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Stay safe and protected in the workplace or classroom with OfficeCorporate. Our line of  affordable yet high-performing hard hats, head protection, and other accessories makes construction zones, workplaces, and factory safety your top priority with ease and simplicity.

Head Protection with our Hard Hats: Defending Your Team with Safety and Power

At Office Corporate you’ll find industrial grade hard hats at extremely affordable prices. Our wide variety of head protection ensures that you have access to the brands that you love and trust at the best prices. We ship across Australia, ensuring your workspace is fully protected and up to every industrial code while maintaining top-of-the-line performance 24/7, 365 days a year. Here are a few of many reasons why our customers trust our industrial grade hard hats, including our hugely popular line of protective hats for work:

  • We know that hazards can sometimes arrive out of nowhere. Our hard hats are durable, dependable, and high performing, ensuring head protection and defending against threats whether seen or unseen.
  • When you’re ready to take your workspace to the next level professionally, providing your team with high-quality, industrial grade protective gear is more important than ever. Our powerful high-performing head protection has you covered at a moment’s notice.
  • Reduce the likelihood of workplace accidents or injuries on the job in seconds. Our quality and durable protective hats for work will keep your workers protected and ready to work at any time.
  • We’re committed to sourcing quality head protection with safety helmets so that our customers can invest in sets for years and trust that their durability and reliability will withstand the test of time and any number of accidents or exposures.

Protective headgear & hard hats take your outdoor work to the next level.

In Australia, outdoor workers need to be ready for anything. Our extensive line of head protection is designed to shield from heat, fire, brush, dust, gas, and every other environmental hazard you can imagine. No matter the reason, if you’re working outdoors, you’re going to want to have top-quality head protection available to keep you safe no matter where you’re working. Here’s how our head protection will help you create a thoroughly protected working environment:

  • Keep a pair of our hard hats on hand for every employee so that they’re protected from any falling item and reduce environmental or workplace injuries.
  • Shield your face and mouth from blowing dust or brush with our top of the line forestry kits. This protective hat for work has safety straps to keep your safety helmet anchored and a face shield that filters out dangerous air particles and protects you from any airborne danger.
  • With our affordable hard hats and helmet muffs, you can outfit your entire team with protective headgear that shields their head, vision, and hearing, creating the safest workplace imaginable while allowing your team to work at their top capacity.

Why you should buy our safety helmets & hard hats 

Our Office Corporate team has been working together for over two decades. We understand that the true value of our business is in our dedicated and exceptional team who work tirelessly to bring you top-notch products while appreciating every opportunity to keep prices low and maintain high product quality. That’s why we recognize professionalism, safety, and efficiency as essential tools in a motivated workplace, and we want to help you introduce those same concepts into your home, business, or office space.

Here’s how you can use our hard hats and accessories as tools to facilitate organized, safe, and functional workspaces:     

  • Keep multipurpose protective hats on hand so that you always have them ready for any emergent situation.
  • Maintain a high level of professionalism across your workspace by keeping head protection on hand at all times so your staff can don them whenever necessary and continue working in highly safe conditions.
  • Never worry about a workplace accident again with our durable and highly performing hard hats that withstand any amount of pressure or damage.
  • Stock our superior quality head protection for every member of your team and trust that their durability and reliability will make them great tools that last you years!

​Choose us and reap the rewards by buying our top-of-the-line head protection.

Our hard hats are just another example of the great products we have on offer. We know that producing quality work requires quality tools, which is why we take the time to research, stock, and promote only the best of the best. Browse our website to view our extensive and thoroughly reviewed selection of office furniture, craft supplies, stationery, cleaning supplies, and much more. Whether you’re looking to upgrade your home office, improve your classroom performance, or equip your business with all the tools you’ll need to succeed, we guarantee we have the solution for you.

Should you have any questions about our products, our dedicated and knowledgeable product specialists are always on hand to help. Our customer service team is committed to providing you with the tools you need at the best possible price, and we’ll do whatever we can to help you meet your goals. Heard about our price beat promise? Should you find one of our stock items for cheaper elsewhere, we won’t just match the price, we’ll beat it. We’ll offer you 2% less than competitors.  

What’s more, with regular specials and rewards for returning customers, we guarantee your head protection purchase from us won’t be your last. Sign up with us to start earning reward points on every purchase. Get one point for each $10 you spend, and trade in your reward points for 10% off anything on our online store. Sounds like a bargain to us!

First-time customer? Check out our Instant Rewards page to view a range of promotional codes as our gift to you on your initial purchase. Also, head to our Business Rewards page to view the amazing rewards you could reap by choosing Office Corporate as the go-to supplier for your business. Purchase your head protection and stock up on quality hard hats and protective hat sets today. Whether you are a construction worker, warehouse manager, or a factory worker, we know you’ll benefit from our powerful and high-performing line of head protection.

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