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Office Corporate stocks a wide range of ink and printer cartridge available for your printer, photocopier, or fax machine. We carry quality printer cartridge from leading brands including Canon, HP, Kyocera, Brother, Epson, Lexmark, Samsung, Oki and Fuji Xerox. Printer cartridgeprinter toner, ribbons, and film from Office Choice are available at our usual competitive prices, with speedy delivery to locations across Australia.

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Printer toner supplies: toner cartridge

At Office Corporate, we have the printer toner range and flexible service to cater for orders of all kinds. Whether you require Kyocera cartridges or HP printer ink cartridges, for home printing needs or workplace machines, we have you covered. See our range of Canon toner and drum.

Present-day printing technology is much faster and cheaper than it used to be before, but it's not always immediately obvious which type of printer toner is best for specific jobs. Make the wrong choice, and you could be looking at blowing hundreds of extra dollars per year on printer consumables, like your ink or toner.

Ink cartridges are also referred to as inkjet cartridges, which are a part of an inkjet printer that has ink within it. This is the ink that is printed on paper when doing a printing task or job. It is a fluid colored with pigments or tints. In each of the ink cartridge, they are one or more ink reservoirs. Toner, in contrast to ink, is a very smooth powder that is part of a cartridge and used in a laser printer.

How to refill your printer ink refill

Printer Cartridges can be very costly, and this leaves many with the option of going for a refill. The following steps can be employed for a refill.

What you need for the printer toner cartridge & printer ink refill

1. Buy a printer toner ink.
2. Get a disposable syringe. The smaller the needle of the syringe, the better.
3. Get your printer cartridge. The refill method is the same for most inkjet cartridges.

For more information on anything from our HP toner and drum or printer cartridge to our Canon ink cartridges, printer ink please don’t hesitate to get in touch. If you can’t find what you’re looking for, we can source it for you – just contact us via phone or email.

Step 2: Refill your toner cartridge and printer toner

Firstly, draw some ink into the syringe gradually and inject it into the hole. That's all!

NB: Note the following when you refill printer toner cartridge;
1. The size of the needle is extremely small, therefore, when you are too quick or too fast in drawing printer toner into the syringe, air-gaps would be formed. These air gaps can very well cause a blockage in your printer toner. So make all effort to avoid air bubbles, before you inject ink right through the hole.
2. Refilling can get messy sometimes. Ensure that you have a piece of paper or a piece of cloth. The appearance has a fresh background only to make it look decent!
3. It is advisable to fill the printer toner to a near-capacity and not too full capacity, this is to prevent leakage.
4. When done with the filling of the cartridge, do well to allow it set for some time. This will allow the ink to go down to the bottom of the sponge. The position of the sponge is inside the printer toner cartridge, and it is not possible at all to see the sponge.

Why shop toner cartridge and printer toner with Us?

Whether you’re looking for HP, Brother, Kyocera, or Canon, printer ink and toner cartridge are easier to shop with us. Our buying power allows us to offer affordable prices across the range, plus all products are backed by our friendly personalised service that is tailored to your needs. Depending on your order and location, we can offer free delivery on the same or next business day – just enquire with us to find out more about your delivery options.

Office Corporate sells toner cartridge and printer toner and we deliver all over Australia in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide and Perth. We sell a variety of stationery items, including personal organiser refills & self-adhesive binder label holders and printer ink refill. Browse our website further or contact us for more information.

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