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Every potential painter will need art and craft supplies such as easels, canvases, paintbrushes and all manner of paints as these are the basic requirements for someone looking to commence a creative career. Determined drawers should ensure they purchase plenty of coloured pencils as well as art paper, crayons, charcoal as these will be necessary to start sketching out all types of visual artwork.

Starting as an amateur can be hard if you are unaware of our Micador

Those wanting to use Micador watercolour may be interested in acrylic paints as they dry fast and can be diluted but become water-resistant when dry. In contrast, hobby painters can use such an acrylic paint range to decorate figures and crafts. Micador paints are an alternative to Micador watercolors because they both contain similar properties, whereas Micador paints dry fast, are thicker and have a matt finish with greater reflective qualities. Drawers wanting to ensure the quality of their artwork should use paper with a neutral PH level, and such paper must be compatible with the medium used as this can dramatically affect the outcome.

Whether you are a parent or a teacher, it is always useful to have craft supplies for children at hand. However, it might be not easy to find the right products if you are not too familiar with what children use in crafting. Therefore, shop for the right craft supplies & materials with this simple guide.

 Essentials Of Arts from Micador

The age of the children is an important factor that determines which painting supplies are suitable for them. For instance, tools such as scissors should not be used by little children under 3 years of age. Here are some essential arts materials: Paper. You might be surprised at the vast choice of paper, which is one of the most important things for crafts. There are many types of paper, for instance, sturdier construction paper. Copy paper is great for drawing, whereas tissue paper and fabric paint can be used to construct butterflies, sun-catchers and more. Additionally, felt and foam, though not papers, are perfect as crafts supplies due to the many varieties available.

Markers and paint:  Many children love to draw, which is why you should consider purchasing supplies such as paint, crayons for kids and markers. Micador watercolours are the best type of face paint for smaller children, whereas acrylic paint is great for older children who paint on wood and canvas. This is mainly because acrylic paint spillage is harder to remove. Markers are available in a wide variety of colours, but when choosing them for smaller children, go for the easily washable kind.

Crayons: These are perfect for smaller children and come in a variety of colors and sizes. You can choose a large set with all the possible tones, or opt for a smaller set of crayons.

Other important arts and crafts supplies include fasteners, for example, tape and glue sticks. Also, don't forget about yarn, glitter paints, beads for jewelry making, adhesive magnets, sequins, feather and other supplies. For instance, younger kids will enjoy playing with soft clay.

Micador Paints for Crafts For Children Of Different Ages

The choice of crafts supplies is vast, so if you are unsure which type of crafts equipment, you should purchase, consider the age of the child and purchase accordingly. The following list will give you an idea of what is best for children of different ages.

Toddlers: Young children are best off with supplies that are safe to use, such as crayons or chalk, or sensory sand. A great idea is a set of washable markers and colorful clay, which is nontoxic. Primary school children: Children who have already started school can work with a wider variety of art supplies, including colored pencils and paint.

Secondary school children:  Older children can work with an even wider number of arts and crafts supplies, including drawing, painting and even pottery. Micador range provides your kids with a wonderful way to be creative for mothers day craft. Make sure you provide your children with quality materials and supplies for their crafts projects.

Micador pencils in permanent and water-soluble color strips. 4mm thick for long life, durability and non-breaking. Nontoxic pigments, ideal for drawing, sketching, and color rendering. Excellent quality water-soluble pencils feature a 3mm color strip for faster color lay-down and more value from each pencil which are really great items for Christmas crafts for kids to encourage their creativity & develop their sense of community and family values.

  • Pencils are fully bonded for increased break resistance in the color strip
  • Bold pigments and quality binders enable smooth writing and vibrant color
  • Nontoxic and acid-free- safe for young users
  • Pencils transform into striking watercolors when water is applied.

 Micador Watercolour Stylist Palette has 12 and 36 wells for your watercolor paints so you can carry and hold all your painting needs at once. The watercolor paints have high pigment content for vibrant colors making your work vivid and bright. You can keep your paints from crumbling and drying out using the snap shut lid that can also double as a mixing palette.

You can hold up to 36 watercolour paints in this palette, making it a great option for carrying all the colors you need at once. Each Micador paint has high pigment volume, which will provide you with bright colors making your art stand out. The snap-shut lid also doubles as a tray that you can use to hold more colors or to mix in. This palette also includes an art & paint brush so you can keep all your essentials together and it is recommended for ages 3 and up. There are 36 wells to hold a wide variety of colors, tints and shades.

Find Micador pencils & paints that you need at the best place to go

early stART products let little artists grow and develop as they play while giving parents confidence that they are using appropriate craft supplies.

Office Corporate stock the full range of Micador art and craft products. Our Micador range is available online and ready for delivery to your school, Childcare Centre or Kindergarten all over Australia. You can view our full range of Micador here or visit

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