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Office Corporate stocks a huge range of ink and printer cartridges available for your printer, photocopier, or fax machine. We carry quality printer toner cartridges from leading brands including Canon, HP, Kyocera, Brother machine, Epson, Lexmark, Samsung, Oki, Fuji Xerox, and other printer models and brands. Printer cartridges, ink toner, ribbons, and film from Office Choice are available at our usual competitive prices, with speedy delivery to locations across Australia.

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Printer toner supplies: new toner cartridge with a high or low page yield 

At Office Corporate, we have a printer toner range and flexible service to cater to orders of all kinds. Whether you require Kyocera cartridges or HP printer ink cartridges, for home printing cartridges or workplace machines, we have you covered. See our range of Canon toner and drums

Present-day printing technology is much faster and cheaper than it used to be before, but it's not always immediately obvious which type of toner cartridges is best for specific jobs. Make the wrong choice, and you could be looking at blowing hundreds of extra dollars per year on printer cartridges, like your ink toner from the best brand in the market like Pelikan toners.

Ink & toner cartridges are also referred to as ink cartridge refills, which are a part of an inkjet printer that has ink toner within it. This is the ink that is printed on paper when doing a printing task. It is a fluid coloured with pigments or tints as toner particles. In each of the ink cartridges or toners, they are one or more ink reservoirs. Toner, in contrast to ink toner, is a very smooth toner powder that is part of a cartridge and used in a laser printer brand.

How to refill your printer with a replacement ink: Printer cartridges & toner can be very costly, and this leaves many with the option of going for a refill. The following steps can be employed for a refill. With coloured inks, there are so many colours that you can choose from, from blue, cyan, magenta, red, or any other you would like to buy.

What you need for the printer toner cartridge & ink refill for an empty cartridge

1. Buy a printer ink based on the number of page yields you require.
2. Get a disposable syringe. The smaller the needle of the syringe, the better.
3. Get your printer cartridges. The refill method is the same for most inkjet cartridges & toners.

For more information on anything from our HP toner and drum unit or printer cartridges to our Canon ink cartridges, inkjet printer ink please don’t hesitate to get in touch. If you can’t find what you’re looking for, we can source it for you – just contact us via phone or email depending on the printer brand and ink search.

Refill your toner empty cartridge and printer toner

Firstly, gradually draw some ink into the syringe and inject it into the hole. The most important part of office supplies. That's all! Note the following when you refill the toner cartridge:

1. The size of the needle is extremely small, therefore, when you are too quick or too fast in drawing printer cartridges into the syringe, air gaps would be formed. These air gaps can very well cause a blockage in your cartridges. So make all effort to avoid air bubbles, before you inject ink toner right through the hole.

2. Refilling can get messy sometimes. Ensure that you have a piece of paper or a piece of cloth to remove the ink toner dust. The appearance has a fresh background only to make it look decent!

3. It is advisable to fill the toner to a near-capacity and not too full capacity, this is to prevent leakage.

4. When done with the filling of the cartridge, do well to allow it to set for some time. This will allow the ink to go down to the bottom of the sponge. The position of the sponge is inside the printer cartridge, and it is not possible at all to see the sponge. See how you should ink search.

Everything about printer toner cartridges & toner particles

Most people who buy a printer do not have any information about it and do not provide the printer according to their needs. You should consider some points when buying them. Do not regret buying it later. You should pay for the printer according to your needs. In a laser printer, the paper is printed with the toner inside the cartridge. In an inkjet printer, the head and ink are in the same cartridge, and sometimes the two are separate. Inkjet printers have four colours.

In some of these types of inkjets, three colours in one cartridge and black toner in the cartridge are separate. In the colour laser printer, the toner cartridge is available in four colors and each in separate ink cartridges. Also, in the monochrome laser printer, the cartridge is only black for ink cartridges. 

The cartridge is a source for supplying colours like magenta, cyan, and yellow for printing paper. Cartridges are available in two types of toner and inkjet in the market and also in different levels of page yield, some of them have 2000 or 1500. Each cartridge is composed of parts such as a drum unit, magnet, and foam.

Each toner also has a chip. Some printers, such as color laser printers, must replace the chip when charging the cartridge. Laser printer cartridges can be charged more often. Each cartridge should be inspected for technical problems when unpacking it. Sometimes these cartridges need to be replaced because you should be mindful of printer costs. Ink cartridges for black and white laser printers print between 1,500 and 2,000 page yields for a printer model. When you are in the market for ink search you know which brand you should go for.

Refill the empty printer toners & drum unit for different kinds of printers, lasers & inkjets

When your printer toner cartridge runs out of toner, it may dry out and you can no longer refill it. If you buy a new cartridge, you will have to pay more than the cartridge refill. It is better when you notice that the ink runs out. Charge it immediately. Inkjet printers will damage the new ink cartridges if not used for a long time. The ink inside the cartridge dries and your printer head burns, also it depends on the printer model.

