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Office Corporate offers a range of school exercise books to make handwriting practice or school activities fun. Our hard-wearing exercise books created out of premium, sustainably-sourced paper make the perfect companion for learners looking to breeze through a lesson at school or practice to perfection at home.  

A school day is one, two, three with Office Corporate’s exercise books & papers

Office Corporate’s school exercise books and pads give your child the head start they need!

Are you a parent looking to provide your child with superior stationery to set them up for success both at school and in the future? Are you a teacher looking for reliable, quality exercise books to enable your students to grasp handwriting fundamentals with ease? We offer just the solution.

We give low-quality, inferior stationery, and school supplies three strikes. Office Corporate’s selection of school exercise books and pads is brought to you from Australian and international household and classroom favourites. We have sourced coloured exercise book exercise books from brands such as Olympic, Protext, and Writer who lead the pack when it comes to designing and constructing quality exercise books.

These options are built for performance in the classroom with quality paper, sturdy covers, and clean, pre-printed lines. The clear, crisp dotted lines in our exercise books ensure that each line is divided into neat thirds. This allows children to write each letter with the ideal proportions as they learn and practice writing, and allows learners to create consistent letters and numbers.

Exercise books are a must-have classroom and homework accessory allowing children to learn to write, and the write neatly when they have mastered the basics fostering a sense of accomplishment and pride. Set your child up for reading success by learning the sounds of different combinations of alphabet letters as they practice writing them, or give them a creative outlet to craft neat sentences and paragraphs.

Office Corporate offers you all the educational benefits of an exercise book without a hefty cost. We offer premium solutions at the most affordable prices, and with our price beat promise, we’ll slash any competitor's price by 2%. We also offer discounts on bulk purchases of our coloured exercise books ensuring that educators can stock up affordably, and parents can facilitate hours of handwriting practice or creative writing for their children.

You’re in good shape with school exercise books & paper

Partnering with Office Corporate to fulfill your school exercise books needs is always a bright idea. Our selection includes everything your child or learner needs to master the creation of smooth, uniform alphabet letters.

Our options are also ideal for younger learners looking for an exercise book for creative writing, school projects, classroom activities, and more!

These exercise books have become a staple in classrooms all over Australia, and here is why:

  • Count on variety: At Office Corporate, we offer a range of page counts such as 48-page, 64-page, and 96-page exercise books. Our 96-page options are ideal for assisting learners in maintaining neat, clean handwriting in longer creative writing tasks or comprehension projects where more pages will likely be needed. This is while our 48-page choices are brilliant for practicing perfect letters and numbers.
  • Heavy-weight paper for serious performance: The 70gsm paper used in a selection of our notebooks means that this paper is slightly thicker than other options. This paper won’t tear, twist, or torque even when used by enthusiastic learners with vigorous pencil strokes. This paper is also ideal for ensuring that the contents of pages don’t bleed through onto the following pages, allowing even heavy-handed students to keep their exercise books in picture perfect condition.
  • Reliable covers for long-lasting exercise books: Ensure that your child or student’s pages of work are protected with our options that deliver long-lasting performance with thick, protective covers. Our heavy PP covers ensure that pages of handwriting practice or creative writing are kept in pristine condition.
  • A selection of ruling sizes: For beginners, our 24mm lines provide the perfect safe space to practice writing letters and numbers. As they grow in confidence, our 18mm and 14mm lines allow children to write smaller, sharper letters and numbers while still benefitting from the coloured exercise paper guidance. For confident little writers, our 9mm choices are ideal.
  • Exercise books and pads: Not only do we stock exercise books, but we also stock exercise books and pads for flexible creative expression. For practicing, our exam reams are the ideal choice and allow you to easily tear off and discard unwanted attempts, and save the practice attempts your children are proud of.

Handwriting skills for life-long success with exercise books

While in the digital age, the need to practice and master the art of beautiful handwriting with the help of an exercise book may seem unnecessary, writing by hand brings a host of benefits. While our children are spending significantly more time typing, clicking, and swiping on mobile phones, tablets, and laptops, the dedicated practice of handwriting is crucial, both for development and future academic performance.

Mastering the control of a pencil or pen, and writing by hand in a humble exercise book will benefit your children’s development exponentially.

Office Corporate: The home of superior exercise books to ace academic tasks

We bring you a wide range of exercise books to assist your children or learners with the head start they need when it comes to development, writing, and reading. We also offer a selection of school stationery supplies for learners of every age.

While you stocked up on your dotted thirds needs, have a look at our selection of quality pens, pencils, lecture, subject and activity books, colouring books, drawing and painting accessories, and much more. With Office Corporate, you are always on track for success at school and beyond!

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