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Looking for coloured cover paper in an array of colours to create reliable, durable cover sheets? Need cover paper with a bit of extra hold for modelling, paper sculpting craft projects? Get ready to turn imaginative ideas into reality or print with precision with Office Corporate’s range of premium paper.

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Superior Coloured cover paper, stunning results

At Office Corporate, we bring you a range of A3 and A4 cover papers that will exceed your expectations. Our paper is strong, trustworthy, and consistent and produces a smooth, pristine finish ideal for personal and professional applications alike.

Our cover stock paper is perfect for use as cover pages as the slightly thicker, tougher sheets protect the pages in-between. This range of 125gsm paper is the perfect choice for creating covers for catalogues, reports, or essays with a professional finish like no other.  

While the cover paper is thicker than the usual 80gsm regular paper options, it is also still agile and will feed through an inkjet or laser printer with ease. This ensures that you have the flexibility to use this selection of paper for printing, drawing, or paper for the craft.  

Office Corporate brings you to cover stock paper in convenient packs of 500 in 12 different shades ensuring that whatever you need to print or create, you have the perfect colour on hand. In addition, with incredible, regular specials, and our price beat promise, there is no better place to stock up on premium paper online.

Quality coloured cover paper for endless applications

Office Corporate’s range of cover paper is incredibly versatile and can be used for a variety of uses. Whether you are a creative crafter, a sharp student, or a dedicated professional, our paper is a perfect choice.

Here are just a few of the uses of our superior cover stock paper:

  • Cards: The sturdy stock of this range of paper lends itself perfectly to creating stunning, creative cards that can be kept and cherished for years to come.

  • Certificates: Print striking certificates of this selection of paper to reward and motivate students or employees by recognising a job well done.

  • Cover sheets: Use this range to create robust cover sheets to give your essay submission or report a professional edge and ensure that the work you have spent so much time on is protected and secure.

  • Crafting: Cover paper is provided by Office Corporate in a wide range of colours ensuring that you have the colour for any mood. Ideal for modelling or sculpting, this cover paper is perfect for all of your papercraft creations.

  • Invitations: A special occasion requires superior stationery. Personalised invitations can be created with cover stock. Office Corporate even stocks a range of envelopes in matching colours to pair with your invitation printed on quality paper.

  • Posters: Create eye-catching posters for the classroom or office with our selection of paper that provides a better finish and allows the content to pop off the page. With A4 and A3 size options, you can create a poster for every purpose.

  • Resumes: Instead of printing your resume on regular stock paper, take your resume to your next job interview expertly printed on cover stock to impress your interviewer and ensure that you stand out from the crowd.

Cover paper creations for infinite creativity

The crafty creations you can make with cover paper are infinite and provide for non-stop fun at home or at school.

Are you a teacher looking to spice up craft time with your learners at school? Are you a parent looking for a rainy day activity to beat the blues? Pair a bit of imagination with our cover stock for guaranteed fun. Cut, stamp, stick and fold your way to hours of entertaining crafting.

Try out these cover papers with your little ones:

  • Decorate subject books or notebooks: Cut your paper just shy of the fold of a notebook or subject book, then decorate your piece of cover stock paper using plenty of creative flairs. Once you are complete you can stick your cover sheet to the cover of your notepaper for a personalised cover of perfect creative expression.

  • Cute personalised gift bags: Decorate a sheet of paper and attach it to the outside of a plain gift bag for a personal touch that will leave the recipient grinning from ear to ear.

  • Paper flowers and stars to brighten up any day: While the decorative shapes you can create with our range of paper are endless, our favourite is flowers and stars. Cut decorative paper flower shapes and stars from our paper options and use them to brighten up your child’s room or as affordable decorations for a special event.

  • Paper animal masks: Allow your kids to create masks and watch as the fun continues even after the craft session is done. Cut and stick together face masks to transform your little kids into birds, lions, tigers, and more.

Office Corporate: The home of craft solutions and stationery

Not only do we bring you quality cover paper, but we also stock a comprehensive range of craft supplies including paint, drawing equipment, modelling and sculpting tools, craft materials, and our activity packs. Our range of craft supplies from leading brands make the perfect gifts that keep on giving.

Stock up on craft supplies online and sit back and relax as we bring the tools you need for hours of fun straight to your door. Can’t wait to start? Luckily, we ship fast so your purchase from Office Corporate will be in your hands in no time. If you have any queries or concerns, we’ll always be here to help. We’re completely committed to providing you with outstanding service every time your shop with us.

Purchase your cover stock paper today and receive dedicated service, reliable delivery, and most importantly fantastic products brought to you by Office Corporate.

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