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Why You Should Choose a Magnetic Glass Whiteboard

Glass whiteboards are divided into different types in terms of performance and models that are designed. Each of these glass boards has its own dimensions and options that distinguish them from the other. Depending on the needs and environmental conditions you intend to use, you can go for the one that is suitable for your work and office. In this article, we are going to introduce different models of glass whiteboards in the following paragraphs, so stay tuned.

Types of glass whiteboards

In recent years, with the invention of the glass whiteboards, there has been a change in educational spaces. Depending on the different dimensions, these can be installed on walls or special bases, and this has made it possible for us to use glass whiteboards in any space and place. They are produced in different types without a frame and with a frame, and in the type with the frame, embossed materials or aluminum are used to make the frame. There are different types of glass boards, which we will mention in the following:

Black and white glass whiteboard with a two-sided design

Show off your latest ideas in the office or training sessions with this full-length black glass board. This large magnetic surface provides ample space for taking notes, drawing ideas, drawing project details, and more! Each of the movable blackboards has four wheels that provide smooth movement in the room and can be locked when you want to start writing. A magnetic surface that pairs with enough space on the board allow you to place pictures or notes on it using strong magnets when drawing. Each moving board has a white side and a black side, both of which work with a wet or dry erase marker. Provide a white glass board for your classrooms or offices to give people an easy way to share their ideas without wasting paper.

Glass whiteboard with roll base

This model of portable glass whiteboard is one with a magnetic material that is very suitable for use in classrooms or commercial use. The surface of this type is very smooth, durable, and scratch-resistant, and comes with a standing base that can rotate 360 ​​degrees. Glass whiteboards are easy to clean after each writing.

You can easily hang the items you need on hooks, elastic clips, and a marker tray so you can use them when presenting. You can place a whiteboard eraser, magnets, marker on the board tray for quick access. A round base with five wheels with a diameter of up to 2 inches is equipped with a round base for smooth movement. The base of this one is adjusted using the adjuster to provide a suitable height.

The adjustable foot is in heights of 64, 78, 75, inches, which makes this type of board suitable for children and adults. This glass board with its special base is suitable for homes, offices, schools, coffee shops, restaurants, stadiums, or any other place. This is designed for presentation, teaching, outdoor activities and so on.

- Large glass whiteboard for office, home, classroom, or any business

-Comes with a smooth, durable, scratch-resistant writing surface that is easy to write and clean

- Five wheels with a diameter of 2 inches with smooth locking brakes

- The reinforced round base keeps the whiteboard stable

- Comes with a marker place

- Adjustable base for height

Technical Specifications:

- White colour.

- Materials: lacquer panels, aluminum, steel, nylon wheels.

- Adjustable height.

Standing glass whiteboard

This model of glass whiteboard is offered on two bases. It has a larger surface than previous models and can be used on both sides of the board. Its surface rotates slowly 360 degrees, so a simple rotation gives you more display space. This product doubles its physical level, offers space for writing, and is great for classrooms, office, home, presentations, meetings, creative work, brainstorming, teaching, research as well as helping your children at home.

Glass board without base

A glass whiteboard without a base is the simplest type of board that is offered in various colours and gives a stylish and modern look to your workspace. Suitable for classrooms, conference rooms, children's playrooms, planning offices, home use, and other activities. Glass whiteboards offer an interesting way to engage people. The surface resists scratches and is easy to clean. This glass board has an accessory tray with a rubber cover for markers and wipers. Some of these glass boards come with a galvanized aluminum frame that increases stability over the years.

New generation glass boards are more durable using tempered glasses, stylish, and widely used. Colour boards are used in homes, educational centers, offices and other places that need a blackboard or writing board. The use of glass whiteboards, especially black glass, which can be written with white markers, is increasing day by day.

Using the colour glass board, you can write your daily tasks as a reminder on it like a wall calendar, or you can use it to paste the bill, shopping list, or photo of your loved ones with a magnet, and other applications are institutions, engineering companies, and services that can implement their engineering plans and drawings on this colour board and give more beautiful effects to their workspace, as well as educational environments such as schools, universities and educational institutions. They have always been customers of this durable product.

The use of glass whiteboards in homes has also been on the rise. These are designed to write daily, weekly and monthly programs in different models. Using them in the office, classroom or home is one of the best things you can do to add to the beauty of these places. Glass boards are very durable products and are easy to clean, and have a modern look that creates an attractive appearance in any workroom in addition to the application. Check out our cork board ideas.

Traditional glass board

This type of board is made of plain glass with white colour and it can be said that the most important disadvantage of these is their fragility, so that in all stages of transportation, installation, and use, there is a possibility of breakage and therefore There are risks associated with using these glass boards.

