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From brushes, to colour wheels to Paint Trays and Smocks and so much more. Office Corporate has all of your School Art Supplies and general Paint Accessories.

Our Painting Accessories and school art supplies Range

We understand that a broad range of supplies is required to tailor to both yours and your children’s needs. Which is why we range everything from early learning Kids painting accessories by Educational Colours, Micador and Zart Art, to the superior quality oil colour paints from Winsor & Newton & Reeves.

We are confident we’ll be able to supply the products you require. Struggling to find it? Or want to confirm what you saw was not just a pigment of your imagination!?  Reach out to our customer support team on 1300 855 085 or email

Kids Painting Accessories Supplies

Kids painting accessories are by far one of the most exciting ranges of products on our website. With a focus on early childhood development we are proud to supply the First Creations brand. This brand is distributed by one of Australia’s largest manufacturers of educational teaching aids, Educational Colours. Their products are designed in Australia, Safe and Non-Toxic.

 We encourage you to browse some of their most popular products such as the Easi-Grip Texture wands which are a unique fun alternative to a traditional paint brush! Ideal for young hands, these soft, ergonomically designed brush wands introduce new ways to create first masterpieces! Featuring different textures such as foam, chamois (not to be confused with the ShamWOW), foam strips and rough sponge.

After something a little more traditional? Why not try the Educational Colours Sponge Rollers. They are light weight, and easy to hold. Couple that with the Paint Roller Tray  and a Micador Junior Art smock and you’ll find yourself saying “Yellow” everytime you answer the phone.

School Art Supplies go GREEN

Another range we proudly supply is the Micador brand. Well known for their kids paint accessories and school art supplies. Everything from Roymac and Micador For Artists Brushes, to stretched Canvas and early start on the Go Activity Packs!

Founded in 1952, Australian owned, and focused on both innovation and sustainability. Their green EARTH ™ range of products are environmentally friendly and have been specially designed to satisfy at least one or more of the following criteria:

  • Made with FSC® 100% certified timber;
  • Made from recycled materials;
  • Made with bio-degradable materials;
  • Manufactured using clean energy sources;
  • 100% recyclable, when their market alternatives aren’t.

Micador were amongst the first companies in Australia to be awarded an FSC® chain of custody certification, allowing them to mark their products as complying with strict FSC® criteria.

Click here to find out more about the Forest Management Certification:

The extra costs of making their products green, have been absorbed so that they can continue to be sold to you at the same price as before. In line with Office Corporates message to make a difference, not trying to profit from it.

Some advice

Now that you’ve brushed up on your knowledge regarding our paint accessories and fabric paint and enjoyed a pun or two, we leave you with some parting advice:

Why can’t you trust an artist?

Because they are shady… and a little sketchy.. and they’ll try to frame you.

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