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Studies have shown that formative years for children are at ages 0-8. During this period, they are able to develop socio-economic, physical, cognitive, and gross motor development skills. Wide-eyed and inquisitive, these are the best years for children in kindergarten to get as much early learning as possible with the available teaching aids we offer. This is why Office Corporate, in collaboration with ED.

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Australia’s favourite online store for teaching aids, teacher resources & supplies

Crafting the optimal ambiance for learning requires a great deal of thought, attention to detail, and of course the right teaching aidsteacher resources. In order for students to imbibe what they are being taught at every stage of their formal education, classrooms need to be supportive environments where learning and engagement is a natural outcome. For years, teachers and school administrations across Australia have been relying on Office Corporate for quality teaching tools & aids that can further their efforts in this direction.

We take pride in hosting one of the finest selections of teacher resources in Australia. Our long list of returning customers attests to our commitment and constant endeavour to improve our offerings and supply forward-looking schools with premium yet affordable teaching aids & tools. Swing by our teacher supply store to find a vast selection of interactive learning aids, manipulatives, and classroom organisation essentials including binders, trays, calendar and diary whiteboard essentials, and more.

Superior teaching aids, teacher resources & tools for new-age classrooms

In recent years, extensive research has been conducted to study the impact of various teaching aids & tools on the efficacy of the learning process. Results have shown that right from their formative years in preschool or kindergarten, children have a tendency to learn better when interactive, game-based educational aids & tools are made a part of their classroom environment.

At Office Corporate, we have always believed in staying ahead of the times and helping our partner businesses do the same. Our teacher store is equipped with the best and the latest innovations in the field of education, as well as time-tested teaching aids & tools that have been certified by experts in the fields of child psychology and education. As a teacher or school administrator, you can count on us to provide you with everything you need in order to impart a well-rounded education that prepares your students for the times that lie ahead.

A teacher store that gets the basics teaching aids & resources right

Besides sophisticated and novel teacher resources & teaching aids, our online teacher store in Australia also prioritises the basic essentials that keep classrooms up and running. Time and time again, it has been seen that successful businesses are those that innovate without reinventing the wheel. This holds true in the field of education as well. While it is imperative that you think outside the box and try new ways to engage your students, it is just as important to remain rooted in the time-tested practices that have positively impacted generations of young minds.

To help you find the right balance, we offer an extensive selection of classic teaching tools & aids that go a long way in keeping your classroom well-organised. If you have been involved in the restocking exercise that marks the start of every school year, you would be no stranger to the countless little things that contribute to an efficient classroom. You need trays and baskets of different sizes for storing painting supplies & school art supplies, stationery and other objects. Your classroom whiteboard or chalkboard will need a steady supply of coloured chalk or markers that are easy and safe for kids to use. A variety of binders and folders are also a must-have in every classroom in order to manage your course materials and assignments well.

These essentials aside, different classrooms may need unique teaching aids & tools depending on the age groups of the students. Kindergartens, preschools and primary schools would require manipulatives and game-based teacher resources in Australia that can help young children improve their reading, writing and numeracy skills. For older students, essential teacher supplies may include anything ranging from workbooks and activity packs to interactive whiteboards and accessories.

Exciting discounts and rewards on all teaching aids & teacher resources in Australia!

Despite the plethora of teacher resources on our site, finding the perfect teaching aids & tools for your needs is effortless. Read in detail about each product, or flip through its key specifications. Filter through brands such as EDX and Elizabeth Richards, pricing and size and colour where applicable. Should you encounter any issues along the way, simply reach out to our product specialists who are always at your beck and call. From recommending suitable teacher resources for your classroom, to sourcing products that are not yet a part of our teacher supply store in Melbourne, our experts address all your requirements.

Shopping at our Australian teacher store for the first time? Don’t forget to make use of our rewards programme that slashes our already discounted prices even further! By signing up with Office Corporate, you become eligible for earning points on whatever you spend on our site. In turn, these points allow you to get exclusive discounts on a wide range of teacher resources and countless other products including library supplies & essentials designed to ensure a hassle-free work experience.

With a curated selection of teaching tools, prices you can’t beat, and flexible Australia-wide delivery options to fulfill your needs, the teacher supply store here at Office Corporate is tailored for future-ready schools. Shop with us to stay on track with your efforts to provide a world-class education!

Teaching Aids, teacher resources and supplies To Help Early Learners

From motor skills to balance to learning numbers, we provide the teacher resources needed for child development. Teaching aids and back to school supplies are an important part of a classroom as they help learners develop skills that are integral to their growth. Fine motor skills allow children to utilize the muscles in their fingers, thumbs and hands to help them grip, grab or hold things. Our EDX range provides gross motor development games and teacher resources that make learning for children effortless. From picking up scissors ranges to make a paper figure in art class to holding onto drumsticks in music class, these skills help children go through their daily life seamlessly.

Choosing the Right teacher resources & teaching aids from the best teacher store

Hand-eye coordination teaching aids as a part of our teacher resources balance, coordinate movements, enable the eye to focus on hand movements and allows children to develop their reading and writing skills. An imbalance in hand-eye coordination can disrupt movement and learning for children. One of the ways you could improve hand-eye coordination in children is by using balancing balls.

