. Office Corporate is one of the preferred first aid suppliers in Australia. Our quality assurance doesn’t just apply to the products we sell, but also to our entire approach as your long-term supplier.

Keep your first aid supplies affordable with Office Corporate

There are no set rules in regard to items that should go into your occupational first aid kit. This asks for a fair degree of diligence in order to account for all possible scenarios and keep medications and first aid supplies handy. When you choose Office Corporate for your recurring first aid needs, we take care of this legwork for you. Feel free to ask our experts for advice on basic or specialty first aid instruments. We are also happy to fulfill any custom requirements that you may have for dressings, bandages or disinfectants and infection control. Despite our online shopping model, we communicate with you just like your local first aid suppliers would. Our accessibility is what has set us apart from other office essentials suppliers over the past two decades.

Occupational first aid is an area that always involves recurring costs. You don’t want these costs to affect your bottom line in the long run. This is yet another reason why shopping at Office Corporate makes business sense. Our product variety and prices are hard to match, even on popular ecommerce platforms. At the same time, we have strict quality control measures in place that make sure only genuine, high-quality and safe products make their way to our inventory.

Get guidance for your first aid supplies

Be it a simple set of bandages or innovative, toxin-free disinfectants and sanitisers, Office Corporate will never disappoint you when you need quality first aid supplies. In addition to the standard components of an occupational first aid kit, we also offer accessories like warning triangles and information leaflets to help you get your safety and emergency response protocols in order. You can avail of additional discounts on bulk shipments of all these products. Feel free to stock up on Defibrillators, bandages, dressings, plasters, wipes, gloves, disinfectants, refills and other consumables that tend to run out quickly. 

For added measure, we have instated a rewards programme that makes your occupational first aid supplies even cheaper. As soon as you create an account and start shopping with us, you also start collecting reward points that can further reduce your expenses by up to 10 percent in the future.

With Office Corporate by your side, acquiring the right first aid supplies will never be a matter of concern for your business. Let us take care of your workplace health and safety requirements, without putting you out of pocket in the process.

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