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Glue them up or lock ‘em down with Office Corporate’s incredible range of quality glue guns. Stick with our solutions for better results during household repairs or use in creative craft projects. With our choices, you can expect a precision application, and perfect results every time.

Quality hot glue guns with the ultimate staying power 

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Office Corporate brings you a selection of glue guns and hot melt glue sticks from brands that use cutting-edge technology to bond materials seamlessly. Need a no-fuss, no-mess way to bond craft materials during creative projects? Looking for reliable stickiness during DIY projects or simple tasks around your home? We have a sticky solution for you.

Our craft glue guns use advanced hot-melt technology to deliver a stronger hold for longer by heating quality glue to piping temperatures in minutes. At the tap of a button, the gun allows you to effortlessly distribute the liquid glue evenly over a variety of surfaces. Once the liquid glue dries at room temperature, it delivers a solid, strong hold that withstands impressive pressure and weight.

Our hot glue guns are sourced from industry leaders such as Jasart, Rapid, and Zart. These brands fuse cutting edge technology and sophisticated simplicity. Their products are engineered with the most intricate advancements in the field, but are, most importantly, easy to use. The result is a range of craft glue guns that allow you to get the job done, simply and effectively.

Stick to superior hot glue guns with Office Corporate

Office Corporate has spent countless hours sourcing the craft glue guns that perform. We stick to our guns when it comes to quality. We won’t settle for sub-standard solutions so you can rest assured that when you are shopping with us, you’ll be choosing from the best of the best.

Here’s why Office Corporate’s range of tried and tested glue solutions are the preferred choice for crafters and DIY fundies alike:

  • Effortless application on a variety of materials: Our glue gun allow you to securely bond a range of materials such as wood, leather, plastic, metal, polystyrene, ceramics, paper & cardboards, and fabric.
  • No-drip options: One of the biggest drawcards of a hot craft glue gun is the ability to avoid distributing stickiness to places where you don’t need it. Our no-drip gun options take this even further by offering no-drip nozzles to allow precision application in all the right places.
  • High-tech heaters: All of our guns heat glue gun to the perfect temperature in minutes allowing for quick and efficient gluing with different tapes.
  • Integrated stands: We bring you a range of craft glue guns with built-in stands for the ultimate accuracy and ease of use.
  • Amazing variety: From compact guns with precision point nozzles to larger options guns built for volume, we offer a choice for everyone.

High-performance cordless glue guns for flawless results 

Office Corporate brings you a range of cordless glue guns that afford you the ultimate flexibility as you tackle craft projects or repairs anywhere. Forget about the need to worry about pesky cords, or about switching plug points with quality cordless options.

Our corless glue guns allow you to smoothly distribute glue in difficult-to-reach crevices and corners and easily apply glue at any angle. Whether you are securing cables or completing quick repairs in tricky places, our cordless options afford you the flexibility you need for every fix.

The lithion batteries supplied with our range of cordless glue guns are geared for high-performance and allow you to keep on sticking for a full 60 minutes before recharging.

Pair your cordless purchase form Office Corporate with a pack or two of glue gun. Our glue gun make fixing fast work by melting down in the gun efficiently and bonding to a variety of surfaces with ease.

We stock these hot glue guns in low and hot melt options and a range of lengths from 100mm to 300mm. Not sure which is right for you? Different glue guns will require different glues. Read the package instructions on your existing gun or the specifications on the Office Corporate website for a detailed breakdown of which sticks is right for your gun.  

Still not sure? Our product specialists are a call away. We love what we do and we would be happy to help you with any queries you have. Stick with us for great advice and expert guidance, every time.

Pump up the cordless glue gun power with Office Corporate

Ready to pull the trigger on your cordless glue gun purchase form Office Corporate? Ready to pick from our other solutions? We thought so. Before you go, check out our other fantastic craft supplies that result in the ideal sticky situation for any application.

We stock a range of glue and adhesive such as glue gun, glue paste, PVA glue, a variety of packaging and general-purpose tape options, and even glitter glue. All of these products are brought to you by Office Corporate from brands you know and love and deliver exceptional results.

What’s more, we also offer a range of other craft and DIY tools, equipment, and painting accessories, allowing you to tackle every project with the right tool for the job. Try our amazing voice-activated search function to explore the wide range of supplies on offer.

We can’t wait to bring you the glue guns solutions you’ll love using, time and time again, for any craft session or DIY activity.

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