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Types of office desk and chair based on the shape

When talking about desks based on their shapes, we have majorly two types of desks;

  • The L-shaped desks, and
  • The U-shaped desks.

These is office desk and chair that are L-shaped in design. This type of desk is usually created to help utilize space. The L-shaped desks are commonly found in reception areas but can also be used for other purposes. Most times, the longer side of the office desk is used for attending to visitors, while the shorter side is usually made for keeping office equipment such as scanners and printers. Find out more about our standing desks here.

The U-Shaped Office Desk and chair

They come in U-shape, and the person using them usually sits at the open side of the desk. This type of desk is mostly used by people that require a lot of space for their work and for those that engage in a lot of tasks. The top of the desk is usually spacious to keep a lot of files. Some U-shaped office desks and chairs also allow for users to keep computers and other supplies as well.

As mentioned earlier, these are the major classifications of the office desk in the workspace. There are other types of desks, owing to the advancement in modern times. These include:

  • Compact and Small desk, straight desk

  • Office Suites and sets
  • Writing desks and tables
  • Corner desks
  • Benching Workstation
  • Office Credenzas
  • Modular workstation
  • Bow Front office desk
  • Standing Height Office Desk
  • Computer Carts

Finally, one is faced with the question of what size of the desk should be used in the office. This is simply determined by the size of your office and the type of job you do. There are a few steps you can take to determine the size of the desk that you would need in your office space.

Step 1: Measure the total size of your office to determine how large the office desk and chair would be within the required space. As a rule of thumb, allow at least two feet of space around the area you measure for the desk

Step 2: Measure doorways and stairways to ensure that the desk can be taken through them into your office. This is most times ignored by a lot of persons, but it is an important step to take. If there will be a narrow doorway or stairway, then consider getting a desk that is not too big or go for a desk that you can assemble; Ready To Assemble (RTA) or flat pack.

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