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Take every day writing and lettering to the next level with Faber Castell pencils and mechanical pencils. Shop the best from brands like Faber Castell including pens and mechanical pencils at the best prices with Office Corporate.

Faber Castell pencils & pens put creativity in your hand.

We stock and distribute the most extensive range of Faber Castell pencils, markers and writing instruments. Whether you’re creating beautiful handwritten cards, jotting down notes from this morning’s meeting, or working on a colorful art piece, do it with the style and elegance that only Faber Castell can provide. From pens and pencils, to markers and crayons range, trust Faber Castell to provide all the tools you need to express yourself creatively.

Faber are market leaders in education, learning and play - manufacturing an extensive range of industry leading learning instruments and tools for kids. Products to inspire wishful writers & artists include Faber Castell pencils and their globally recognized marker of choice for students the world over, the Faber Castell pens

Style. Comfort. Elegance. Faber Castell pens, pencils, and other writing utensils have it all.

Faber Castell pencils is where quality materials and thoughtful touches meet. 

See what some of their best-selling products have to offer below:

Colored Faber Castell pencils: Coloured pencils are a fundamental tool for both kids and adults alike. Faber Castell’s wide range of stunning and highly pigmented colours will inspire users of any age to create bold and beautiful projects. Enjoy mixing and blending colors with carefully constructed tips that won’t break easily and sharpen to like-new quality.

Mechanical pencils: Faber Castell mechanical pencils with refillable lead are a go-to writing utensil that will last and last with no sharpener needed. Thoughtful construction and durable design make Faber Castell pencils a cut above the rest. With several pencil widths offered for ergonomic support, break resistant lead, and fully retractable tips, these high-quality mechanical Faber Castell pencils are super comfortable to use and worth the investment.

Fountain pens: Take your writing to the next level with Faber Castell pens. Available at difference price points and with nibs that simply glide across the page, Faber Castell pens offer a variety of pen styles and weights that will make simple writing tasks an almost luxurious experience. With replaceable nibs and assorted ink color options, you are sure to find the pen that fits your needs with the quality craftsmanship you can expect from Faber Castell.

Coloured markers: Faber Castell’s brightly colored markers feature color absorbent tips that can be rehydrated with water to guarantee striking colors every time. Our non-toxic formula is safe for kids to use and ventilated safety caps help prevent choking. Choose between fine line and wider tip varieties to create the look you want. Looking for a unique gift? Try Faber Castell pens to create brightly colored drawings with connector clips that allow you to use two or more pens at once.

Faber Castell pencils & pens & mechanical pencils offer quality & sustainability.

The small details are what give Faber Castell products such a huge impact. From refillable fountains pens and mechanical pencils to packaging made from recycled materials, their commitment to sustainability and excellence offers consumers a quality product they’ll feel good about using.

With over 2 billion pencils produced every year, Faber Castell knows a lot about wood and their responsibility to the Earth. Utilising their own forests, Faber Castell grows one truck load of wood every hour, and their sustainably managed forests are home to over 600 plant and animal species, some of which are endangered in other parts of the world. 

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Faber-Castell grows about 20 cubic metres of wood every hour, which corresponds to around 1 truck load.

For its own pencil production, Faber-Castell only uses wood from sustainably managed forests.

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