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The importance of business office machines

Office machines & equipment can most at times refer to a functional or mechanical item that is used to expedite production in the office, such as printers copiers and fax machines. The modern office necessitates plenty of office equipment. Basic office machines included a computer for each employee, a printer, and a document scanner. Advanced machines for the office sometimes include printers copiers and fax machines, high-tech digital cameras or video recorders, and video conferencing equipment, including a printer scanner copier for the office.

Office equipment most at times is required to be replaced more often than office furniture, most especially as new technology is introduced and utilized. The more relevant the office equipment's function is to the office, the more likely it will require replacement. Office equipment that suffers from wear and tear from day to day use, such as a company laptop or cell phone, will have a smaller life expectancy and better maintenance cost. Office equipment maintenance and repair expenses can be a different line item from the office equipment allocation.

What are modern office machine and their applications?

Developing an inventory list of the items such as printers copiers and fax machines in an office can be very vital in a situation of theft, fire, or natural disaster. Without having an inventory list, you will have to depend on your memory to account for the office supplies you got. A copy of the list can be kept off-site and thereafter updated as office equipment is purchased or removed. You can supplement an inventory list with drawings or photographs, printers copiers, and fax machines revealing the location of the main objects in each room.

A list of office furniture and room accessories includes chairs, desks, lamps, file cabinets, trash cans, and window treatments. Decorative items should also not be disregarded, such as ornamental figurines, wall hanging pieces, pictures or paintings, plants, and mirrors. The Office library that makes up shelves should also be checked. Some reference books can be comparatively costly, and their value should be recorded.

Offices normally make use of electronic equipment for communications, as well as email via a computer. The office inventory list should have as an inclusion telephone, copy, and fax machines, dictation machines, printers copiers and fax machines and intercoms. Broadband modems and routers are also used to link computers and Voice Over Internet Protocol to communication services. Having a list that will have all serial numbers of all electronic and computing devices will be very helpful in a situation of theft.

Lis of Ten Types of the best Office Machines Our website Include

Here we are going to introduce what are the best top ten office machines & equipment are and where you can find them.


Office Corporate printer is a specialised local company for office machines with more than 20 years in the field of selling copiers and printers, as well as all their consumables and parts, including receipt printers, label printers, barcode readers, as well as their consumables such as thermal rolls and ribbons. As you browse our website you can see we work with big brands with a broad range like Brother, Fellow, HP, Canon, Epson, Kyocera, and Oki. The items' prices ranging from less than $100 for small and home office use to industrial big yield printers for $500. Just remember any cheap ones only have a small number of inks and cartridges.

Fax Machines

A lot of companies still use fax machines to send and receive documents. A fax is a device that can send and receive office letters using telephone lines, also called fax machines. The working mechanism of this machine is that the paper is inserted into the machine and scanned and then sent by phone. Faxes translate text or office letters into codes suitable for sending over telephone lines. If you are looking for a fax, you can either buy a multifunction printer or buy a separate fax machine such Superfax.

Office Paper Shredder Machines

Shredders are one of the essential items for any big office. Office Corporate ranges shredders from Fellow, Golden Sovereign, and Intimus.

Binding & Laminating Machines

In this category not only do we supply binding & laminating machines, but also all the accessories that you may need for them from laminating pouches in different sizes A4 and A3 binding.


Calculators are still one of the essentials in every office. You may use them on your computer, but still many people and students use them. Most professional and student calculators have the same features but the graphing and printing ones are different and they are for engineers who wants to use those options.

Cameras & Scanners

Document scanners and cameras also needed for your business as you may want to send your documents or ID to other companies or your colleagues via email. Also, if you want to take a picture of your office area or when you are celebrating an occasion with your staff.

Folding Machines

With the folding machine, you can fold paper, usually for mailings. You can save time and cost in the process, It can fold a large number of papers in minutes, and prevent the time-consuming paper cut. We supply a brand name Ledah which really a good one in the market. It's an investment to remove all manual labour.

Paper Guillotine & Cutters for Office

Cutting papers and labels in different sizes have been always a really time-consuming and hard process for every staff and if you don't have the right device to cust the papers they never look the same and neat after the cut. Brands like Carl, Fellow, and Nagle trimmers & cutters are suitable for your office ranging in price from $110 to $700.

Point of Sale & Cash Register

Cahs registers are one of the necessities for retailers. We supply both the machines and rolls for your office. and you can get 10% back on every purchase on our website. Just contact us and ask for reward points.

Coffee Machines

 You can enjoy your morning coffee by buying one of the best coffee machines from our range. Just search for them on our website and you can find brand such as DeLonghi, Lavazza and Breville for your office and make your staff happy.