At office corporate, we can link you with balancing balls from EDX; these teaching supplies and aids come in different colors to provide entertainment and learning at the same time. These help children focus on keeping the ball on the spoon and they have fun while doing it. Fun and learning aren’t the only benefits of using our balancing balls, your students also get to develop strength in their shoulders, upper arms, and forearms. Gripping the handles on the balancing spoon also allows children to develop whole-hand movement skills. Our balancing balls are great for children in primary school.

Ways to Improve Balance by our teacher aids & resources

Balance and coordination help keep children safe from injury, as they are more likely to respond appropriately. We provide our balancing path as equipment for gross motor development. This can be used in numerous ways as it is detachable, and can be assembled as a straight path or a circle. Our EDX range provides teacher supplies you with ways to improve mental strength and physical strength with this balancing path.

Children are able to focus on a task and additionally strive to achieve it. This balancing path by EDX teacher resources is great for Gross motor development for special needs kids as it improves concentration and coordination. This tool can be used for gross motor skills activities in childcare centers.

Get Your Students to Develop Their Motor Skills with EDX teacher resources & teaching aids

You just might get the next Picasso in your classroom. Buy EDX teacher supplies to provide children with the best option at developing the fine motor skills necessary to draw, paint, or sculpt the next big thing. Our rainbow pebbles are a part of our Gross motor development toys, great for children that have an interest in creative design. It is also great for teaching children how to grab or pinch for future self-care like tying a shoelace or brushing their teeth. Another great addition to the EDX range that improves fine and gross motor skills for toddlers is the EDX education and lace set.

This is a set of pegs that can be arranged in structures or used to hold the artwork. This would be a great addition to your teaching supplies as it provides children with an active imagination an avenue to create. Learning doesn't have to stop in class, and you can provide your students with ways to get creative even during recess. The EDX education brick classroom construction and other EDX teacher resources would be a great addition to your class. It helps students explore, dig into their imaginations, and ultimately create beautiful things. There is no limit to a child's imagination and as such, no restrictions to what they can create; they can construct houses, robots, animals, building bridges, and more.

Teaching aids: How To Get Your Students To Start Counting And Keep Count.

Counting is usually a memory improvement skill; this is because most children do not yet understand what counting really is. One of the ways to get them to understand counting and remember the numbers truly is by presenting the numbers in an evenly spaced line. EDX provides an education student whiteboard among other teacher supplies that are double-sided to allow you to place those numbers in an arrangement that makes it easier for children to understand and remember.

This Fine and gross motor skill equipment helps children get a sense of numbers, can be used to teach odd and even numbers and can be used with a counter. There are many Gross motor skill activities you and your students can do with the whiteboard during math period. You could also get our Abacus as another teaching aid and teacher supplies to help students count. Your kids can count with the abacus and record their numbers on the whiteboard.

Teaching Your Students Elementary Math Skills with teacher supplies

Elementary math is a necessity for children. It is a gross motor skill that will be helpful in their growing years. Learning elementary math at a young age helps them automate the process. This, in turn, helps them free up memory space for other things like problem-solving and learning new concepts. Learning elementary math also prepares your students for harder math problems. Teach your students some elementary math with our learning from home tools like learning can be fun subtraction flash cards.

These are great for teaching elementary subtraction skills. They go from 0-15. The cards have answers at the back, so your kids can always be certain they are on the right track. The cards also help them work on their own. We have also got teaching aids for addition. Learning can be fun addition flashcards would be a great addition to your math class. It goes from 0-12 with answers at the back that can be checked by your students. 

Establishing Place Value Concepts for Children with the best teacher store teaching aids

A great way to integrate learning place value for kids in classrooms using teaching resources is by EDX education abacus place value as equipment for gross motor development. Place value might be tricky for children to learn, but it is a step in the right direction after counting. This is one of the ways to teach children to understand counting by first teaching them counting by teaching aids & equipment. Our education abacus allows children to understand the value of a digit by moving the number of tiles and abacus beads.

Our interest in Fine and gross motor skills for toddlers and the ability to provide such intricate yet simple equipment makes teaching a lot easier.  Once your kids learn how to count, add, and subtract and have a firm grasp on place value, they will be ready to tell time. You can combine the EDX education abacus place value with our JPM educational whiteboard A4 clock to help your students learn how to read the clock easily. The whiteboard clock comes with an eraser and a whiteboard marker that allows you extensive use of the A4 clock. Additionally, your students can practice on the whiteboard independently, and you can check on their answers when they are done. You can find all our school furniture range here.

Shop teaching aids & resources with Us!

One of our longstanding policies at Office Corporate is to provide teacher supplies and resources that are environmentally friendly and safe for use. We are heavily invested in protecting the earth and reducing carbon footprints; this is why we choose to distribute EDX educational aids and teacher supplies for children that are as efficient as they are substantial. We have worked with EDX teacher resources to provide durable fine and gross motor skill equipment for children that can be used for a length of time.

We understand that the safety of children is important to facilitate a good learning environment, and as such, we aim to offer top-notch gross motor equipment in Australia that has been tested and certified. EDX has 30 years of experience in the education industry and has been privy to the growth, advancement, and changes in the educational and learning sector.

At Office Corporate, we ensure that our customers are always satisfied by connecting them with extremely high-quality products. We also offer rewards to our customers, by giving discounts on bulk buys and providing reward points on all purchases when you open an Office Corporate educational account.

Office Corporate as a teacher supply store sells teacher supplies all over Australia. 

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