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Office Corporate brings you a wide selection of premium laminating machines​ to provide your documents, reports, catalogues, school projects, handbooks, reference guides with the perfect finishing touch. Secure, protect, organised, and impress with laminating machines that deliver picture-perfect results.

Make an impression with Office Corporate’s superior laminating machines

Are you looking for a laminating machine that is up to the task when creating securely-bound documents with a competitive edge? Are you looking to take advantage of the latest laminating technology to leave a long-lasting impression on potential customers and clients? Do you need to save your employees time and avoid laborious laminating methods that cost your business money in time? 

We know that first impressions count. Make yours with flawlessly-bound documents using Office Corporate’s quality laminators. Your work deserves a smooth, professional, sleek finish. That’s why Office Corporate stocks high-grade manual and electric machines that deliver fantastic results every time.

Office Corporate offers a selection of laminating machines that create professionally bound documents effortlessly and seamlessly. Our superior solutions assist individuals and businesses all over Australia in securing, compiling, and organising documents efficiently. Protect important documents and produce long-lasting, professional reports, and catalogues.

Laminating machines that keep your document safe

Our laminating solutions are brought to you by brands such as Fellowes, GBC, Qupa, Rexel, and more. These brands utilise the latest advancements in the field to make laminators quicker, easier, and more effective. Laminate documents in as little as 30 seconds with these incredible choices. These solutions are changing the game when it comes to dependability and durability and will assist you in transforming your business operations to achieve the ultimate office efficiency.

There is no better place to stock up on high-performance laminating solutions than with Office Corporate. Not only do we save you time with these products that make work easier and faster, but we also save you money.

Our laminating machines are offered at a fraction of the cost of those you’ll find elsewhere. Our price beat promise assures this. We also offer regular specials, fantastic welcome offers, and amazing business rewards. You’ll earn points for every $10 you spend with us. Trade your points for premium products such as appliances, tech, vouchers, and more.

Thermal laminating machines: The best kind of Laminating

Office Corporate has provided businesses and individuals around the country with quality laminating machines for over 20 years. Our products out-perform the competition, time, and time again and deliver unrivalled results.

Here’s why Office Corporate’s laminating solutions are loved by individuals and businesses around Australia:

  • Dependable durability: Our heavy-duty laminating solutions are hard-wearing, dependable, and reliable. For workspaces where employees frequently laminating documents with speed, Office Corporate’s options make the cut with long-lasting high-performance.  
  • Ultimate peace of mind: Not only do our laminating solutions perform better than those offered by competitors, but they also perform for longer. We guarantee it. Benefit from a warranty of up to five years on your superior laminating choices from Office Corporate. Enjoy peace of mind that you’re investing in a solution that will be up to the task for years to come.
  • Seamless results: Not only will our laminating solutions operate at their peak for years to come, but these choices also deliver unrivalled results. Documents bound with our laminating machines last for longer with quality plastic spirals efficiently coiled through the document. Your documents will look professional, sleek, and impressive, and will allow for 360-degree page rotation or lay flat. 
  • Extra features for the ultimate ease-of-use: Our laminating solutions include a wide range of additional features to add even more efficiency to your every-day laminating tasks. Benefit from built-in document measures for the utmost accuracy, smart chip trays with “burst out” features to ensure you are never in a jam, and gravity-fed low-force paper punch for sharp results. The intuitive design of our laminating solutions makes them the perfect addition to any office.  

Laminating machines: The perfect fit for your business

With our wide selection of professional laminating machines, you’re spoilt for choice. At Office Corporate, we pride ourselves on offering a wide variety of solutions. We put the choice in our customers’ hands with a range of office machinery and accessories tailored to suit a variety of unique business and individual needs.

With our selection of high-performance options, you may be undecided about which choice is right for you. Here are our expert tips to choose the right machine for your needs:

  • Speedy solutions: If your employees need to laminate documents frequently and quickly, our electric laminating solutions are for you. For when time and workplace efficiency are of the utmost importance, Office Corporate’s electric laminators quickly laminate. What’s more, we also offer options that simultaneously punch and laminate, saving you time and boosting office efficiency. Choose the solution that keeps up with the demands of your fast-paced business.
  • A cost-effective choice: Office Corporate’s manual laminating options produce a finished product just as impressive as their electric counterparts. For a cost-effective solution for securely laminating documents at home or in the office, consider our manual laminating options.
  • Thermal laminator choices: When you need to add the “wow” factor to your professionally bound documents, Office Corporate’s thermal laminating options are a great choice. These options produce documents that are bound similar to a book and deliver a sophisticated finished product.
  • Our wire, comb, and laminating machines are ones to watch: Our wire, comb, and thermal laminating choices offer flexibility and reliability. These options are great for a permanent laminating that effortlessly safeguards documents even from heavy handling. Choose these options for long-lasting performance.

Laminating machines & accessories for first-class results

Office Corporate’s laminating machines are best paired with our premium laminating accessories. We stock quality laminating, wire combs, and superior laminating covers for the perfect finish. With Office Corporate, all the tools you need to laminate documents seamlessly are right at your fingertips.

Our product specialists are ready and waiting to assist with all of your laminating queries and needs and provide expert guidance with a smile. We ship around Australia fast so your laminating preference will be at your door in no time. With Office Corporate’s quality products, fantastic service, amazing discounts, and speedy delivery, you’ll never be in a laminate.

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