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Whiteboards are great in all sorts of situations. They can be used in meetings for making notes, in presentations to outline points, to put messages across at exhibitions and for a variety of other uses. They’re adaptable, moveable and easy to use by anyone without too much preparation.

If you want a more structured format than a whiteboard normally offers, whiteboard tape is a perfect choice. It allows you to create columns, rows and grids into which you can then enter data or, with a little imagination, has many other uses.

Organise your Whiteboard with Whiteboard Tape

Whiteboard tape is suitable for business, education and other organisations, as well as at home. Use it:

  • to create a planner board for production and other processes
  • for timetables, schedules and holiday charts
  • at events, to set out what is happening and where
  • to divide lists into topics, functions or departments
  • to develop charts and tables
  • for anything else that will be made clearer or better by straight or even curved lines.

The tapes enable you to formalise a whiteboard’s content so that data shown looks more professional and is easier to see and interpret. They add structure to presentations and can also be used on other media where such a structure is needed.

The Uses Of Magnetic Whiteboard Tape

The tape is extremely flexible and is available as either a magnetic whiteboard tape that attaches to a metallic surface, as a self-adhesive tape that fixes easily and securely to other surfaces or as a combination tape that can be used on different materials. It’s simply cut to length with scissors, positioned where required and pressed onto the surface for a secure fit.

If you make a mistake, the tape can be easily removed and repositioned until you get it exactly right. It’s semi-permanent so that you can write within the grid and then erase the writing without disturbing the tape. You can leave it as long as you wish, writing and erasing repeatedly, and the tape will stay in place. When you eventually want to make a change, the tape is easily removed without leaving any trace on the whiteboard.

Professional and Flexible

Whiteboard tape is available:

  • in different widths, so you can create narrow or broad lines
  • for all types of whiteboards
  • as a variety of colours that can distinguish different flowchart lines or grid entries
  • in different lengths that can be cut as required for application
  • with a handy dispenser that makes fixing really simple
  • as a durable and high quality tape that won’t be affected by cleaning or other influences.

To give your whiteboard that professional appearance and improve its impact, use tape to create gridlines, divisions and charts. It transforms your whiteboard from a simple, blank area for writing messages and other information into a table or chart where its purpose is immediately clear.

Whiteboard tape adds immeasurably to the uses for your whiteboard and opens up an increasing number of options. As you use the tape more, the possibilities will increase further and you’ll gain even more benefits and communicate better.

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