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The power to carve, sculpt, shape and model is right at your fingertips with Office Corporate’s wide range of modeling and sculpting tools. Create striking shapes and fanciful creations with your little ones, or mould stunning creations of your own. When the detail matters, our premium tools are up to the task.

Dough tools for kids: Make your crafty creations extraordinary

Office Corporate’s modeling and sculpting tools allow for unrestricted self-expression and hours of fun and laughter. Perfect for use with a wide range of materials like modeling & play doh, clay, wood, and more, these tools shape up.  

Add detail and bring your creations to life with our premium sculpting tools and accessories. Whether you are a parent looking for enjoyable rainy-day activities to keep little minds engaged and occupied, or an educator looking for enjoyable and educational crafting supplies, Office Corporate’s choices are the perfect fit. Our solutions are also ideal for artistic professionals looking for durable sculpting tools for kids to create impressive effects.  

Cut clay with complete precision with our clay cutters, shape and create intricate designs out of amateur crafting wire, curve shapes into the wood with the utmost accuracy, or model stunning creations from quality plaster bandages. With this wide, easy-to-use selection of tools and accessories, there is an entertaining craft activity for everyone.

The use of modeling tools is not only enjoyable for children, but it also boosts their development exponentially. Allow children to explore their senses with sensory sand moulds in fun shapes such as castles, cars, airplanes, pyramids, and more. Assist your children or learners in developing optimal fine motor skills as they strengthen and control the muscles in their fingers while sculpting details into the clay with boxwood clay tools. Even allow little ones to develop their sense of curiosity and creativity by rolling dough with pattern pins. Learn while having fun with these options.  

Office Corporate brings you all of these incredible modeling and sculpting tools at a fraction of the cost! New customer? Check out the amazing offers on our Welcome Page. We’re ready to greet you with open arms and a gift. We’ll also continue to reward throughout your journey with Office Corporate with business rewards where you’ll earn points to exchange for amazing high-value products.

Quality modeling & sculpting tools: Carve, sculpt, shape, and inspire

Office Corporate’s dough tools for kids and our wide selection of tools for modeling and sculpting provide the ultimate convenience and control as you shape and sculpt.

Our incredible selection ensures that there is something for everyone. Here are just a few of the amazing tools we have on offer:

  • Boxwood tools for modeling and sculpting for all ages: We offer a range of boxwood tools that are the perfect fit you’re your sculpting needs as well as your hand. Our ergonomically designed handles ensure you’ll have complete control as you use these tools to model clay or plasticine. Offered in sets with a range of different tool ends for varied effects, these tools ensure you are always in good shape.
  • Lino carving tools for sharp shapes: Office Corporate stocks a range of premium lino carving tools that always make the cut. Effortlessly carve shapes into the wood with the precision of our lino carving toolsets with a variety of blade shapes. Our blades are offered in a choice of robust manganese steel and Japanese steel for fantastic durability. Sharpen your blades on a quality emery stone, and benefit from the ultimate comfort with easy-grip handles that ensure that these tools are the perfect fit.
  • Wire winners: We stock a wide range of modeling and sculpting tools crafted from superior wire for seamless cutting and shaping. Our wire cutters with comfortable handles make cutting through clay effortless. This is while our wire ended tools are perfect for adding detail to your budding creations. We also offer amateur wire for intricate wire designs. You’re always a winner with these quality options.
  • Pattern pins for tots: Office Corporate also brings you wooden pattern pins to allow you little ones to roll creative patterns into modeling dough with ease. Tots around Australia love these rolling pins offered in sets of three that allow them to add texture to dough creations.
  • Perfect plaster bandages for modeling: We offer our customers plaster cloth strips for modeling creations. Create masks, figurines, or shapes with these premium bandage strips, and easily mould your creations to achieve the desired effect.

Tools and accessories that are a cut above the rest

Not only do we bring you an incredible selection of clay, wire, and dough tools for kids, we also stock the tools the out-perform the competition. If you are looking for durable, reliable solutions for crafting, modeling, and moulding for years to come, you’ve come to the right place.

Our tools are more durable than those offered by competitors. Made from premium materials and expertly constructed, these tools are made to go the distance. These products are the best of the best when it comes to hard-wearing, reliable tools.  

Office Corporate’s options are also easier to use than other choices on the market and create striking craft creations effortlessly. The clay and wood modeling and craving tools fit perfectly in your hands allowing you to craft with precision, while sensory sand moulds easily create stunning shapes. Pick these options for easy peasy crafting.

You’re always in great hand with sculpting tools

Office Corporate brings you’re a selection of high-quality dough tools for kids, premium paint and painting accessories, sensory sand and dough, sharp and effective cutting tools, paper mâché materials, superior craft paper, and more. We’re the one-stop-shop for choice craft materials and tools.

What’s more, we ship quickly and efficiently across the country and are always on hand to offer guidance and support when you need it. Choose Office Corporate for great prices, top-quality products, and smile guaranteed service.

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