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Keeping your personal information safe and secure with office shredders and paper shredder machines from Office Corporate. We have an extensive line of personal and business shredders to help manage waste securely in your home or at the office.

Secure your sensitive information with shredder machines & officer shredders

From tax returns to receipts, bank statements to credit cards, there is a lot of sensitive information that a home or office shredder can help to protect. Let Office Corporate help you find a reliable shredder that can handle your shredding needs and protect your private, confidential information.

We all know that paper shredder machines & cardboard shredder cut paper and other materials, but all cuts are not the same. The finer the cut, the more security and peace of mind they provide. Here are the three main cutting types. For a home office, it may not matter to you how loud your shredder is, but in a larger workspace, a loud shredder can be disruptive to your colleagues and employees.

Choose a paper shredder that matches your security needs.

Strip Cut: As its name suggests, strip-cut shredders cut the paper into thin, vertical strips and provide more security than simply tearing up a document by hand. However, it may not be the best option for documents with highly sensitive information, as someone who is motivated could reassemble the strips. These paper shredders machines are best used for more low stakes items like old photos or junk mail. Check out our multifunction printers to get a better deal on your office equipment.

Cross Cut: Also called diamond cut, this second level of paper shredding cuts your documents into much smaller pieces both vertically and horizontally, making them much more difficult to reassemble. Perfect for a small business or home with some sensitive information.

Micro cut: The third and most extensive shredding available. These types of paper shredders cut documents into very small pieces, making reassembly highly unlikely. For homes or businesses dealing with highly sensitive information, such as financial data or health information, this would be the best option.

Other paper shredder machines for office considerations.

Shredding volume & sheets per pass: Will you be using your shredder for one off papers and documents? Will it be used as a central shredder machines for a busy office? Are you shredding regular weight paper or other materials like credit cards and CDs? Maybe your needs are somewhere in between. Either way, shredding volume will be important for determining the right choice. Overloading your shredder can cause frustrating jams and having too small of a bin will mean frequent changes that can stop productivity in its tracks. Take a look at our selection of shredders with various sheet capacities and bin sizes to find the one that will suit your needs best.

Noise Level: Some paper shredder machines may indicate how loud or quite they are so that you choose the paper shredder that best fits the environment. 

Don't’ forget your paper shredder machine accessories!

Size: Have a space in mind when purchasing your paper shredder machines. and be sure to check the shredder’s dimensions to ensure that you get the right size to fit your space. Home shredders offer compact sizes and lighter weight designs while commercial office shredders boast large bin sizes and high-grade motors that can handle lots of paper and other materials at once. Be sure to check the shredder’s dimensions to ensure that you get the right size to fit your space.

Once you've purchased the right shredder, be sure to include the shredder accessories that will keep your industrial shredder running. We offer shredder lubricants and shredder lubricant sheets as well as specially designed shredder bags to help keep those tiny shreds in their place.

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