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Establishments where accidents or medical emergencies are a perpetual risk require more than just standard first aid products. You can always count on Office Corporate to supply you with top-notch first-aid instruments and equipment that can help your establishment sail through difficult situations.

First aid products and boxes for effective emergency response

Our product range includes everything from ready-to-install first aid stations to emergency thermal blankets, collars and braces, and CPR first aid products that are indispensable during emergencies.

The range and quality of our first aid products align with every other product category listed on our site. The core objective behind setting up Office Corporate was to cater to the full spectrum of essential requirements that Australian workplaces may have. We have invested the past twenty years in studying and actively working with establishments and institutes of all scales and typologies. As a result, we have been able to curate one of the best selections of first aid instruments and accessories online. 

Why you should source your first aid products and CPR equipment locally

In aspects like CPR first aid and other emergency protocols, compromise is never an option. It goes without saying that unreliable, off-brand first aid instruments and equipment can further aggravate the problem in the event of a workplace accident or medical emergency. So how do you go about picking the right first aid products for your organisation online?

Popular ecommerce platforms may be able to deliver basic first aid products to your location, but for sophisticated instruments and emergency response solutions you need a supplier you can always count on. Office Corporate is committed to being your local supplier of top-notch first aid supplies that comply with all workplace health and safety regulations and guidelines in Australian states. Not just that, we also devote ourselves to your unique requirements. Get the full-time support of our product specialists who you can always reach for advice on the best CPR first aid kit, emergency blanket or first aid station for your organisation.

The advantage of choosing a local supplier of first aid products is that your business isn’t just one of many customers with similar needs. Your unique requirements, timelines and budget considerations become the guidelines that we use to recommend and source the right first aid products. Whether you need to put together a basic first aid box or a fully equipped CPR first aid station, we ensure that your get it on time, and without going over budget.

Think outside the first aid box and CPR First Aid

A basic first aid box may suffice for a small office. But factories, repair shops, and other types of establishments where accidents tend to occur frequently need to equip themselves with adequate emergency response equipment. When you need reliable first aid instruments for your workplace, all you have to do is visit Office Corporate. We have decades of experience in reinforcing workplaces like yours with safety and first aid gear.

We make the experience of shopping for specialty first aid products a breeze. If there are specific items that you need – such as thermal blankets, spider straps, collars or braces – we make it easy for you to find them. Our collection features only branded medical equipment that are recommended by healthcare professionals and paramedics. If you are unsure about where to get started, we can also help you set up a fully functional first aid station from scratch. Go for our premium freestanding cabinets that come equipped with alarms, defibrillators and essential first aid products. Or contact our team for advice on individual items that you wish you add to your first aid box.

Exclusive business rewards on first aid products, CPR and Boxes

You don’t want to cut corners when it comes to first aid products, because the safety of your employees is non-negotiable. But while health and safety are of paramount importance for any organisation, the costs of maintaining a top-notch emergency response setup can quickly become unmanageable. Office Corporate helps you navigate these realities with ease.

We offer unbeatable price guarantees, in addition to extra discounts on bulk purchases of first aid products. But to really start economising your purchases without compromising on quality and reliability, we strongly recommend signing up as one of our member businesses. This gives you access to exclusive benefits such as our rewards programme, wherein you can quickly accumulate reward points on your purchases and get an extra 10 percent off on any office essentials from our collection!

Shop for first aid products on Office Corporate to increase your emergency preparedness by leaps and bounds. Our CPR first aid instruments and equipment are already in use at large corporate offices, clinics, factories and other establishments throughout Australia. Choose these superior products for your business at unbelievable prices, and receive your order at your doorstep at lightning speed. For any queries about our first aid products, feel free to give us a call.

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