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If you’re looking for a creative outlet that will let you express yourself and enhance your style, take a look at our custom beads and jewellery making supplies & kits. Our craft beads are sure to spark new ideas, and bringing them to life is so simple, that you’ll be creating your own masterpieces in no time!

Craft Beads to Suit your Jewellery making supplies & kits needs

Whether you’re starting a jewellery making business, crafting as a hobby, making pieces to reflect your style or creating a fun activity for the kids, the quality craft beads and jewellery making supplies & kits at Office Corporate can provide you with hours of fun and exceptional results. Here are some of the reasons why our beads and jewellery making kits are your perfect match:

  • They come in a variety of styles and colours. From chic and sophisticated to chunky and colourful, the different types of beads available will help you express your style and create pieces built to last.
  • They come as individual pieces, or as a kit. Want to create your own jewellery but aren’t sure where to start? Our jewellery making kits have everything you need to start designing and creating your masterpieces. Want to create a highly stylized, unique piece? Our individual beading kits and wire will let you customize every aspect of your creation, so you never have to worry about seeing your look on someone else.
  • They are perfect for a gift, to start a hobby, or to begin your own jewellery making business. Whether you enjoy helping a crafty family member or friend, or you’re ready to take your hobby to the next level and begin selling your art, our beads and jewelry making supplies are the perfect places to start.
  • They can help you make your mark as a style icon. With our beads for craft, you’re sure to create pieces as unique as you are, pieces that are elegant and simple, or bold and colourful. You’re sure to stand out with pieces that reflect your personality, and you can be certain you won’t find your creations anywhere else. Keep all your artwork in one place with our art folio.
  • They can help you make anything from a simple necklace to a bold statement piece. Whatever your style you can manifest it with the beading kits and jewellery from Office Corporate.

CRAFT BEADS & beading kits for Jewelry making: YOUR TICKET TO STYLE

Your sense of style is an outward expression of your personality. But what happens when you don’t have the right tools to express your style? With Office Corporate, we understand that your accessories are as important to your outfit as anything else. So, don’t bother with carbon copy jewellery, and don’t spend hours looking online or in store for the piece you’ve been dreaming of. Our bead kits are your ticket to style, and here are some reasons why:

  • You can express your personal style and be at the forefront of fashion. Don’t let others dictate what’s hot in fashion. Be your own icon and set the tone for what fashion means to you. Jewellery making kits for kids are really good exercise for their hands.
  • You can enhance your look with this cost-effective method. While gold and silver will always be timeless, there’s nothing more beautiful than something crafted with you in mind. Customized jewellery is on-trend, and our craft bead kits are an easy, inexpensive way to express yourself. So, stay at the forefront of fashion and let Office Corporate help you build your style.
  • You can revitalize a tired, old wardrobe with your new jewellery making supplies. Give your clothes a new lease on life by mixing your vintage pieces with brand new jewellery. Help marry the old and the new to create a style that represents you.
  • You can create custom pieces that perfectly reflect your style. Whether you like brassy and bold or you channel the chic, you decide what works for you. Create as much or as little as you like to show the world what your style identity is. One of the other activities that can help your kid's brain development be healthier is using face paint to draw whatever they want on their or peers' faces.


Not long ago crafting your own jewellery with beading kits was seen merely as a hobby and little else. But the rise of Etsy, and other sites just like it, have shown that creating unique pieces of jewellery isn’t just for the hobbyist anymore. You can build a brand and a business and express your creativity while doing so. Our craft beads are the perfect place to start, letting you create your own lines and make a business to reflect the styles you love and the pieces you adore.

At Office Corporate we know how expensive a labour of love can be. That’s why all of our beads for craft & beading kits are economical and resilient. Our durable pieces ensure excellent final results, producing jewellery that is built to last, all at low prices designed with you in mind. You’ll find our beads for craft to be reliable, beautiful, and perfect for the job.


If you’re looking for a project to do with the kids, or you are looking for a way to engage your children and get them interested in personal expression and new art forms, our beads are just the thing you’re looking for. Our beading kits are a great way to get kids engaged in their own fashion choices, letting them get crafty and creative and find out what their personal style is. Crafting is a great way to get children involved in activities, and it can help them build useful life skills that will transfer easily to other activities and professions.

Our craft beads and jewellery kits are the ideal way to let your kids explore their creativity. They can change up their style within minutes, creating and re-creating over and over until they make something they love. And our beads are a great idea for gifts from your kids; they can create pieces from the heart that bring meaning to both the giver and the receiver. Let your kids get crafty and express themselves with our beads; you’ll enjoy their creations as much as they do.


At Office Corporate we want to give you the right tools for the job. That’s why we offer a full line of crafting beads with all of the essentials you’ll need to begin crafting, or to start your own business. We offer quality brands like Micador, which offers complete jewellery making kits so you can start making your mark and your jewellery right away. We’ve made sure we offer highly customizable pieces, right down to wire colouring, so you can make it perfect and make it right, every time.

Fashion changes from one minute to the next, but you’re sure to stand out from the crowd with our craft beads and jewellery. Don’t let big companies dictate what you wear; take your style to the next level by designing your own signature pieces that reflect who you really are by our craft materials. Let Office Corporate help you complete your style evolution by giving you the tools to make your jewellery as individual and unique as you are. 

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