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Add a splash of colour to your apparel and fabrics by standing out from the crowd with a little help from Office Corporate. Our extensive range of fabric, acrylic and spray paints will have you not only T-Shirt painting, but painting jeans, socks and even furniture. From white fabric paint through to red, yellow, pink and green, we have the colour you need to create your masterpiece.


White fabric paint gives your surface a clean working slate so you can spray paint fabric any colour you desire thereafter. This is extremely helpful when creating costumes and artwork, this is especially useful during holiday celebrations.

Think of the calendar year - from Easter to Christmas, to Valentine’s Day and Halloween, to Mother’s Day and Father’s Day, and all festivities in between. These events can be cherished with homemade arts and crafts, using fabric paint, spray paint or acrylic paint on fabrics. Here at Office Corporate, we have taken the time to think of a few holiday arts and crafts activities you could make.

  • Forget about store bought Easter baskets. Create personalised and customised ones for each of your children or loved ones. Make a fabric Easter crafts products, spray paint the interior with white fabric paint, and decorate the exterior with by painting the fabric with acrylic paint or spray paint. You could decorate the exterior with their name and date of birth, or you could non toxic paint a bunny and eggs. However you decide to decorate the basket, rest assured your creation will be treasured year after year.
  • Create magic this Christmas by making your very own Christmas stockings and family T-Shirts. You can either make or purchase blank Christmas stockings. Then you can spray fabric paints, or use acrylic paint on fabric to give it your personalised family touch. Imagine painting fabric with your family crest and having that out at Christmas. Or what about having them personalised with everyone’s name in acrylic paint on fabric with an individual motif. The possibilities are endless, one thing is for certain, you will cherish these every Christmas crafts for kids. You could simply take it one step further by T-shirt painting matching Christmas tops for the whole family to wear on Christmas Eve or Christmas morning. Do it yourself will not only save you money, but it makes your creations personal, and that is what we are all about at Office Corporate. We are here to help you make, create and cherish memories every step of the way. You can buy these fabric paints from any art supplies store.

Benefits of fabric paints

  • Share the love on Valentine’s Day and spray fabric paints red and white with love. Instead of a card this year, give your loved one a fabric painting depicting your love for them. This simple, yet thoughtful and highly personal gesture will be appreciated, becoming the unforgettable Valentine’s Day present for your love.
  • Halloween is the time to get a little crazy – and it’s the time when you can fabric paint almost anything! From costumes of ghosts, to skeletons, spiders, witches, monsters and more, black and white fabric paint will become your mate! You can non toxic spray paint fabrics to make them look like pumpkins, entrances to haunted hallows, or even creatures out of this world. Once you have the idea the rest will follow. At Office Corporate we have a range of other products that will also help you decorate your home in time for Halloween. Be sure to check out our website today.
  • Mother’s Day and Father’s Day are two of the most special days of the year. This is the day when we say thanks to our parents. Thanks for having us; thanks for looking after us and thanks for teaching us what life is all about. And what a better way to say thanks than to make them something from the heart. You could fabric paint an apron, tea towel, a tie, gardening gloves, or paint a T-shirt, whatever you decided, at Office Corporate we have an array of supplies that will help make your creation come to life. They are non toxic and a good choice for kids.


Think outside the can – the spray can that is! Spray paint isn’t just about artwork down laneways, like Melbourne’s famous Hoiser Lane; it can be used on cars, metal work, school projects and even on fabric. At Office Corporate we have everything you need to turn your next Do It Yourself art and craft project with our craft supplies into artwork that should be on exhibition.

Here are some creative fabric painting projects that will not only save you money, but will also bring new life to objects that may need a little TLC.

  • Use white fabric paint to reinvent your lampshades. It doesn’t have to be white, think black, blue, pink or even yellow; you could take it one step further by using stencils or tape to make designs. How great would it be to make a lampshade with letters and numbers for your pre-schooler! At Office Corporate we have a range of stencils and tape that can help bring your vision to life!
  • The struggle to find those perfect cushions to match your home and your personality is real! And let’s not forget that unique cushions can also cost the earth these days. So why not make your own for a fraction of the price? With a little acrylic paint, you can bring the fabric to life and make unique one of a kind cushions. The only thing stopping you is your imagination – come on get your brush and paints out and start painting fabric today. Need paint brushes? Office Corporate have the paint brushes you need for fabric paint on fabric along with other art supplies.
  • Forget paying 15 cents for reusable plastic grocery bags or even more for fabric grocery bags. Make your own fabric reusable bags and give them your personal touch with some fabric paint or acrylic. Start with white paint on the bag for a clean slate, then give it some depth by spraying paint on the fabric or acrylic paint on the fabric. You could even colour code bags – red for meat, blue for fish, orange for poultry or green for fruit and vegetables. If you are super artistic you could even non toxic paint each bag with items to represent the contents.


  • Summer is approaching, it is time to slip, slop and slap! Make sure you and your family are protected from UV rays by wearing a hat. Make personalised and customised caps or hats for each member of your family by using spray paint on the fabric. Imagine your family hitting the park with their customised caps. These would also make for special and extremely thoughtful Christmas gifts.
  • When you think T-Shirt painting, we know, you are thinking good ol’ fashion tie dye! Yes, painting fabric can be T-shirt painting. What we are thinking is you can do more than just tie dye T-shirt painting. We are talking artwork on your T-shirt. Be your own fashion house! Start your own trends and stand out from the crowd.
  • Paint your T-shirt with a birth announcement, or make one for the siblings that are about to become ‘big’. Get the kids involved and get them painting fabric with their hand prints – with their hand prints on a T-Shirt in paint - that will be on top to keep forever.


We have given you some ideas on how you can paint on fabric. However, it could even be as simple as you need fabric paint to re-dye your most loved jeans that have been washed so many times they no longer look black! Who hasn’t been there, right? But if you want to take fabric painting to that next level, your imagination is the only limitation in painting fabric! It is your chance to have free creativity. You can use any canvas to begin your creation, just look around the room you are sitting in to find a canvas.

Is it the cushion, the chair, the curtains, is it the T-Shirt you are wearing, or is it a blank piece of material? Once you have your canvas, what are you painting on it? Are you going to free paint with brushes and non toxic acrylic paint on fabric? Or will you be more structured and use stencils and tape? Maybe you will spray paint on the fabric to give it some soft edges?

There is no right or wrong with fabric painting. Trust the process and go along for the ride! Have fun with it. 

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