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Medical emergencies, no matter how rare in the average workplace, ask for a fair degree of preparedness in the form of first aid kits and basic emergency response training for personnel.

First aid kits to keep you on top of workplace emergencies

The contents of a workplace first aid kit could vary depending on the establishment it is designed for. But no matter what your needs and risk preparedness requirements, Office Corporate can provide you with the ideal first aid kits and refills at bargain prices.

Shopping for a workplace first aid kit in our store tends to be quick and fuss-free. We have curated all our product collections and designed all our processes to simplify and streamline the daily activities in your organisation. Ensuring well-equipped and easily accessible first aid kits from st john ambulance that perfectly fit your needs is something we strive for. Choose us to build a safe workplace environment where injuries and emergencies are handled as soon as they occur.

Save time and money on first aid kits and refills

As an office administrator or someone entrusted with key decisions for your place of business, you need to take extra care while choosing first aid kits and other safety equipment. The nitty-gritties of ensuring all the right medical supplies, and in adequate quantities for your staff, can be a time-consuming process. Those who have been involved in this process are aware that simply knowing about brands and quantities does not suffice. You also need to ensure that there is an uninterrupted supply of these commodities, and that they are stored in a way that keeps them readily accessible to first responders.

The cost of creating and maintaining a suitable workplace first aid kit is another ground reality you cannot escape from. Here, finding the right supplier is the key for most businesses. Ideally, you need a local supplier who stocks the first aid supplies you prefer, and is readily available to fulfil your customised orders on time and on budget. This is precisely what Office Corporate ensures for your workplace.

Sure, we are an online platform where you can find a wide range of first aid kits and first aid refill kits. But there is much more to us that has made countless Australian businesses choose us as their preferred supplier. We offer nothing short of the local shopping experience. Our efforts are focused on strengthening the community by fortifying establishments of all scales with the perfect day-to-day essentials. We also ensure that price is never a concern when you need to purchase reliable office supplies.

If you are looking to buy your next workplace first aid kit from Office Corporate, you are in for a seamless and hassle-free shopping experience. To begin with, we are with you to help you zero in on the right product from st john ambulance. Secondly, our prices – that are already unbeatable to begin with – drop even further once you start buying first aid kits and first aid refill kits in bulk. Not just that, a business account on our site automatically registers you for exciting rewards on every purchase. These rewards can be accumulated and redeemed for deeper discounts on our exciting range of office supplies!

Different first aid kits and refills for workplaces for different requirements

From minor cuts and burns to fractures and other medical emergencies, workplace injuries can take many shapes. Certain environments are more risk-prone than others, which in turn creates specialised requirements for certain kinds of first aid products. Because a school will not have the same first aid needs as a factory, and because a large-scale transportation service will not be able to manage with the same first aid equipment from st john ambulance as a small office, we have gone ahead and listed first aid kits and refills for different types of needs.

On Office Corporate, you will find products ranging from full-service first aid kits containing dressings, bandages and medications for a variety of common conditions, to specialised kits for burns or eye injuries, to more compact modules that can be stashed away in cars or buses for on-the-go emergency response. These are all available in a range of sizes and carrying case designs to suit your scale and mode of operations.

Best Brands In First Aid Kits st john ambulance

One of the best brands in the market is st john ambulance in Australia. We have listed so many of their stock on our website. For every workplace first aid kit listed on our site, you can go through a handy list of contents and specifications to help you gauge its suitability for your office. AED kits equipped with gloves and resuscitation masks for workplaces requiring CPR arrangements, beautifully packaged supplies for use in the hospitality sector, and a variety of ergonomically designed hip pouches with essential first aid supplies, are some of the many convenient options readily available to us. We also stock heavy-duty marine first aid kits containing medications and survival essentials for use on ships and boats.

In addition to the above, we are available to take your personalised request for first aid kits or first aid refill kits. You are always welcome to give our product team a call to have them find you the perfect workplace first aid kit.

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