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Office Corporate supplies a wide range of markers & highlighters with different brands like an expo range. Any stationery you are looking for you can find them here. We even give you reward points after every order you place. We try to be your first stop destination and provide you with the best quality markers & highlighters and other school supplies.

Original Markers & Highlighters for every need

Colour, create, and inspire with Office Corporate’s range of markers and highlighters. Our collection in every shape and colour is just another reason why partnering with Office Corporate for your speciality writing supplies is always a bright idea. Perfect markers such as uni paint markers or bold permanent highlighters shades that pack a punch. The choice is yours if you are looking for a fine tip or chisel tip.

Whether you are stocking up on markers & highlighters for school or looking to purchase professional art equipment, Office Corporate has the solution. Our range includes paint, permanent markers, and speciality markers. We even stock a selection of creative shapes for young kids. With options that cater to tiny tots, school-goers, and professional artists alike, we guarantee you’ll be spoilt for choice.

Get ready to whip up magical fantasy lands or create picture-perfect portraits. Our selection of super-duper markers & highlighters allows for hours of enjoyment and limitless self-expression. Get ready to set up camp in colour paradise and shade, colour and create to your heart’s content.

Quality markers and highlighters for every occasion

If you are looking for markers or highlighters for adult colouring for the ultimate relaxing evening or quality crayons for art, you’ve come to the right place too. We ensure that colouring fun can be enjoyed by everyone in the whole family. Our customers rely on us to fulfil their craft supplies needs easily and efficiently with fast shipping around Australia. Our customers also trust Office Corporate to offer them quality products at prices that are hard to beat.

That’s why we stock high-quality colouring supplies from leading brands such as Uni, Expo, Bic, Faber Castell pencils, First Creations, Micador, and more!

Markers & highlighters online & Uni Paint Markers Brand tick all the right boxes

Let your imagination run wild with our range of original markers. We all have cherished childhood memories whether it be colouring with siblings on rainy days indoors, doodling in colouring books during downtime, or comparing creative pieces with school friends. Office Corporate guarantees that your children or learners can make their own special Crayola memories too.

Office Corporate stocks a range of colouring tools from the stationery giant, Crayola. Whether you prefer to colour inside the lines or think outside the box, Crayola has the answer. With highlighters and markers in intense bold colours, Crayola options allow you to express yourself to your heart's content. We have so many popular markers from the best brand like sharpie one of the popular ones is sharpie clear view highlighter, contact us to get more information about the shipping or bulk purchase. 

Here are our favourite markers and highlighters solutions:

  • Class packs: Crayola class packs are the perfect choice for teachers looking to stock up on art supplies for crafty kids and memorable, engaging lessons. the classic color set is provided in a variety of options from 240-piece to 400-piece sets in all the favourite Crayola shades.
  • Twistables: No-sharpening required! markers & highlighters allow you to twist up the Crayola crayon items when you need to turn up the fun. This no-snap option makes use of a quality plastic barrel to protect the tool and keep the good times rolling.  
  • Jumbo: Twice the size, double the fun! These crayons & uni paint markers are bigger than usual crayons and ideal for tiny tots learning to colour books and drawings. Their size and thickness mean that they are less likely to break and easier to hold for little hands.

Not only is colouring a great activity that provides hours of enjoyment for children and hours of peace for parents, but colouring is also incredibly beneficial for younger children’s development. Colouring activities help to impart pre-schoolers with vital skills they’ll need throughout their lives.

Mildliner highlighters will help your young kids:

  • Develop fine motor skills: Fine motor skills refer to the movement of the smaller muscles throughout our body. As your child learns to control the uni paint markers with their hands, they develop fine motor skills which are crucial as the same control is required for writing later on. 
  • Boost levels of concentration: Children who focus on tasks at hand are better learners than children who struggle to concentrate. Help your child to develop the ability to concentrate effectively with a colouring session with Uni paint markers or sharpie highlighter. 
  • Teach hand-eye coordination: Not only colouring fun, but it will also help your little ones learn how to get their hands to do what their eyes are coordinating. 
  • Help colour recognition: The sky is blue, the grass is green. Teach children the names of colours by coaxing them during creative colouring sessions for an educational experience and all-round fun. 

Markers & highlighters online & Uni paint markers for creativity

Colouring is not only for cool kids; it is for creative adults too! Whether you are an aspiring or a professional artist, Office Corporates provides a selection of oil pastel highlighter that cater to your needs. Our oil pastels glide smoothly over surfaces distributing beautifully-pigmented shades consistently and evenly. Our choices won’t stain your hands and transfer all over canvases or pages meaning your creations will stay perfectly in place. Some of the markers or highlighters have fine tip and a chisel tip for different usages.

We bring you oil pastels in carefully-curated shade collections. Working on portraiture? We’ve got a choice of skin tone shades for hyper-realistic portraits. Need to jazz up your piece? Purchase our sophisticated metallic shade oil pastels. Or need more traditional colours? We’ve got that covered too. Browse all whole range of whiteboard markers including expo range here.

Markers online form brands like Stabilo highlighters from Office Corporate

At Office Corporate, we keep school craft suppliers and at-home craft cupboards overflowing with fun. Pair your markers online purchase with a colouring & activity book for hours of entertainment. Graduate from highlighters to other drawing accessories with Office Corporate. From coloured pencils, graphite pencils, classic color set, markers, and fine liners to chalk and charcoal. Our online store has an incredibly versatile range of drawing tools for every purpose.

What’s more, we’ll get your school or craft supplies to your door quickly and efficiently. We’re only happy when you are, so expect the best service from our amazing team. Partner with Office Corporate, the hub of quality stationery, online.

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