Printers Copiers and fax machines

One of the major aspects of most offices today is having a computer in their numbers. Computer systems are composed of the CPU, monitors, printers copiers and fax machines, scanners, speakers, mice, and all connecting cables that are associated. There are also laptop computers. Items that are also very vital include uninterruptable battery backup supplies and video-projection systems. An office inventory that also lists the buying value and procurement date of each item, whether furniture or computers, enables the list to be used in deciding the sum of coverage needed to ensure the office's contents. Putting down the procurement cost and date is also very useful when filling out income tax returns, as computers and other office equipment can be depreciated over many years, and their procurement cost and date are required in this computation. Computer software can be included on this list also.

Printers Copiers and fax machines: Australia’s preferred supplier of businesses

The most commonly seen printers copiers and fax machines, printers are one of our top-selling product categories. We stock superior options from all leading brands and across all categories of printing. Large corporations, publishers, and other establishments where thousands of pages are printed in a week count on us for reliable Brother and Epson laser printers as well as their consumables. For medium-scale enterprises, we offer a range of HP and canon printers copiers and fax machines that can handle high volume needs without costing a fortune.

Featuring both inkjet and laser printers, our printers copiers and fax machines collection cater equally well to administrative and creative requirements. It also takes into account the rapidly growing numbers of home-based entrepreneurs who require cutting-edge but compact multifunction office machines. If you need to buy printer toner cartridges we have hundreds of them in stock with various famous brands.

Office Corporate is always the best place to source your office machines. This is not only because we deliver throughout Australia and offer an unmatched product range. It is also because of our price-beat guarantee and instant rewards that make your purchase unbelievably affordable! Try us out as your next office equipment supplier and find out how much lower your overhead costs can be.

Calculators and other portable office machines for modern businesses

As modern workplace typologies evolve, so do the printers copiers and fax machines that power them. For establishments where number crunching and financial projections are a daily occurrence, we offer a fine range of sophisticated calculators, handheld document scanners and myriad other devices in addition to office machines.

Explore the sub-categories in our office machines section to discover everything we can help you with. Where there is a need for a mechanised operation in your workspace, there is a great product waiting for you here at Office Corporate. From binding, folding and lamination machines to theft-proof cash registers and digital safes, we put you within reach of all kinds of office machines to make your establishment self-reliant.

Join us in shaping the future of local businesses in Australia by choosing to buy printers copiers and fax machines from Office Corporate. Avail of rewards with every purchase, in addition to excellent pre-and post-sales support.

From small local enterprises to multinational corporations, modern workplaces rely on a variety of printers copiers and fax machines to get their work done. Without the right office machines backing you up, your business cannot achieve its target efficiency. To ensure that Australian businesses don’t have to compromise on essential equipment, Office Corporate has curated one of the best collections of office machines in Australia.

On examining the day-to-day activities that occur in any place of business, it is evident that office multifunction printers have a role to play in every aspect of your operations. Printers copiers and fax machines are the first to come to mind when one considers office equipment because they feature in almost every office, school, store, or studio.

Having said that, there are other small-scale office machines that may be just as indispensable. Calculators, paper shredder machines, document scanners and binding machines are often required on a day-to-day basis in certain types of establishments. Other common fixtures include cash registers and digital safes, for setups that have monetary transactions or need secure storage for sensitive information.

Take your pick of printers copiers and fax machines

No two establishments are identical, and neither are their office machines. Here at Office Corporate, we do everything necessary to understand the unique requirements of your workplace and cater to it in the best way possible. Think of us not just as an online store for affordable office printer copiers and fax machines, but rather as a full-service provider of efficient workplace infrastructure.

We understand that while some businesses have their requirements detailed out to the specific models of printers copiers and fax machines they wish to use, others are only getting started with a general idea of their needs. This is where our long-standing partnerships with both businesses and office equipment suppliers come in. We are at a vantage point to understand your needs and preferences and recommend solutions tailored for them.

What this means is that you are not only free to shop for the specific office machines you have in mind but can also contact us for personalised recommendations if you are unsure where to start. We have a team of specialists who have conducted thorough research to handpick reliable printers copiers and fax machines, and are also available on call through the week to assist you.

Office Corporate exists to serve local businesses across the country and to help them function at their best. We are here to ensure that you don’t have to limit your choices to whatever is available in your neighbourhood, or pay a fortune to get the ideal office machines shipped by a popular but generic ecommerce platform. We are specialists in office essentials and will help you meet your quality and efficiency goals without taking you over budget.

Office Corporate sells office machines all over Australia. We sell a variety of stationery items, including personal organiser refills & self-adhesive binder label holders. Browse our website further or contact us for more information.

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