In general, before buying a printer brand, you should also pay attention to its new toner. Black and white printers are less expensive than colour printers because they have only one cartridge. Perhaps even knowing everything about the ink toner is more important than the printer itself. Monochrome black cartridge toner is like colour toner cartridges. When buying a cartridge, be careful to be compatible with the desired printer. All ink cartridges are specific to the printer and you must be careful when buying.

Refilling means filling the ink toner inside the cartridge. The toner is finally running out and needs to be filled. The cartridge charging steps are specialized and should be done by charging experts who know everything about the cartridge. You can contact the cartridge refilling and printer repair shops.

These companies will address your problem as soon as possible. If you want to save your time and money, you can change the cartridge on the spot. Some companies refill the cartridge in the same place and this is in your favour. You can even submit a request to repair some HP printers and another printer brand on-site and other printers on the market in the same place.

Recharging HP and Canon cartridges is very easy. Usually, the cartridges that do not have chipsets are better than others. They are easier to refill. Just be sure to use the original toner to refill them for inkjet and laser printers.

Printer toner cartridges type based on the printer model

Drum Cartridge: The drum unit is a piece that is in the cartridge and is a metal roller that plays an important role in printing paper. The drum is separate from the cartridge. You can replace the drum separately. Images and photos are printed by the drum. In laser printers, this is a drum that pours ink toner on paper to print the desired image.

Cartridge chipset: On chipsets, the amount of cartridge printing is predefined according to the number of papers. When the amount of toner and ink inside the cartridge is reduced, the amount of printed paper is also reduced. Finally, when the ink toner is finished, a message from the machine when looking for ink cartridges. 

Cartridge magnet: This piece is a cylindrical rod with a magnetic property. Magnets with toners kept on their surface cause the paper to print. When the printer prints low-quality paper, this is one of the reasons. Usually when the magnet. Faint lines appeared on the paper, meaning the cartridge magnet had a problem.

Original & standard toner cartridge: On these cartridges and ink cartridges, which are the original, the atomic hologram is attached and can not be separated from the cartridge body. The serial number is also engraved on the post of the cartridge and must be the same as the body number. If you are looking for high quality, buy this cartridge.

You can remove the hologram of the Chinese design cartridge from its body. Also, the serial number does not correspond to the body number. These types of laser cartridges are divided into several categories, which we will discuss in the rest of this article.

Grade A cartridge: This type of cartridge, which is known as a first-class cartridge, has a drum unit and chipset and is made of quality parts. The number of pages you can get with this type of cartridge is the same as the original toner cartridge. This cartridge can be changed several times and costs a lot. You do not have to pay for this type of cartridge.

Second-grade printer ink cartridges: Second-hand cartridges have fewer printed papers than previous cartridges for inkjet and laser printers.

Third-degree triangle cartridges: These types of cartridges are also called refills. They have already been used and the body of these cartridges has been painted. They will also be able to print less paper. We do not recommend this type of grade 3 cartridge for our customers.

It is better to check the text on paper before the printing process starts so that you do not have to reprint the same text later due to misspellings or any other reason. It is better to change your printer settings according to your needs because of the ink toner factory settings and consume more laser toners when the printing process begins.

You can use smaller fonts instead of large fonts to use less toner and ink. Keep in mind that font size is also effective to increase the life of the printer cartridges and their performance to a premium level. Finally, you should pay attention to the lights and warnings on the printer screen.

What do you know about toner powder? Toner is a powder mixture used in laser printers or other types of printers to print texts and images on paper, in general through a cartridge. It's made chiefly of granulated plastic, but original mixtures only added carbon powder and iron oxide, but, mixtures now contain polypropylene, fumed silica, and various minerals.

Why shop new toner cartridges & printer toner with us? From compatible to genuine

Whether you’re looking for HP, Brother machine, Kyocera, or Canon, printer ink and toner and ink cartridges are easier to shop with us to reduce the printing costs. Our buying power allows us to offer affordable prices across our huge range, plus all products are backed by our friendly personalised service that is tailored to your needs. Depending on your order and location, we can offer free delivery on the same or next business day – just enquire with us to find out more about your delivery options.

Office Corporate sells cartridges and printer toners at different prices from cheap toners to expensive ones all over Australia in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, and Perth. We also sell various ink cartridges, including personal organiser refills & self-adhesive binder label holders, and other printer supplies. Browse our website further or contact us for more information. We try hard to stock all printer supplies for the best brands in the market based on a printer model. With any issues with your new Brother cartridges, you can contact Brother customer service.

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