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A pencil sharpener is a simple yet an essential tool for students and artists alike. It is a gadget, mechanical or handheld, that is composed of a small blade and any material (wood, metal, plastic). It can be operated by hand or by an electrical motor. It is used to sharpen pencils while also shortening its length.

What is a Pencil Sharpener?

Why sharpen a pencil at all? Sharpened pencils vary in shape, depending on your art technique. If you are into creating a very detailed art, you will need to have a super fine point. If you are into soft details and blending, you will need a slightly dull point. Pencil sharpeners can you help achieve these.

It is important to know the type of pencil tip you need for your art technique; and the type of pencil sharpener that could give you just that, so you can avoid certain frustrations in achieving what you desire for your art.

Whether you’re using regular graphite pencils or coloured pencils, you can shape its tip, maintain it, and make it last longer with a pencil sharpener that is within your reach.

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Getting to know Electric Pencil Sharpeners: Delivery Australia Wide

Getting to know the history behind everything that interests you is a great way to understand and appreciate whatever you want to use. It also helps you use it to the fullest, which can even make your path to mastery less frustrating. How so? By being aware of the limitations and capabilities of your tools, you will not end up wasting your efforts away. Instead, you will be able to determine what went wrong and you will exactly know what to do.

Before pencil sharpeners emerged, knives, along with sandpaper, were used to sharpen some pencils. It takes effort and time to sharpen with knives because you can easily end up cutting yourself if you’re not careful, and pencil tips can be so fragile, you’ll end up with a whole lot of short pencil trying to get the tip that you desire.

Bernard Lassimmone, a French mathematician, made the first pencil sharpener that wasn’t any easier than using knives and sandpaper in 1828. Then, Thierry des Estivaux improved on it and became known as “prism sharpener”, which is still used today. Later in 1851, Walter K. Foster made another improvement on it for mass production. This is how blade sharpeners came to be.

As for hand-crank sharpeners, it wasn’t until 1896 when A.B. Dick Planetary Pencil pointer came up with an encased system of two milling disks with planetary mechanisms of rotating in their own axis, while also revolving around the pencil’s tip. But in 1904, Olcott Climax Pencil Sharpener did another improvement by putting a cylindrical cutting head instead of the milling disks.

An electrical pencil sharpener emerged in 1910, then mass-produced in 1940.

What are the different types of electrical pencil sharpeners?

Different types of pencil sharpeners have emerged since. But the design—classic blade and has remained the same; despite the form, it takes, as follows:

  • Handheld

The oldest and most common form of pencil sharpeners. You will have to hold it with your hand and insert the pencil in its hole using your other hand. To use it, you must turn the pencil to the blade attached, until you get the desired pointiness. Here are some of its variations:

  • Single and Double hole Pencil Sharpener (Expand)

  • Plastic, Wood and Metal Pencil Sharpener

  • With or without a canister

  • Hand Crank

The type of pencil sharpener that has the encased system of two cylindrical heads with sharp edges in the planetary mechanism, which is still operated by hand; except this time, it is the hand crank that you are going to spin instead of the pencil and it already has a canister to go with it.

  • Electrical pencil sharpener

Possibly the best pencil sharpener to get that super fine point. You will only need to insert your pencil into its hole and it will get the job done, fast and easy. The electric sharpener can be used by anyone from students to teachers or at the office.

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