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Are high-quality prints and low overhead costs equally important to you? Like countless businesses in Australia and around the world, you may have invested in an Epson ink for your office or home. Besides scoring high on print speeds, colour output and user friendly features, Epson printers stand out for their economical ink usage. In order to make the most of your reliable and cost-effective Epson printer ink, you must equip it with genuine Epson ink cartridges.

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Epson printer ink & cartridges– quality printing made affordable

Office Corporate has been supplying high-quality, branded Epson printer ink & cartridges to large corporations and institutes, as well as small businesses and individual users across Australia including Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Adelaide. Our customers choose us for our guarantee of authentic and reliable printing consumables that maximise their efficiency while helping them stick to tight budgets and deadlines. Genuine Epson ink is one of our key offerings. We offer a vast selection of Epson ink cartridges at attractive prices, and deliver them to your doorstep at lightning speed.

Branded consumables for every type of Epson printer ink & cartridges

For several years now, the Epson printer ink has been acing the economical printing game with its forward-looking approach to printer design. The latest and most popular models of Epson printers are unique in their mechanism of drawing ink. Their high-capacity ink tanks can print many more pages than standard sized cartridges, and can be refilled with Epson printer ink when they run low. Being both environment friendly and affordable for high-volume printing, these EcoTank printers are a popular choice in contemporary workplaces that need to produce large quantities of black and white or colour-rich printouts on a daily basis.

Here at Office Corporate, we provide you with genuine Epson ink cartridges and high-yield ink tanks. Find a vast selection of black, magenta, cyan and yellow ink cartridges in our selection, and choose a variant based on your expected printing volume. Using only branded Epson printer ink will go a long way in maintaining the performance and increasing the lifespan of your Epson printer ink. Off-brand or counterfeit ink cartridges, on the other hand, can result in anything ranging from inferior quality prints and low print speeds, to ink leakage within the machine and damage to your printer’s components.

Similar guidelines can be applied to the more compact Epson printer ink models that are designed for home use and make use of smaller ink cartridges. We’ve sourced reliable and genuine Epson ink cartridges for all popular photo printers by the brand. Whether you own an all-in-one multifunction Epson printer for printing, copying and scanning purposes in your home office, or a compact Epson ink or printer to print your favourite photos at home, you can find just the right ink cartridge refills in our collection. Stock up on 100-page Epson printer ink for occasional printing, or high-yield variants for 500 pages and up. You can even find budget picks such as 4-colour cartridge sets that are perfect for getting your photo printer up and running again.

From genuine Epson ink cartridges to every other workplace need!

Making all these options available to you at attractive prices, Office Corporate is here to ensure that your home or workplace has uninterrupted access to printing consumables round the year. Our product teams are always at work sourcing genuine Epson printer ink from trusted suppliers and making it available to you on demand. If you don’t find what you need in our collection, you’re always welcome to reach out and we will help you find Epson ink cartridges that are compatible with your machine.

Shopping for printer consumables on Office Corporate differs in a big way from shopping at general purpose ecommerce websites. This is because we are devoted to businesses and their day-to-day needs. Over the past two decades, we have built a reputation for delivering quality office supplies from brands that Australian businesses count on. Making all kinds of office printer toners available under one roof, we ensure that you need to spend minimal time and resources to equip your workplace. Our products are not only geared for long-term use but also listed at prices that are hard to beat.

From genuine Epson printer ink to every other workplace need!

In addition to this, we offer our long term customers with exciting rewards that can further reduce their operating costs. As soon as you create a business account with us, you start earning rewards on every purchase. Collect these rewards and use them to get discounts of up to 10 percent on future purchases! That includes everything from office furniture and large equipment, to printing consumables and other recurring needs.

Is your Epson inkjet printer flashing a low ink signal? Look no further than Office Corporate for the perfect Epson ink cartridges for your specific printer model. Find genuine Epson cartridges in all colours and in a wide variety of sizes, with compatible printer models clearly specified in each listing. Be it a home use Epson printer ink that needs a fresh set of cartridges, or a multifunction all-in-one that requires a black ink tank, we’ve got all your needs covered.

Your Step-by-Step Guide to Changing Ink in Your Epson Printer

Printing perfection is just a cartridge change away! If you own an Epson printer, you're in luck – swapping out ink cartridges is a breeze. Say goodbye to printing hiccups and hello to vibrant, flawless prints. In this guide, we'll take you through the ink replacement process step by step, ensuring you're back to producing stunning documents and photos in no time.

Step 1: Gather Your Supplies

Before you embark on your ink-changing adventure, make sure you have everything you need:

Replacement Ink Cartridge:

Ensure you have the correct ink cartridge model for your Epson printer. Double-check your printer's manual or the old cartridge for compatibility.

Clean Cloth or Tissue:

Keep a clean, lint-free cloth or tissue handy to wipe away any accidental ink smudges.


To prevent getting ink on your hands, consider wearing disposable gloves.

Step 2: Prepare Your Printer

Power On:

Turn on your Epson printer and let it warm up. Ensure it's not currently printing or performing any other tasks.

Lift the Lid:

Gently open the printer's top cover or lid. The cartridge carriage will move to the center, providing access to the cartridges.

Step 3: Remove Old Cartridge

Identify the Empty Cartridge:

Your printer's display screen or indicator lights will usually show which ink cartridge needs replacing. Locate the cartridge that requires changing.

Release Cartridge Latch:

Press down on the latch or tab securing the old cartridge. This will release the cartridge from its slot.

Remove Old Cartridge:

Carefully pull out the old cartridge from its slot. Place it on a piece of paper or a plastic bag to avoid any ink spillage.

Step 4: Insert New Cartridge

Unpack New Cartridge:

Take the new ink cartridge out of its packaging. Make sure to remove any protective tapes or seals.

Match the Notches:

Check the notches on the cartridge and the slot to ensure proper alignment. Gently slide the cartridge into the corresponding slot.

Secure the Cartridge:

Press down on the cartridge until you hear a soft click, indicating that it's securely in place.

Step 5: Final Touches

  1. Close the Lid: Lower the printer's top cover or lid.

  2. Run a Test Print: To ensure the new cartridge is working correctly, run a test print. Follow your printer's instructions to do so.

  3. Dispose of Old Cartridges: Properly dispose of the old cartridges according to your local recycling guidelines. Many office supply stores also offer cartridge recycling services.

Voila! You've successfully performed an ink cartridge swap in your Epson printer. With this simple guide, you're now equipped to tackle ink replacement like a pro. Keep your prints sharp, vibrant, and streak-free by following these steps whenever your printer calls for a cartridge change. Enjoy hassle-free printing and watch your documents and photos come to life with every page!

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