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In addition to gearing up for emergency response, contemporary workplaces require reliable infection control first aid mechanisms. This aspect of workplace safety has acquired particular significance in light of the Covid-19 pandemic, but its core principles have always been relevant.

Infection control first aid for a germ-free workspace

In establishments where multiple employees work in close quarters and share a variety of facilities and equipment, infection control supplies are a vital requirement. Disease-causing microbes are a perpetual hazard in community spaces, where they can spread through high-touch surfaces like door handles, electric switches, elevator buttons, dining tables, and so on. In recent years, even antibiotic-resistant superbugs that were originally confined to hospitals have made their way into offices, schools, gyms, sports centres, and other shared spaces.

As businesses across Australia are forced to step up their infection control first aid measures, they can find a reliable partner in Office Corporate. The personalised support that you have come to expect from us while shopping for office furniture, printers or stationery, extends to our infection control supplies selection as well. This is where you can find reliable and effective sanitisers, dispensing stations and signage for public spaces, and personal protection supplies to keep your employees safe from disease-causing germs.

Lowest prices guaranteed on infection control supplies

Half-steps and subpar supplies are not an option in the department of infection control first aid. To avoid having a public health debacle on your hands, you need to invest in quality disinfectants, sanitisers, as well as accessories that allow effective dispensing of these products. It is imperative that you choose high-quality products from brands that have been in the business of infection control first aid for years, and have the necessary certifications. Unfortunately, such products can be difficult to source on a regular basis – and they can put a major dent in your budget over time.

Office Corporate addresses these challenges by making the best infection control supplies in Australia available to you at the lowest prices. Thanks to the expertise of our product specialists and our long-running associations with trusted suppliers of first aid products, we are able to offer genuine, branded infection control supplies at prices that are seldom seen on popular ecommerce platforms. If you wish to take advantage of our affordable prices, we also recommend placing bulk orders and making use of our exclusive rewards programme for our members.

Further, we put a great deal of effort in handpicking quality infection control first aid products that are effective against infectious microbes yet safe for your personnel. Office Corporate is the only place you need to visit to take care of your workplace safety checklist, without worrying about overshooting your budget or spending too much of your valuable time. We have promised our 100% support to local businesses throughout Australia, and that is something we never compromise!

All-round infection control first aid

Going about your infection control first aid in an incremental manner may work to an extent. But to really shield your place of business from disease-causing bacteria and viruses, experts always recommend following a comprehensive strategy that takes care of all aspects of disease prevention. Every component of such a strategy will create a need for specific infection control supplies, which you can always find here at Office Corporate!

Effective disinfectants and sanitisers usually take the top spots in any infection control first aid list. Depending on the footfall in your place of business and the likelihood of infection being spread through contact with surfaces, you may need disinfectants of specific strengths. Most modern offices and institutes with high staff strength go for hospital-grade products that can provide extended protection against germs and even superbugs.

Office Corporate stocks several infection control first aid options from leading brands like St John that have built a reputation for offering potent infection control supplies. In addition to ethanol based hand sanitisers and alcohol wipes for workstations, we also supply natural, toxin-free disinfectants and sanitisers that are gentle on the skin despite being lethal to microbes.

While purchasing sanitisers for your establishment, it is always best to keep your overall infection control first aid strategy in mind and invest in no-touch dispensers that allow these products to be disseminated easily. Signage to guide your employees to points where they can get medical attention or the right infection control first aid, should also be on your list.

Lastly, your infection control first aid measures are incomplete without paying due attention to the protection of your first responders. Your medical team, employees administering first aid or CPR, as well as those working in kitchens, pantries or restrooms, should have year-round access to proper personal protective equipment (PPE). From masks and face shields to nitrile, vinyl or latex gloves, there could be multiple PPE requirements. Once again, Office Corporate makes these available to you at attractive prices.

Minimise the risk of workplace infections with our wide-ranging infection control supplies. For any questions about our products or infection control first aid supplies in general, feel free to contact us.

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