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Office Corporate offers a wide range of premium ear protection products for at-home use and use in busy workspaces. Our range of superb ear protection choices effortlessly safeguards your ears against damage from regular exposure to loud noise. Whether you are a construction worker or an at-home DIY lover, our earmuffs & ear plugs are here to save the day.

Top-quality protection with ear plugs: You’re safe & sound with us

Invest in top-class earmuffs and earplugs from Office Corporate to ensure that your ears are protected no matter the circumstance. Hearing protection is critical in environments where regular exposure to loud noises is common. Don’t play it by ear or leave your ability to hear for years to come up to chance. Purchase innovative, effective ear protection from Office Corporate.

Do you work with power tools regularly? Are you a business owner looking to invest in personal protective equipment such as eye protection & safety glasses for your dedicated employees in a factory, construction, or commercial environment? With a varied range of high-performance, comfortable earmuffs & plugs, Office Corporate provides the perfect fit for your ears and your needs.

Office Corporate offers you a selection of class 5 protective equipment that complies with stringent Australian standards for the design and manufacturing of ear protection equipment. This protective equipment offers the highest level of hearing protection available. This means that a class 5 earmuff purchase from Office Corporate has been put through its paces to ensure that it delivers superior protection against hearing damage.

Not only do we offer the best ear protection products such as earmuffs on the market, but we also bring them to you at the best prices. With discounts on bulk purchases Office Corporate, it has never been easier or more affordable to provide your employees with the best ear protection solutions.

With Office Corporate, you’ll also rack up a business reward point for every $10 you spend to be redeemed on a variety of free products on the Business Rewards page of our website. It pays to be an Office Corporate customer.

Earmuffs and ear plugs that offer premium performance & protection

At Office Corporate, we’ve put our ears to the ground to source the earmuffs and ear plugs that deliver increased levels of protection, more comfort, and long-lasting performance. Office Corporate is the go-to destination for premium personal protective equipment, online.

Here’s why our customers trust Office Corporate to deliver ear protection solutions for better protection and superior performance:

  • Protection for a range of noise levels: Our extensive selection of ear protection solutions covers you when exposed to a wide range of noise levels. Choose our high-end choices for unmatched reliability in intense environments with noise levels up to 110db such as airport tarmacs, sawmills, around chain saws and power mowers, and more also, you need hand gloves for protection. Alternate options offer effective protection during moderate noise exposure. Whatever you need, we have the solution along with other protective equipment like face protection.
  • Office Corporate’s variety is unmatched. We offer an extensive range of ear protective equipment. With quality protective, disposable, single-use earplugs, reusable corded plugs, durable headband plugs, and a range of superior muffs, your ears are covered no matter your preference.
  • We prioritise your comfort: Comfort is key as you work through a busy workday. The plush, quality foam utilised by our earmuffs moulds comfortably and securely around the ear. We also offer lightweight headbands that fit firmly but easily around the head and sweat-reducing options for all-day comfort. This is while our earplugs utilise soft neoprene buds for a firm fit so comfortable, that you’ll forget they are there.
  • Washable and refusable options: For great protection time and time again, pick our washable and reusable ear plugs. Many of our ear muff options also utilise removable foam ear cups and headbands to ensure that you can wash them and start each day fresh.
  • Handy dispensers: Are you looking for a way to dispense ear plugs easily in your factory or commercial environment? Choose a selection of superior earbuds provided in a sleek dispenser for the ultimate convenience.

Crucial ear protection with ear plugs for every ear

Not quite sure why ear protection products from Office Corporate are a must-have for your business? Well, sub-standard earmuffs in loud workspace environments can and frequently do lead to hearing loss. Experts have identified that hearing damage can happen much more quickly than we would imagine. In recent studies, experts have found that hearing damage can occur after just 30 minutes next to a power drill, 15 minutes inside a loud factory, and 2 minutes beside a top-notch power saw.

What’s more, there are many activities just in daily life that can negatively affect hearing including riding motorbikes, attending live concerts, busy city noises, boats, loud music, and even the use of a lawnmower.

Here are why our ear protection supplies such as earmuffs are crucial:

  • The ear is extremely delicate: While the ear is an extremely powerful tool, it is also vulnerable to damage and relatively fragile when compared to many other body parts. Damage to the ear often leads to the development of tinnitus which is estimated to affect 15% of people and results in the feeling of ringing in the ears.
  • Compounded with age: The ability to hear is one of the senses that naturally decline with age. Premature hearing loss due to loud noise exposure can exacerbate the problem, and combined with a natural age-related decline, lead to deafness.  
  • This damage can’t be undone: Negative effects on the hearing cannot be naturally undone and will require the use of specialised body protection equipment such as a hearing aid.
  • Hearing loss may cause other issues: The ability to hear is connected to many more bodily functions than you would imagine. The ear is linked to your sense of balance, and your balance may suffer as a result of damage to the ears.

The home of premium PPE including earplugs & muffs

Along with our range of ear protection products including earmuffs & ear plugs, Office Corporate offers a wide range of PPE solutions to protect you and your employees no matter the circumstance. Our protective equipment such as hand sanitisers, signage, face masks, commercial cleaning supplies, and more allows you to easily protect your staff and visitors to your premises.

No matter your purchase from Office Corporate, we’ll dispatch and deliver your choice to you anywhere in Australia quickly. Partner with us for superior solutions and unrivalled service.

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