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Office Corporate stocks a complete collection of functional, versatile gel pens that get to work when you need them to. With our fantastic range of premium gel ink pens, the power is in your hands.

Office Corporate’s Gel Pens & ink hit the mark

The best gel pen for your needs is a click away. Office Corporate’s range of gel pens is ideal for professional and personal use alike. Taking notes? Writing exams? Filling in forms? Let us bring you your new favourite gel ink pen. We promise that after experiencing the quality that our range of gel pens brings, writing with anything else will feel wrong.

We all know that there is nothing better than a pen that feels comfortable and slides across the page with ease. Likewise, we’ve all experienced the frustration that comes along with an unreliable flow of gel ink pens that easily dry up, and tips that scratch along the surface of paper and notebooks. At Office Corporate we never want you to settle for inferior writing tools.

Our light-weight gel ink pens fit perfectly in your hands and glide across the pages of notebooks and documents distributing smudge-free ink evenly. Create neat lines and clean curves with these quality gel ink options that have been created with your needs in mind. Our gel ink pens choices perform on a variety of paper types creating stunning results that are right on the money.

What’s more, we value versatility and bring you an incredible array of colours and styles ensuring you’re always spoilt for choice.

At Office Corporate, we believe that to do a good job, you need great tools. We partner with brands that are on the same page such as Bic, Osmer, Papermate, Pentel, Pilot, and more!

Set yourself up for new heights of success at work, at school, or university with office stationery and writing tools delivered to you by the brands that care about your performance. Our partners use superior gel ink that stands the test of time meaning that your pen purchase will create better results for longer.

Smooth sailing with the best gel pen you’ll ever own

We stock the best gel pens that provide a smoother, more satisfying writing experience that any other type of ink pens. Office Corporate’s section of gel ink choices goes the extra mile!

Our pens are crafted with the ultimate quality control, attention to detail, and innovations in the field. Each gel pen performs exactly as brilliantly as the last one did. The reliability and dependability are unmatched.

Have a look at just some of the reasons our customers love our gel ink range:

  • Our variety always scores points: If you prefer thin, precise lines or thick, clean lines we have the nib size to suit your needs. Our customers love our 1mm and 0,7mm gel nib tips that provide easy application and striking results.
  • Washable options to ensure pen stains are a thing of the past: Our washable gel options are the hassle-free, no-fuss solution to removing pen marks easily and quickly. These pens are specifically designed to rinse out of fabric or off of hands with ease.
  • Retractable choices: Choose a retractable gel ink option constructed with a quality mechanism to retract the pen nib when not in use ensuring that the tip is always protected and the ink lasts for longer.  
  • Vibrant colours: We stock gel choices in a rainbow of vibrant, bold, and striking colours ensuring that whatever your colour preference we have the perfect solution.
  • Handy, ergonomic grips: Comfort is key with our gel range! Our options are constructed with ergonomic, comfortable grips that simply provide a better hold. These grips allow you better control over the pen and therefore deliver a better, neater result.
  • No-smear: We offer gel options that eliminate messy smears and streaks. These quick-drying gel choices are the perfect choice for creating stunning neat notes or penning perfect exam papers. Check out our Papermate gel range for pen choices that take no-smudge to new a new level with up to three times faster drying times!

The gel ink pen advantage

Gel pens have been the most popular pen choice for decades for many good reasons. These pens are the preference of many for their reliable performance and perfect results.

Are you new to gel ink pens? Expect these benefits from choosing gel for your next pen purchase:

  • The gel ink formula: The gel formula used in pens is the perfect recipe for success. This water-based formula provides a result that is smoother than any alternative.
  • Water-resistant: The pigmented oil used to give gel pens their colour also means that gel ink is less likely to be damaged by water.
  • Fade-proof solutions: Gel inks are also less lightly to fade, ensuring that your documents and notes created with gel ink stand the test of time.
  • No-mess, no-fuss: Forget the days of having to clean up ink refills that have spread everywhere with leaky pens. The consistency of gel ink means that it doesn’t leak and you can enjoy peace of mind with a pen that won’t disperse its contents all over desks or in stationery bags.

Put gel pens to paper and know that you are working with the best

Office Corporate is the home of premium stationery and school supplies. With fantastic, fast delivery, reliable dedicated service, and unbeatable prices, we’ll bring you the stationery supplies from the brands you love.

Whether you are purchasing the best gel ink pen, quality pencils, superior colouring tools, rulers and measurement equipment, specialised calculators, markers or highlighters, and much more, you can rest assured that you are investing in the best stationery on the market with Office Corporate.

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