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Even in a world dominated by digital, we still need hole punchers physical copies of all kinds of documents and other materials. Those paper copies also need organizing, and so in any business environment, there is a need for hole punches up to 200 sheets at a time.

Hole puncher and paper punches - all the leading brands available at Office Corporate

Today, hole punchers come in all shapes and sizes, from an office paper punch or single hole punch, through to the standard 2-hole punch, 3-hole punch and 4-hole punch for largFsingleer binders and other storage solutions. There is also easy to use ergonomic versions that support great workplace health and wellbeing.  

The hole punch may on the surface seem like a simple tool that we take for granted, but if we look at what it does, and the various types, it remains a precision tool. To line up with binders and other storage solutions, office home punches have to punch clean holes in precise locations, time after time. With hole punches up to 200 sheets in capacity, that is some serious engineering behind what we all think of as a simple supplies.

Whether it is a rapid hole punch, heavy duty hole punch or even an adjustable hole punch, robust, high-quality tools make the job easier and the results better. This matters for businesses, again, we take the office hole punch for granted right up to the point of using a bad one. Then the time and frustration spent trying to fit paper into binders or other storage where the holes are slightly in the wrong place, or by having not cut the paper cleanly leaving unpunched holes, can be infuriating. Costly for business too.

Staplers and hole punches are still highly necessary office tools, despite the world leaning more towards digital documentation. Since its invention in the late 1800s, three-hole punches and staplers are seen in different kinds of offices. Make sure this is true for your workplace as well.

Staplers and Heavy Hole Punches

Staplers are handy little devices used to bind two or more pieces of paper together by plunging thin metals through the sheets and folding the ends close. Staplers were invented due to the growth of paper usage in establishments and the need for a proper paper fastener. And thus, in 1866, a brass paper fastener device was patented. This device is the precursor to the modern staplers we still use today. The McGill Single-Stroke Staple Press, which was patented on February 18, 1979, was the first commercially successful stapler. 

Different Types of Staplers

  • Desktop staplers - Desktop staplers are the most common and popular type of staplers. This is the type that is most used in any office. They are inexpensive, durable, and light. This type of stapler is the perfect kind to use for stapling minimum amounts of paper.

  • Electric staplers - Electric staplers are more commonly used in workplaces that handle a ton of paperwork and require stapling at frequent amounts. This stapler can be operated using switches, buttons, or pedals.

  • Heavy-duty staplers - Heavy-duty staplers are perfect for stapling together massive amounts of paper. It can come in both manual and electrical.

  • Long reach staplers - This type of stapler has a longer body, ideal for stapling large papers together.

  • Mini staplers - A different type of desktop stapler that’s smaller than average. It is perfect for students and traveling employees who need staplers to carry.

Newer and more modern staplers offer more ergonomic features and usually require lesser effort than old ones. Newer models are perfect for those who will be doing a fair amount of stapling while keeping their budgets in check as electric staplers can be more expensive than desktop ones.

Find the best hole punches on our online store

Hole punches, as the name implies, are office tools used to punch holes in papers and other similar materials. This is necessary for documents that require to be kept on binders and the like. The earliest mass use of a hole punching tool, or paper punches as they’re sometimes called, was the Conductor’s punch. This was used by train conductors to punch train tickets in the late 1800s as trains were the most popular mode of transportation at the time.

The hole punch may, on the surface, seem like a simple tool that we take for granted. But if we look at what it does, and the various types of hole punches, it is an essential office hole punch tool that requires precision. Some hole punches can punch up to 200 sheets at once. There is some serious engineering behind this item that we all think of as a simple office stationery.

Types of metal hole punches

  • Single hole punches - A small type of paper punch used to punch a single hole on a paper or document. Interestingly, this puncher is also used by casinos to mark a deck of old and used cards.

  • Two-hole punches - Two hole punches are common in schools, legal offices, and medical fields. Perfect for punching holes on papers to stack on two-hole clipboards.

  • Three-hole punches - This type of hole punch is the most commonly used in many offices as it offers a three-hole feature that’s perfect for three-ring binders.

  • Four hole punches - While this type of hole punch isn’t as common as the others, it is perfect for office who utilize four-ring binders instead of three. Some manufacturers offer detachable punches, where two 2-hole punches can be meshed together to form a four-hole punch.

Hole punches come in manual types and electric types. Manual hole punches are more common for their efficiency in less-frequent usage and affordability. Electric models are useful in workspaces where multiple sheets of paper need to be punched throughout the day as they provide automation.

Shopping staples and hole punches at Office Corporate

For your office supply needs, turn to nowhere else but Office Corporate. With us, you can make sure that the supplies you’ll purchase are nothing short of superb. Whether you need staplers, hole punches, or any other office and educational supply, you’ll find high-quality items here. We takes pride in supplying branded items that aren’t only durable and effective, but also very affordable. You will end up getting gorgeous-looking and sturdy supplies while not having to cash out an absurd amount of money.

When it comes to staplers and hole punches, the ones you’ll find here at our store are guaranteed to be high-quality and top-notch. Here are some of the brands that supply staplers and hole punches:

  • Rapidline, Leitz, Rexel, PaperPro, Maped, Marbig, Osmer, Bantex, Stat, Office Choice

Browse through our catalog and you’ll find so much more trusted brands display their product for you to peruse.

We are so confident in our statement that our products are very affordable, the most affordable ones you’ll find on the market, that if you find a place that sells the same item we do at a lower price, give us a message. We will have your message and input verified. Once you get a confirmation, we will sell that very same item to you at a 2% lower price! This is our Price Beat Promise and it’s us letting you know that our customer’s budget is a priority here at Office Corporate.

Order however many staplers and/or hole punches you need for your workplace today and we’ll have the items delivered to you no matter where you are in Australia. You won’t have to do any traveling whatsoever. Just order, take a seat back, and wait for your items to arrive. Purchase your staplers, hole punches, and other office supply your office needs today at Office Corporate.

We deliver hole paper punches Australia wide

At Office Corporate, we understand how important it is to have the right tool for the job. Whether that is a Rapid Funky Hole Punch, Hole Punch , paper punch in bright colours, an open drill punch, commercial paper drill or heavy-duty hole punch, it needs to do the job.

We stock a huge range of hole punches from leading manufacturers, including Leitz Hole Punch, Marbig Hole Punch and Novus Heavy Duty Hole Punch. Each offers reliable, effective performance, and with fast, cheap delivery across Australia, we have the stock and reliable service you can trust. With quality assured, we supply the finest range of hole puncher and paper punch, all the leading brands available to order with delivery to your door for a comprehensive stationery solution and supplies for your business wherever you are in Australia.

The solution for your next office hole puncher

Don’t end up trying to fit badly punched paper into your storage solution. Our range of paper hole punches are chosen for their quality, performance and value, giving you the best deal for your business and an office hole punch you can rely on.

Choose from the office stationery range of high-quality office hole puncher, including hole punches up to 200 sheet capacity or a commercial paper drill for heavy usage and order with confidence. You can easily order supplies online with our Australia wide delivery, guaranteed quality and names you can trust, if you need a hole punch or any other office stationery or office items, Office Corporate is the number one choice for your business.

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