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Since 1975, Adhesive notes & Post-it note’s parent company 3M has prevented 2.7 billion pounds of pollution.

As part of their commitment to sustainability, 3M have conducted extensive recycling trials on their full range of Post It notes at recycling paper mills. The adhesive gum on the sticky side of the paper is substantially removed from the note during the deinking process.   

Need a note that leaves an environmentally friendly message? Sustainable Post It Notes will do that!

If recycling is important to you, your business, or your school then you should buy environmentally friendly office products like Sustainable Post It Notes. A little change to a greener note is a no-brainer - for a lot of positive environmental impact.

In house testing demonstrates that the quality of the Eco-friendly Post It notes is not compromised, producing an equally athletically pleasing note, that is easy to write on. The quality and length of the industry-leading stick time remain equal, making the Post It Recycled range equally effective for reminders on doors, windows, or walls. Post It Recycled range comes in a range of colours, shapes & sizes. Our range is available with paper containing a minimum of 30% postconsumer recycled content.

There are several collections available. If you are looking for 100% recycled notes that are super bright canary yellow is the recommended note. For something understated and subtle the Bali Collection is a great option. The colours reflect a journey of discovery, nature and self.  Inhouse – we use the 73x73mm Pastel range.

The Bora Bora Super Sticky note is a collection of blues and greens the evoke a feeling of being in paradise. The collection range in size - from your standard square measuring 76x76mm up to a lined note 101x152mm. If you are looking to buy in bulk we also supply a cabinet pack, making the Post It recycled range great value and convenient for even the biggest of users.

The paper in Post-it Notes is sourced from certified, renewable, and responsibly managed forests. The 100% recycled content notes contain 70% pre-consumer and 30% postconsumer fibres. Post-it Easel Pads are also available with 30% post-consumer content paper.

Office Corporates exclusive Go Green supplies category features an extensive range of Eco-Friendly Post It Notes made from 30% - 100% recycled paper. You can buy with confidence knowing they are the most sustainable Post It Notes in Australia!

In stock & ready to be delivered to your home, office, or school.

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