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Try your hand at finger painting with Office Corporate’s range of fantastic paint pots that deliver vivid colour and hours of creative fun. With no-toxic, washable, stain-free paint choices, you can get messy with your little ones without the fuss.

Fantastic finger paint that gets a high five, every time

Office Corporates supplies for finger paint for kids allow young children and adults alike to get creative with an explosion of fun. Whether you are a pre-school teacher looking for engaging and educational activities, or a parent looking for at-home craft activities for your tots, painting with our selection is an incredible option.

We stock paints in a variety of punchy colours to create bright, bold paintings at home or at school. Add a splash of imagination to any day with our variety of paint pots in all of your favourite colours. Looking for a burst of fiery red, sunshine yellow, cool blue, or brilliant pink? Check out our colour range of vibrant shades for pure art entertainment.

With a host of benefits for young kids, finger paint is not only enjoyable, but it is also an amazing form of sensory play. Allow kids to explore the effects of mixing colours with their hands and using their senses of touch, sight, and smell to create. Assist your children in developing fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination, and even improve their ability to concentrate. Invest in quality Crayola finger paint sets for your smarty pants and let them learn while they’re having fun.

At Office Corporate, our service and product offering is smile guaranteed. We’re only happy when you are. Expect dedicated support on any queries, a stress-free checkout process, easy payment methods, and quick delivery. With delivery all over Australia, we’ll bring your art supply purchase directly to your door, right on time.  

The best supplies for finger painting for kids, hands down

Finger paint with a difference! Are you a parent with their hands full? A teacher looking to inspire and engage pre-schoolers with decorative, imaginative creative time?

Thousands of parents and teachers all over the country trust Office Corporate to bring them the school and craft supplies for children and learners love, and there’s no reason you shouldn’t too.

Here’s why our customers get on board with our amazing range of tools for finger paint for kids:

  • Non-toxic: Allergy prone or chemically sensitive little ones aren’t the only ones that benefit from our non-toxic paint options. Paint developed with chemicals has a range of harmful effects and can absorb through the skin to cause anything from skin irritation to cancer and organ damage. All of our choices are not toxic, providing you with peace of mind.
  • Washable: Our finger paints for kids clean up well. Our choices can be washed off little fingers with soap and water ensuring that the paint doesn’t make its way through the house. Pick the one that rinses right off.
  • No-drip: Office Corporate also brings you no-drip paint options. We ensure you don’t have to sacrifice the state of your furniture for craft sessions. These choices won’t drip throughout the house ensuring that the paint stays where it needs to be, on the canvas. No-drip, no mess, no fuss with the Crayola brand!
  • Painting packs: Looking for a complete kit? We offer painting packs that include all the materials from different famous brands such as Zart Art you need to get started such as paint pots, brushes, stencils, and painting accessories for kids ensuring that your session is up and running in no time.

These are just some of the reasons why our range is loved by teachers, parents, and children. Purchase paint from Office Corporate to discover your own reasons to love our range.

Amazing activities for finger painting fun

The expressive crafts you can take on with Crayola finger paint are endless. This activity is an incredibly simple way to get imaginative as all you need is a paint pot and imagination and you’re good to go.

Allow your fingers and thumbs to become the paint brush and try these super ideas to experience the joy of Crayola finger paint, first hand:

  • Family thumb trees: Allow your little one to dip their hand in brown paint and press against a piece of card or canvas to create a hand-print tree trunk. Then have all of the members of your family add thumb-print leaves to the top of the tree with yellow, orange, and red shades. Fun that the whole family can get involved in.
  • Cool caterpillar: Get your child to dip their thumb into a shade of paint and press against card. Directly next to this, add another thumbprint in a different colour and watch as your colourful caterpillar starts to take shape.
  • Share the love: To allow your kids to create a thoughtful card for a loved one, cut out a heart shape in card. Stick the heart-shaped card to another bigger piece of card temporarily with Prestik. Then allow your child to go wild with finger paint. When you lift the heart shape off the page, you’ll have a heart shape surrounded by an explosion of colour.

You’re in good hands with our finger painting for kids

With our range of supplies for finger painting for kids, you can rest assured that you’re making a perfect choice. Before checking out, explore our wide range of craft supplies to keep the creativity flowing. We stock canvas and board, fabric paint, face, and glitter, and glow paint.

Our craft supplies make ideal gifts, classroom supplies, or additions to your at-home craft cupboard. Choose Office Corporate, the hub of superior craft supplies online. We guarantee, your kids will thank you for it.

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