Tempered glass whiteboard

In this board, because the glass is made with special conditions and is placed in the heat before it becomes a whiteboard, it is very resistant to heat. This type of whiteboard is called tempered or unbreakable glass, which does not have the dangers of plain glass. These are more expensive than plain ones.

Magnetic glass whiteboard

In addition to security, this also supports magnetic capability. Magnetic glass whiteboard has more applications and in addition to writing on it, you can also use them as a bulletin board. In this way, announcements, news, instructions, daily schedules, maps, etc. can be installed on it by Magnet. This has a higher price than other glass boards. To get a better idea go to our pin board category. 

Transparent & clear glass whiteboards

Clear glass boards usually are used in offices for a meeting where there is not enough room to have a proper board. A transparent white glass board gives a modern look and gives a special shine and transparency to your walls when not in use. White glass board: This is a good option to replace old ones. These boards have a modern and beautiful appearance and have a longer life. You can check out all our whiteboards ranges here.

The benefits & downsides of glass whiteboard

Glass whiteboards have advantages over ordinary ones, some of which we will mention in the following. White glass boards are more durable against impact, scratches, and breakage. These have the ability to use all kinds of markers without worrying about leaving stains, and their surface is easily cleaned and no traces of any stains remain. Chemical detergents can also be easily used to clean the surface of them. Glass boards have much less erosion and corrosion than older ones.

These are very resistant to heat because they are made of tempered glass. The only negative aspect of glass whiteboards is the intense reflection of light, so the use of this type is not recommended for spaces that are bright and full of lights or in front of direct light. To get the best results from the text, it is better to adjust the light of the place where you put them.

Glass boards are made of high-quality materials, so their price is usually relatively high. However, due to the high durability of glass whiteboards, it can be said that buying a glass whiteboard instead of an ordinary one is quite economical. If you buy a regular whiteboard, it is necessary to replace it in a short time due to the raw materials used in the construction of them and also the different construction methods.

Limited colour

Perhaps it can be said that one of the disadvantages of glass whiteboards is the limitation in colour, so that it is not possible to choose the colour of glass board very freely. The colour scheme of glass boards mostly includes white, black, and gray. Of course, it should be mentioned that we at Office Corporate have provided conditions so that our customers can order any type of board that they need in the desired colour and with appropriate dimensions.

Transparency & clear

As mentioned, there are different types of glass whiteboards. However, in some cases, such as ordinary glass boards, the light on the screen is reflected due to the transparency of the glass surface, and this reflection of light reduces the sharpness of the glass whiteboard. In this case, when you write something on the board, it is not clearly visible. Fortunately, this problem has been solved with the production of glass boards behind white printing.

Misconceptions that glass whiteboards are made of glass and can be broken have led many people to avoid buying these types of boards. But we need to know that these boards are made of tempered glass and do not break easily, and if broken, they turn into small pieces with smooth edges that do not cause damage. So you can safely make a board in the appropriate dimensions and color of your choice and enjoy writing on it.

Of course, before buying a glass whiteboard, it is necessary to pay attention to the points that will help you make the best choice according to your needs. Here are the following points: Considering that they are produced in different dimensions, the first thing you need to pay attention to is what you use them for and how much text is written on them per day.

Another point that you should pay attention to before buying a glass whiteboard is how much light is reflected in the place where the board is to be installed and how many people, whether they are students or not. Also, how long is the written content supposed to stay on them and that they use them only for writing and erasing the content, or for example, do you intend to use the glass whiteboard as a screen? Another thing that needs to be considered is whether you want to install them on the wall and their position is fixed forever or it should be portable and portable?

Benefits of using glass whiteboard in educational centers

The principle should not be ignored that parents always try to enroll their children in the best and most useful classes. Sometimes training classes are held in an environment with non-standard buildings and rooms, which is lacking both in terms of quality and in terms of lighting, space and facilities. It should be borne in mind that the use of new teaching tools, in the right place is a very effective factor in better learning of lessons. And among these devices, glass board, white glass whiteboard or glass colour board, which is very important in the level of education.

One of the most important educational tools used in the past was a blackboard made of chipboard and cement or plaster with dimensions of 3 by 2 or 5 by 2 meters, which, according to psychologists, changed its colour from black to green. Today, we see that in most educational centers, black or green boards have been replaced by glass whiteboards, which are made of wood with a white coating and metal frames. According to doctors, it is better for these boards to be 80 to 100 cm away from the ground.

There are advantages and disadvantages to using any of these black and white boards. But the remarkable point is that in some researches, it is recommended to use both boards in the educational space. In order to reassure the student, a whiteboard can be used at the right time and at a specific angle that is not a problem, and a blackboard can be used when a long writing level is needed.

The advantages of a whiteboard over a blackboard include the use of marker instead of chalk, ease of writing, clean and dust-free, easy to carry and install. For this reason, it is recommended that you use them in small classes, and do not ignore the importance of the fact that the spread of gypsum dust in the air can harm your eyes. However, in large classrooms, in a larger space, a blackboard can be used, and one of the disadvantages of a glass whiteboard is the reflection of light, which causes eye fatigue, and the reflection of light must be reduced by determining the correct direction.

