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Crayons are among the first drawing materials that a child handles. Easier to grip than coloured pencils or different size of paint brushes, and producing vibrant hues on paper, they are tailor-made for introducing young artists to a variety of creative pursuits.

Handpicked Crayola crayons colors & colored pastels from top brands

Having said that, crayons and pastels colored vary greatly in their materials, ergonomics, colour output and durability. The art supplies team here at Office Corporate has handpicked the very best Crayola crayons and other leading brands including staedtler crayons and artists ones, so you can shop for your school or home with complete peace of mind.

When you require coloured crayons & pastels in bulk for your classroom, or smaller packs for use at home, Office Corporate is the only place you need to look. Schools across Australia including Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Perth particularly early learning centres and kindergartens, have been choosing us for all kinds of recurring art supplies for drawing such as the best coloured pencils. For more than 20 years, we have been supplying them with superior quality pencil crayons, wax Crayola crayons, and pastel coloured. In parallel, we have been supporting them with top-notch customer service that replicates the experience of shopping at their trusted local art supplies store.

Bestselling Crayola crayons & colored pastels made available: Staedtler crayons

Sourcing crayons and other art supplies from general-purpose ecommerce sites may seem convenient at first. But soon enough, users begin to grapple with the lack of quality control on these platforms. Sure, there is a plethora of brands to choose from. But only a fraction of these will offer the high-quality jumbo crayons that your art projects need. This is where Office Corporate stands out.

We are highly selective about the crayons we choose to stock. On browsing through our collection, you will find that it consists exclusively of Crayola crayons and high-quality wax crayon or pencil crayons from brands Osmer, Faber Castell and Micador. These are brands that have consistently received the best ratings from artists and teachers across Australia. They have also consistently produced innovative products that simplify the learning process for young children and beginners.

Just browse the Crayola crayons range & look at the prices in Australia

Office Corporate was set up with the idea of enhancing the local shopping experience for Australian businesses and making it accessible throughout the country. In the decades that followed, we have adhered to this objective and become the preferred source of office supplies for individuals and businesses operation in numerous sectors. For schools and colleges, we have ensured a steady supply of quality classroom essentials like jumbo crayons that are thoroughly vetted by our experts and made available at bargain prices.

As far as coloured crayons and pastel colored are concerned, you don’t have to think twice about shopping with us. We make it our mission to get you the wax or pencil crayons that best fit your needs and budget. Over and above that, we reduce your expenses even further through a members-only rewards programme that helps you earn points and get even bigger discounts on future purchases.

Well-rounded learning with quality Crayola crayons and pastels colors

The majority of crayons purchased worldwide are used by young artists, many of whom are yet to be inducted into formal education. To cater to this user group, leading art supplies brands have been paying close attention to the design and construction of their crayons and pastels. From durable designs that don’t break under pressure, to twistable pencil crayons that don’t need to be sharpened, there have been quite a few innovative upgrades over the years.

Here at Office Corporate, you are always just a click away from the best and the latest coloured crayons from leading brands Crayola & Staedler that serve as classroom staples across the length and breadth of Australia. Pick up convenient and attractively priced class sets of 240 colours, in clever designs that allow preschools students to experiment with their art without breaking their colouring & drawing tools in the process. For early learning centres and day cares, we also offer easy-to-grip Crayola crayons jumbo designed specifically for toddlers.

Educators involved in mentoring children who have already exhibited a flair for the arts, can also purchase a variety of pastel, wax and pencil crayons on our store. Each set of crayons and pastels are duly labelled with design specifications, special ergonomic features if any, and user age groups they are best suited for.

Top-notch Crayola crayons artists for drawing & colouring at home

Our crayons section doesn’t just cater to bulk requirements. You can just as easily pick up quality Faber Castell, Osmer or Crayola crayons for your children to work with at home. In these unprecedented times, education has seen a global shift towards learning from home. A well-equipped art supplies collection goes a long way in keeping young students focused and motivated to continue their studies despite the absence of a classroom environment.

The prices of our high-quality crayons and pastels colors, as well as the customer service we offer, are built around your needs. Even if all you require is a single pack of Crayola crayons in Melbourne for your toddler, you can avail of attractive discounts and lightning-quick delivery at Office Corporate. Should you face any difficulty finding the right wax or pencil crayons for your needs, we are more than happy to get on a call to assist you!

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