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Who uses lecture books anymore? The instructors and teachers now send the study materials to our mails, right? So we don't have to go old school with lecture books. Right? Wrong! Lecture books are indispensable companions to students no matter the age, time or whatever is trending, as long there's a need to write, there will always be a need for books.

Office Corporate brings you a range of premium student lecture books for university students, school-goers, and daily note-takers alikeHit the books with quality stationery solutions from Office Corporate to ensure you are right on track to ace the academic year, no problem!

Hit a home run with Office Corporate’s lecture books

You and lecture books from Office Corporate make the perfect pair as you tackle the demands of a busy university or school year with ease. For peak academic performance, invest in premium stationery to ensure that you have the tools you need to chase your academic goals and hit the mark dead-on.

Take detailed lecture notes, all-year-around to set yourself up for academic success. Improve retention and provide yourself with a wealth of material for revision before game time. Note-taking also improves understanding of the subject matter and boosts concentration keeping you sharp and focused when it matters most.  

Office Corporate ensures that you don’t draw a blank at exam, test, and assignment time with all the tools you need for detailed note-taking at your fingertips. We stock premium A4 lecture books and lecture pads for use during the academic year to help you breeze through your end-of-term assessments when all things are said and done.

We offer durable, reliable books from stationery leaders such as Protext, Spirax, Stat, and Marbig. These Australian favourites have been put to the test, time and time again. We bring you notebook options with perforated pages, pre-punched holes, and a range of exciting features. Our notebooks are easier to use and more reliable.

With exceptional attention to detail in the manufacturing and binding of their books, our partners deliver products with fantastic durability. These books are the ideal daily companion for busy university students on-the-move as they transition from one lecture to another. Choose the right cover for your needs with options such as sturdy polypropylene for books that go the distance.

The reliability of our 5 subject notebooks is also ideal for younger learners ensuring that notebooks packed into backpacks for transportation from home to school and back fair well.

Student lecture books: Take note of these fantastic features

Office Corporate’s student lecture books are a cut above the rest. We stock expertly crafted options for performance in the classroom, the lecture hall, at home, or on-the-go. What’s more, Office Corporate gives you access to all of these options, online. We also ensure that your note-taking solution is delivered to your door quickly.

By choosing Office Corporate as your lecture book supplier, you will be getting access to these features:

  • Spiral-bound: Office Corporate offer choices with impeccably secure spiral binding. Spiral binding allows you to flip open your book a full 360 degrees and fold it flat. This saves space and ensures your 5 subject book won't continuously flap closed. Unlike books with margins, our spiral-bound books ensure that you can take full advantage of every quality paper page. You won't be prevented from taking notes too close to the fold with our spiral-bound books.

  • Perfect quality paper: Our notebooks and notepads are constructed with premium, sustainably sourced paper to provide a better writing experience for your school or everyday uses. With notebooks constructed out of 55gsm, 60gsm, or 70gsm paper, our notebook pages won’t tear, torque or twist and provide the ideal smooth, soft surface for note-taking.

  • A variety of page counts: We provide notebooks in 120, 140, 200, and 250-page choices to ensure that our range caters to your preferences perfectly.

  • Additional features for every need: Not only do our choices provide for a better writing experience, but we also offer built-in features such as name panels, storage pockets, pen holders, bookmarks, and pre-printed 2-year calendars.

Top tips to get the most out of your lecture book

Stocked up on a quality student lecture book from Office Corporate? Now is the time to put it to use. We want you to get the best out of your premium purchase.

Here are our top tips for taking notes during lectures at school or university:

  • Keep it handy: A few extra minutes spent organising yourself before attending a lecture can go a long way! Before heading off to a lecture or tutorial, ensure you have your book handy. Capturing notes on loose pieces of paper instead of your book is a sure-fire way to lose important notes. Office Corporate’s options are the perfect size to slip into your bag or backpack to ensure you always have a quality note-taking solution on hand.

  • Keep it simple, silly: Don’t attempt to take down every word your lecturer is saying. Use short-hand or bullet points to jot down key concepts. Highlight notes and sketch diagrams in your 5 subject book to help jog your memory of key points during revision.

  • Keep sharp: If you let your mind wander during lectures, your performance in exams or assignments may wander off track too! Taking notes won’t be effective if you miss key points due to day-dreaming. Stay sharp and focused in lectures so that you can jot down all the need-to-know points.  

  • Keep organised: Filing your lecture notes effectively is just as important as taking them! Keeping organised throughout the academic year means that you’ll be able to hit the ground running at revision time. Our perforated page notebooks allow you to tear out separate lecture notes for efficient filling, and with pre-punched holes, these high-quality paper sheets can be easily organised and stored in ring binders.

Stationery solutions that perform so you can too

Office Corporate’s 5 subject books are just one example of the extensive range of superior stationery on offer on our website. We ensure that all of your stationery needs for education and day-to-day needs are fulfilled.

Do you love our range of student lecture books? Stock up on a range of binders and folders, calculators, writing equipment, exercise books and so much more. With Office Corporate’s incredible savings on bulk purchases, price beat promise, and regular specials, you’ll be set for peak academic performance and a bright future.


Never forget or neglect your lecture book

Lecture books; they are your trustworthy companions! Some believe that lecture books and note pads are not convenient, like computers, tablets or phones. We feel that they are not only convenient but are also very efficient for note-taking. A lot of people memorise better by writings down things they have learned or studied hence the need for lecture books can and should not be underestimated. Many people also prefer to use the traditional lecture books for sentimental values and other similarly cool reasons.

Office corporate boasts of an excellent selection of notebooks and learning companions for students. We supply and distribute top-quality lecture books and stationeries to individuals across Australia, we have built an excellent track record over the years. 

Still, being skeptical about getting notebooks or you don’t know which brand to go for? The members of our team of dedicated product experts and customer support are always available and happy to help you select the best product to fit your style. 

Find the Best Student Lecture books supplies for your students

The Australian education system and all the schools in Australia are about – Imparting the highest standard of knowledge to their students. As a school or as an educator, you don't want your efforts hindered by a lack of top-quality student lectures books, and other study materials. Office corporate is highly interested in and capable of helping you get rid of such problems. So many schools in Australia prefer office corporate to other stationeries and study item suppliers in the country. 

Why lecture books from us? Because we supply the best!

We have a huge selection of cheap student lecture books for sale as well as professional notebooks for the educators and other professionals who may need books for their projects and work.

Stock up on quality lecture books, multiple subject books and other accessories to facilitate teaching and learning in all subjects. Students don’t have to walk around with five different lecture books for five subjects. A 5 subject book takes care of all the luggage and possible confusion.

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