In addition, the importance of determining the distance of the student from the board should not be ignored that if a person suffers from myopia's eye weakness, his eye will also be put under pressure. The standard of natural light is such that light should not shine directly on the board, and the standard of artificial light is such that if too much light shines, it will cause eye fatigue, and if the light is low, it will irritate the eyes. In general, it can be said that the standard space for each person in ordinary classes is 2.5 cubic meters and in large classes is 4.5 cubic meters.

Use the right accessories for the board

When using glass whiteboards, due to the high quality of construction of this type of board, high care and accuracy are required. For this reason, for the long life of glass whiteboards, you need to use the right accessories. Here are some accessories that can play a role in maintaining their durability to help you make the best use of the glass board:

Get some Marker

Because glass boards are thicker than other glass surfaces, it is best to use markers with strong pigments. The marker created for glass surfaces has a substance that can be written with each bold and clear writing. Another important thing about this type of marker is that it is easy to clean and leaves no stains or marks.

Get a good eraser

As you know, whiteboard glass boards are also sensitive to scratches and tip objects, and it is very important to pay attention to the fact that when choosing an eraser board, the eraser board does not have sharp edges.

The use of special cleaning boards helps to clean the glass whiteboards as much as possible. In addition, the use of special cleaning boards keeps the surface without scratches and clean. Each time you have finished using them, it is best to erase what you have written on them with a suitable eraser. In addition to preparing the whiteboard for future use, this will increase the lifespan and ease of writing because the writing will not stay on them for a long time. Using wipers that have magnetic magnets in them allows you to drop them off the board if you do not need a wiper.

Get some good magnets

If you also use whiteboards for various applications and in addition to writing you want to use them as a bulletin board, you need to use magnets to install documents on the glass plate. For this purpose, be sure to use magnets for magnetic glass whiteboards that are strong enough to hold papers and documents on the glass surface.

Button magnets

Button magnets can be a good option for this. These types of magnets are made with strong neodymium magnets designed to work on magnetic glass whiteboards. Button magnets are available in eight different colors that you can use to increase the visual appeal of the glass board. A round button magnet is between seven and eight inches in diameter and should be able to hold approximately five sheets of paper on a magnetic glass whiteboard. It should be noted, however, that paper size, paperweight, and the strength of being magnetic may affect this.

In addition to button-shaped magnets, you can use colored magnetic shapes and markers to help you create custom dashboards. There are various shapes such as stars, rings, arrows, and که that you can use one or more of them on a glass whiteboard as needed.

Magnetic ribbons

Special magnetic ribbons have the ability to write on them, and with their magnetic power, they can hold your writing for a long time. However, magnetic ribbons can be easily moved on magnetic glass whiteboards, programming boards. If you need to cut, you can cut it with scissors.

Magnetic letters and numbers

Magnetic letters and numbers can be another application for use on glass whiteboards. These letters are especially useful for teaching children. Symbols, date one to thirty-one, months of the year, and days of the week are other items that fall into this category.

Use cleaning sprays

Use whiteboard cleaner sprays to remove stains left on the surface and extend the life of your glass plate with regular cleaning. Using glass plate cleaners that have a quick-drying formula removes the remnants of all previous posts and helps restore your plate to its original state.

Use special holders for markers

A special container for glass whiteboards has been designed, which are mounted on magnetic glass boards with the help of powerful magnets, and are a suitable place for placing markers. There are other types of brackets that are mounted horizontally on the board. Neon Blackboard: Neon blackboard is one of the types of glass boards. These boards are unique and modern and have been turned into blackboards. Blackboard has a high contrast with neon markers and is great for menus and bold signs.

Magnetic glass board: Some glass whiteboards also have the ability to attach magnets, these whiteboards are called magnetic. The ability to attach magnets to these boards has made them one of the most popular educational tools. These types of boards are also available in different colours. 

What type of tempered glass whiteboard is more suitable?

In the continuation of this article, we will refer to the specifications of the best glass whiteboard: The main and most important characteristic of the thickness and quality of the type of glass used in its construction is that it must be at least 6 miles thick so that it does not break after installation and use with the slightest pressure or impact.

The right material for the glass whiteboard must be tempered, which makes it stronger and, more importantly, does not pose a danger to the user when it breaks with a very strong blow. Note that the back of them must be made of special oven white printing to minimize light reflection. Because the whiteboard, which is not printed on the back, has a very high light reflection and annoys the user, and causes very severe runny noses, causing dizziness and poor vision. When buying, make sure that the secured whiteboard does not have cracks because it will be powdered with the slightest crack. If you buy a large white glass board, it is better not to install it yourself and ask the expert installer for help.

