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Choosing the right envelope ensures that the security of the package is maintained throughout the route and its internal contents are not damaged. In addition, the postal envelope should be resistant to water penetration and should not be easily scratched or torn. Depending on the purpose of the envelope, the material and printing of the envelope will vary. In fact, there are standards for printing envelopes that the printing house must comply with when producing envelopes.

Otherwise, the post office will not deliver the postal envelopes and will return them to the printing house. In this article, we want you to get acquainted with the types of postal envelopes and their uses, and to know what each type of postal envelope is used for.

Most government agencies and private companies use administrative envelopes to send their letters. These types of envelopes are usually white and plain. But the company can print its logo or slogan on them or match their color with the color of the organization. The purpose of using an administrative envelope is to influence the audience and introduce the brand of the company or organization. There are also types of office envelopes.

Office envelopes are mostly divided by size. A simple administrative envelope is most used in sending letters to offices and organizations. They are divided into A4, A3 and A5 types according to the size of office envelopes. Of course, depending on the type of application, this type of envelopes can also be found in A2, A6 and A7 sizes. Office envelopes are usually custom printed in large numbers.

In custom printing, in addition to increasing the printing accuracy, you can also choose the color, dimensions and design of the envelope. Office envelope is one of the most widely used types of postal envelopes, which includes a high volume of envelope demand.

Kraft Envelope
Kraft envelope is made of paper of the same name, which is straw-colored. This type of paper, which is made of pulp sulfate, has a high variety and resistance. Due to the high strength of this type of paper, it is used for box packaging or carton making. Therefore, when the volume of the shipment is so large that it can not be placed in the said postal envelopes, the Kraft postal envelope is used.

Kraft envelopes in smaller sizes are also used to pack and send food and hygiene items. Kraft bags are usually produced in three layers and four layers. Some examples of Kraft postcards are waterproof. For this reason, they can be used to store industrial materials.

You may think that in today's world, despite the various means of communication, the use of mail is no longer common. But you should know that contrary to popular belief, the post is one of the most active industries in the world today. Because many online stores send your orders by mail. Also, most government agencies, such as civil registries, banks, or the traffic police, use the back of documents issued, such as national smart cards or certificates.

The post office has proven over the years that it is a reliable institution for sending all kinds of postal items. Because it has been able to send many shipments safely and without error percentage using advanced transportation systems in the shortest time. But one of the most important parts in maintaining the health of postal items is choosing the envelope.

Envelopes are printed and offered in different types. Depending on the technology used to make these envelopes, they can have different characteristics. For example, the use of bubble wrap in the inner wall of the envelope can create a shockproof property. The use of a black layer on the inner wall also prevents light from penetrating into the envelope. Its uses vary depending on what materials are used to make the envelope. In this article, we have tried to fully introduce the types of postal envelopes and their uses.

Why is it necessary to use an envelope?

When running a business or any investment, you should always take advantage of every possible marketing opportunity. The envelope is one of the most important and basic elements of any company that is used to maintain administrative correspondence and contracts. The presentation of the envelope is as important as its content.

When designing an envelope, great attention should be paid to the same color and organizational design with the design of the office setting, in other words, a common visual identity should prevail between the components of the office setting.

1- Communicating

The envelope contains the required information including logo, address and contact number. This makes it easy for customers to communicate with you using the information on the package.

2- Increasing credit

Specialized and customized envelopes with your own brand will make your business look more professional from the customer's point of view. Instead of sending your office correspondence in a dull white envelope, it is better to use a custom envelope that is specific to your business. Custom printing increases the credibility of your brand in the eyes of the customer.

 3- More brand awareness

Every time someone comes across your company name, a relationship is established between you and the customer. By providing a custom envelope professionally, you can have a huge impact on attracting and retaining loyal customers.

Envelopes can be very effective in introducing your brand if designed and printed properly. Your brand is also a reminder and a visual stimulus that encourages potential customers to seek your services. Increasing brand awareness builds trust between the brand and customers.

4- Stability

The envelope shows you in the mind of a professional and positive audience and makes you remembered as a stable business.

Sending important documents in dedicated envelopes conveys a sense of calm and confidence to the audience and shows that your business is important and should be taken seriously.

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