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Being glued to a computer screen for hours at a stretch, day after day is something you probably can’t avoid because you don't have sit stand desk. What you can certainly avoid, however, are the health issues and medical expenses associated with prolonged sitting.

The Benefits of Sit Stand Desk Risers in 2022

As technological advancements make us more and more sedentary as workers, modern businesses and institutes have been forced to get creative while designing their work environments. Out of all the innovations that have come to the fore, sit stand desks are among the most popular.

Studies show that the average working adult spends 7-10 hours a day in a sitting position. Today, with the work-from-home lifestyle becoming more and more prevalent, this duration is only likely to increase and the only solution for them is to use sit stand desk which is not easy. Prolonged sitting may have been taken for granted by the present generation of professionals, but the human body isn’t engineered for it. Because of the slew of health risks that it brings about, Safe Work Australia has recently identified prolonged sitting as one of its main concerns.

What are sit stand desks?

As the name suggests, a sit-stand desk lets you work in both sitting and standing positions, and switch from one to the other with minimal effort. These workstations take many shapes, from portable desk risers that can be mounted on existing surfaces, to standalone height adjustable systems that can be electronically controlled. Regardless of their design and complexity, all sit-standing desks serve the same purpose – addressing the health risks of sitting for extended periods of time.

Sit stand desks bring a healthy amount of movement into the average workday, which is essential for musculoskeletal health. It also plays a key role in maintaining cardiovascular health, preventing type 2 diabetes, and promoting mental and emotional wellbeing. Let’s look at their benefits in a little more detail.

The perks of using sit standing desks

Keeping lower back troubles away

Lower back pain is a common complaint among working adults who sit at their desks for prolonged durations. Being confined to a conventional desk-and-chair set up for long hours causes one to slouch, and gradually strains and weakens the muscles of the lumbar region. If left unchecked, this can cause serious complications like herniated discs and pinched nerves. Sit standing desks encourage the user to alternate between sitting and standing positions, thus improving posture and circulation in the lower back.

Boosting metabolism

It’s not without reason that they call sitting the new smoking. From obesity and high blood pressure to heart disease and cancer, prolonged sitting is associated with an array of alarming health concerns. Being sedentary for significant lengths of time slows the metabolism. In other words, the body struggles to break down fat, control glucose levels, and maintain normal blood pressure.

Regular exercise is the best way to boost your metabolism, but for those of us who can’t make time for regular workouts during workdays, sit-stand desks are a great alternative. A high-quality sit-stand workstation from a trusted brand like Fellowes will make it easy for you to stay active at work and use your computer in a standing position from time to time. Don't forget to check out our office chairs range with more than 1500 different chairs.

Preventing cardiovascular diseases with electric sit stand desks & converter

Research indicates that more than a third of deaths caused by coronary heart disease are associated with being physically inactive. The good news is that it doesn’t take a lot to correct this. Spending time on your feet – standing at your desk instead of sitting, taking a quick walk during lunch hour, adding some micro-movements to your routine – can help keep cardiovascular ailments at bay. In other words, just adding a Rapidline or Fellowes sit-stand desk riser to your workstation can result in better heart health.

Increasing productivity with a standing desk

When the body functions well, so does the mind. Studies have shown that inactive people are more likely to go through depression than those who have active lifestyles. The regular movements and changes in posture that sit-standing desks or desk risers enable can go a long way in keeping you and your employees mentally agile and upbeat. It goes without saying that a happy and focused workforce boosts your organisation’s efficiency.

How expensive are standing desks in Melbourne?

The cost benefits of sit/stand desks are indisputable, especially when you weigh in the long-term impacts of not using them. Of the $61.8 billion that workplace injuries and diseases cost the Australian economy in 2012-13 also in 2022, a whopping $10,390 was incurred due to body stress. Even so, business owners often remain on the fence about buying sit-stand workstations because they appear to be a big investment.

Well, as we mentioned earlier on in this article, there are many types of sit-stand desks and not all of them come with too many bells and whistles. You don’t necessarily have to spend thousands of dollars on an electric standing desk with touch controls and connectivity options. There are many affordable desk risers and sit-stand converters that can be attached to existing workstations. Check out our chair mats to protect your flooring.

Start your search at Office Corporate, where we’ve handpicked quality sit-stand desks and risers from trusted brands like Rapidline, Fellowes, and Kensington. Pick these up at great prices and score additional reward points to sweeten the deal! Have questions? Contact us and we’ll be happy to help.

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