Do not buy from different people, try to buy the company's glass whiteboard and have a valid warranty, so that in case of problems and breakdowns, you can get help from the company's experts to fix it. It is not necessary to erase it immediately after writing on this type of whiteboard because after writing for a long time, the writing will be easily erased again. Be careful not to install window sills with direct sunlight. Because the light reflection is much higher than other types of boards and should be installed in a suitable place away from direct light. The glass whiteboard markers are better than the marker is of the wide-headed type, because these types of markers have a better view on them.

This type of board is by no means suitable for elementary and middle school because childish mischief at this stage and throwing objects at them can cause both financial damage and harm to children. This is not suitable for replacement by installing a projector curtain, and for this purpose, it is better to use ordinary old boards. And note that no board has the quality of a projector screen.

Do not use heavy and very strong magnets on the glass whiteboard. Because a strong magnet will scratch the surface of them over time, reducing the life of the board and also breaking them. Glass boards are very durable.

Tips for installing and setting up a glass whiteboard

Easy installation and commissioning: You do not need several people to install the glass whiteboard, if it is not large, in which case you must ask the installers of the manufacturer for help. Otherwise, with the help of one person, you can install it on the wall.

Easy to clean: This type of whiteboard is known as easy to clean. One of the reasons they are so popular is that they are easy to clean. Because their surface is non-porous and without pores, it means that the marker effect does not remain on the screen. Environmental: Another point is that they are environmentally friendly. Glass boards are made from compressed sheets that have been chemically molded and shaped. They are made of 100% heated glass and are environmentally friendly.

Whiteboard glass is used for all educational centers, including offices, educational centers, private and public companies, schools, universities, and even at home. An important feature is its high color diversity. Glass whiteboard with an MDF frame and without a security frame is extremely attractive and beautiful that can give a lot of effect to the work environment or classroom.

The most important point in this type of board is that they are fancy and very stylish. Easy to remove without a trace of writing is the top advantage of this board. Production of all kinds of glass whiteboards with MDF form and a new method without security frames, which is extremely stylish, fancy and managerial. It is produced in two types of MDF frames without frames and security.

The important and positive point of this type of board is that a marker can be used to write on it. Another point is that this type of board is fancy and easy to clean and there is not the slightest marker trace on it. But in the following, it is better to point out the negative points in this type of board, the most important of which is the higher light reflection than the magnetic type.

Glass whiteboards are installed in two ways:

  • The first method is that the whiteboard is installed on the wall with special metal fasteners.
  • The second method is that metal or wooden bases are placed under the whiteboard and are easily portable from one point to another.

Black glass whiteboard - patterned

Using the printing machine, it is possible to create different designs on glass whiteboards in colour. Such as designing the logo of the collection and educational centers on the board and in this way will help to brand the desired collection.

Black-engraved black glass board

To produce this model from a black glass engraved whiteboard, various designs are engraved on the glass using the Master smart device. The method of doing this is that the desired design is engraved on the glass, which can be the logo of the collection and training center.

Frosted black glass whiteboard is such that you should first know that frosted glass is divided into two categories: sandblast and satin. These two types of glass have many similarities. And the important difference between them is the possibility of designing sandblasted glass, which is not possible in satin glass and is only available in a simple way. Another type of white glass smart board is a special design of glass whiteboards. Using the remote, these glasses change from opaque to transparent or vice versa, this smart glass is operated by electricity and will lose its properties when the power is cut off.

Dry-erase boards are an essential tool for offices, schools, hospitals, and anyone who writes out their thoughts. With so many different dry-erase options available, you’re likely wondering what makes glass different from other surfaces. Here are a few reasons Quartet glass boards are the best choice for your workspace.

  1. Stain and Ghost Resistant - Keep your board clean and pristine. Quartet glass boards withstand heavy daily use and resist staining (hard to remove ink spots) and ghosting (the remaining outline of old writing).
  2. Tempered Glass - Quartet glass surfaces resist scratches and dents. Our glass is tempered, which means it’s stronger and safer than ordinary glass. If the glass does break, the pieces will be small and fine, rather than large, sharp shards.
  3. Magnetic Surface - Many Quartet glass boards are magnetic, which gives you more presenting options. Post documents to reference as you work or announcements for your team. Glass boards are compatible with our high-power board magnets.
  4. Modern Style - Add both function and style to your workspace with Quartet glass. The minimalistic and modern designs encourage innovative thinking and provide plenty of space to expand on all of your ideas. 

Invest in a dry-erase board that is long-lasting, stylishly designed, and easy to erase. From desktops to large meeting rooms, Quartet glass boards will be the perfect addition to your workspace. Office Corporate supply, deliver and Install Quartet Glass Boards all around Australia - Need Help, call one of our furniture specialists on 1300 885 085 

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