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Scissors for craft and Cutters

Scissors and cutters have been such convenient tools that ever since the early Egyptians created the first scissors back in 1500 BC, it has been improved upon plenty of times. Today, there’s a wide variety of scissors, which continues to grow as the world pushes for more advanced technologies.

The Different Types of Scissors for craft

There’s always craft scissors for everyone because of its wide variety. Find out which scissors you need as you go along venturing into your daily life and interests. Craft scissors for kids & PVA glue are an essential part of every book pack for children in school or childcare 

  • Basic Scissors

Possibly the best craft scissors because it can be used for different crafts. It doesn’t matter if you’re right-handed or left-handed scissors, whether you want it long or short, there’s a scissors you can rely on. Below is a list of its variety:

  • Fit & Comfort Grip scissors

 These scissors are designed to fit through your hand in the most comfortable way possible. Because just like holding a pencil, everyone has a different way of holding scissors. Using this type of scissors will minimize the risk of wounding yourself and increases the chance of accuracy for your crafts.

  • Safe Scissors

Children must learn how to use scissors as early as the age of 3. It prepares you and your children in doing many things such as writing, eating, brushing the teeth and so much more. This is the safest scissors for children.

  • All Purpose Scissors

These scissors are sharp and strong enough to cover your different wants and needs. It can also have other features like the comfort grip.

  • Kitchen Scissors

A heavy duty scissors that has more power than regular scissors, which gives you an easier time cutting poultry and food packages.

  • Specialty Scissors

All purpose scissors may sometimes not be enough, certainly not for doing different hairstyles and surgeries. Specialty scissors can be blunt and sharp; these can also be more or less expensive than regular scissors.

The Different Types of Cutters

There are certain situations when scissors are just not the right tool for the job. A cutter is a blade that is attached and enclosed in a case. It has a lock feature that makes it more convenient for delicate paper crafts, carving, and having wrinkle-free work is a top priority. One of the craft activities that can be done by craft scissors is art smock which can expand kids' horizon.

Cutters have different types as well:

  • Cutter Knife

The most common type of cutters. There’s the regular cutter knife that can only be used on certain surfaces and has a low breaking point. There’s also a heavy duty cutter knife that can cut through surfaces that a regular cutter knife can’t; it also has a higher breaking point.

  • Art Knife

Best for detailed creative and technical designing. It looks like a pencil except the tip point is a blade. It comes with different sizes and sharpness. 

  • Blades for Rotary Paper Trimmers

A rotary paper trimmer is safer and more accurate than paper cutters. These are some of blades available here at Office Corporate:

  • Straight Blade

  • Perforating Blade

  • Scoring Blade

Get the Best Scissors and Cutters at Office Corporate

Not only can you get the best scissors and cutters, you can also get a cutting board and other needs that may come useful!

Office Corporate has been keeping the Australian community in mind for over 20 years. We continue to provide the best tools and supplies for your every want and need without burning a hole in your pocket because we have a Price Beat Promise to ensure that. You can also have it all delivered right at your doorstep!

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