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If you’re still binding your documents using tedious traditional methods, now is the time to invest in a binding machine! At Office Corporate we offer a range of binding and spiral binding machines that will save you time, energy, and make all of your presentations shine. Making your projects look their best has never been easier.

Get better results with our document binding machines

Standing out in the professional world is a must. It’s how you get clients, impress bosses, and what gives you the edge over your colleagues and competitors. Our document binding machines make it easy to stand out from the crowd and make a lasting impression. Here are just a few reasons why our machines will give your work the best results:

  • At Office Corporate we offer a wide range of document binding and spiral binding machines. We know that our products need to be as unique and flexible as our customers, and we're committed to providing a group of machines that can satisfy just about any of your binding needs.
  • Our prices fit into your budget, whether it’s big or small. We provide exceptional choice so that you can get what you want the first time, no haggling necessary.
  • Our machines offer fast binding times, some in as little as 30 seconds. If you want a fast, reliable machine that produces attractive proposals and elegant presentations, our binding machines are sure to fit the bill.
  • Our binding machines come in all shapes and sizes. With machines big enough to satisfy large offices, and compact machines perfect for a home office or cubicle, you’ll be hard pressed to find a binding machine that won’t fit perfectly into your space.


You work hard, and you want that to show in every report and project you create. There’s no better way to show your professionalism than with a binding machine that presents your work in an attractive, eye-catching way. Our document binding machines are:

  • The perfect tool for use in an at home office, or a large corporation. Whether you’re self employed or work for a high-rise office, it’s important to show your work as credible and professional. That’s why our document binding machines are an essential tool in the modern professional’s toolbox; they’ll help edge out the competition by creating elegant presentations fit for any subject.
  • The perfect fit for an office of any size. From large scale production to single reports, our variety of document binding machines ensures you’ll find exactly what you need to fit your office.
  • The perfect way to create professional-looking documents every time. Whether you’re looking for something basic but brilliant, or you want something with a little more style and panache, our binding machines can provide that professional touch each and every time. You’ll never need to worry about making a great impression, your documents will do the talking for you.
  • The perfect way to create your stunning proposals at the touch of a button. At Office Corporate we believe in making your life easier. That’s why our array of binding machines offer features like one touch binding, a simple, effective method to get your professional results in a matter of moments, with no more effort than the push of a button. Binding has never been easier.


Let’s face it; time is money. If you’re still using more traditional methods of binding, then you’re missing out. Don’t waste time fiddling with coil spines and impersonal binders and folders. Our machines will save you time and energy, all while creating a captivating, desirable look.  Whether you need to create a proposal, a presentation, a legal document or programme, our machines will quickly and effectively bind your project, so you don’t have to.

Our machines bind at lightning-fast speeds, taking the frustration out of your day and simplifying your life. No longer do you have to worry about how you’ll get all of your work done before home-time. The binding machines at Office Corporate will guarantee results so quick, you’ll be on to your next task before you can even think about it. So, go ahead and take your project up a notch with our incredible binding machines. We guarantee you won’t regret it.


If you’ve ever spent time binding your work by hand, you know just how tedious and time-wasting it can be. But with the machines at Office Corporate, you never need to waste time binding by hand again. Our binding machines can save you all of that effort and energy by doing the work for you. There’s no need to spend hours in frustration, trying to create the perfect proposal or project. Binding by hand is a thankless task, but our machines can handle the task with ease.

Leave the tiresome chore of binding behind and focus that energy on other activities while our binder machine does the work for you. Whether you take a coffee break, head home early, or start another activity on your long list of To-Dos, you won’t have to spend another minute worrying about perfecting that project. Our spiral binders will give you a chic, sophisticated look every time. No-fuss, no muss. After all, we know you’re not just investing in a spiral binding machine. You’re investing in yourself. You’re investing in your career. You’re investing in your family and your friends. You’re investing in your future, and the only thing more beautiful than that will be the project your spiral binder provides. So, invest in our binders and invest in yourself. Sounds like a great investment to us.

At Office Corporate, we understand just how important it is to put your best foot forward and make your mark in the world. When you buy from us, you’re not just getting a binding machine. You’re creating work with style, class, and effortless elegance. The best part? It’s faster and easier than ever before. So, go ahead and buy that binding machine; your reports, and your audience, will thank you. 

A binding machine is perfect for distributing paper documents efficiently and professionally. A document binding machine such as comb binding machines can transform loose documents into a useful booklet that looks professional and can help to provide a more positive impression for clients. Documents can even be specially formatted for this exact purpose, featuring striking book front covers and visually appealing graphics or logos.

Binding Machine Australia | Comb Document Binding Machine

This enhances the results and ensures that people will remain engaged while reading the information they contain. If you’re looking for a high-quality spiral binder machine that can help you achieve a professional result, look no further than the range available at Office Corporate.

At Office Corporate, we stock a fantastic selection of spiral binding machine and comb binding machine solutions. Available in various models and configurations, our products feature binding capacities ranging between 300 and 500 pages. Whether you want a thermal binding machine, a Rexel A4 binder for small office applications, or an electric document binding machine for heavier use, you can rely on Office Corporate to provide the office binding machines you need. Our products additionally feature 2-year warranties for additional peace of mind and customer satisfaction.

We also stock a range of binding accessories for use with our office binding machines. These accessories include binding covers and combs in a range of colours, sizes, and styles. For more information about our binding machine solutions, get in touch with our friendly team today on 1300 885 085. You can also visit us in-store to view our complete range and obtain friendly advice in person. To order online now and Office Corporate will supply and deliver your binding machines and accessories along with other paper tools such as paper shredder throughout Australia, on time - every time! 

If you are looking for a binding machine or spiral binding machine to bolster the impression your presentation makes, then why not drop into the store, or browse online? At Office Corporate, you will find everything you need from a team that is as committed to your success as you are.

Office Corporate sells binding machines on our online store, and we deliver all over Australia. We sell a variety of stationery items, including binding and laminating machines & tools. Browse our website further or contact us for more information.

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