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Turn your craft projects into works of art with Office Corporate’s range of coloured sand online. We offer a wide variety of quality art and craft supplies at fantastic prices. With our amazing selection of bulk coloured sand, we help you beat the boredom and brighten up any day.

Office Corporate: The ultimate home of quality coloured sand online

Whether you are looking to unleash your creative side or entertain the kids with a fantastic art project, our bulk coloured sand range gets the green light.

We offer coloured sand online in a choice of sizes, up to 2kg, ensuring that the fun doesn’t end. Our coloured sand is also offered in a rainbow of shades allowing you to create expressive sand paintings, bold sand mosaics, or vibrant sand art. Whatever shade you need, we’ve got the solution.

Coloured sand art projects are the perfect choice for engaging classroom activities, entertaining at-home projects, or crafty decorative pieces.

Our customers love our range of coloured sand online for these reasons:

  • We’re non-negotiable on non-toxic: We care about your well-being and only bring you non-toxic coloured sand options to ensure that you and your family are always protected.
  • No-stain: Our selection of sand gets top marks for never leaving any. No matter the colour choice, our coloured sand won’t stain fingers or hands or leave marks around the house.  
  • Our sand shapes up: We stock magic sand expertly crafted especially for sensory play and creating all kinds of shapes. Whether you are crafting cute creatures or simple shapes, our magic sand will hold its shape.
  • Reusable options: Our sensory magic sand and moulds can also be used, and re-used making it the perfect choice for busy parents who need a fun activity to whip out any time.
  • A shade for every mood: We offer sand in a variety of colour options. Looking to create a sand art card, a decorative sand art bottle or a said art painting? Whatever your coloured sand craft creation, we’ve got the perfect tint for you.

Paint a bright future with bulk coloured sand

Not only do craft projects with bulk coloured sand provide hours of enjoyment and fire up the imagination, but they also provide your young ones with an opportunity to engage in an amazing form of play.

Whether you are an educator looking to create a stimulating and interactive learning environment, or a parent looking to keep the boredom at bay, coloured sand keeps the creative juices flowing.

Here’s why coloured sand projects are the perfect tool to give children the development kick start they need in the classroom or at home:

  • Creative projects that stimulate the senses have proven to aid brain development and learning. Use coloured sand to allow your children or learners to create, mould, shape, and engage their senses of touch and sight.
  • Sensory play has proven to be essential in elementary school and pre-school aged children, allowing them to explore the world and their surroundings through their senses. Purchase coloured sand from Office Corporate as a great supplier to allow your younger children to create sand paintings and sand art.  
  • For tots and toddlers, sensory play can improve your children’s understanding of the world around them. Purchase a coloured sand and mould set from Office Corporate to allow your young ones to create coloured shapes and castles made entirely out of sand.  
  • Craft projects that stimulate the senses have also been proven to improve cognition, emotional intelligence, motor skill development, and problem-solving. Invest in this tactile experience to allow your children to develop while they play.

Sand solutions for hours of entertainment on end

We bring you coloured sand online to provide your family or learners with an amazing way to express themselves.

Craft projects with coloured sand make an exceptional at-home project on a rainy day or fantastic classroom activities. Are you a parent looking to cure the cries of boredom? Are you a teacher looking to step school art projects up to new levels of engagement and entertainment? Even looking to get a little crafty yourself?

These coloured sand art projects are a huge hit, every time:

  • Layers of fun: Entertain the kids and create memories that your family will cherish for years to come by tackling a sand art craft project together. Repurpose your empty glass jars and create fun decorations for your home. Let your kids layer different shades of coloured sand in an empty glass bottle, carefully ensuring different colours mix as little as possible to create a rainbow in a glass bottle.
  • Creativity on the cards: Create thoughtful cards that your kids can gift to loved ones, or create stunning cards yourself with coloured sand.
  • Perfect sand art paintings: Sketch pictures out for your kids on card and section off different parts of your sketch with a paint marker to indicate where each shade should be placed. Add a bit of glue to each section of the card and pour the sand over. Shake off the excess sand and move on to the nest section for an amazing finish and tons of fun.

Office Corporate: The crafter’s dream

Not only do we stock a comprehensive range of bulk coloured sand, but we also bring a complete collection of craft supplies to allow you to unleash your creative genius no matter the medium.

After adding your coloured sand preference to your cart, check out our wide range of craft paint including finger paint or face paint, glow or glitter, acrylic or quality tempera paint, and much more. Explore our craft materials range including beads, glitter, sequins, textile, wood, and many others. And if neither of those options takes your fancy, check out our modelling and sculpting clay, dough and paper mâché accessories.

With efficient shipping around Australia, Office Corporate ensures that no matter your craft, we’ll get your order to you fast, and although we doubt you’ll want to, with no-fuss returns, you can return or exchange your purchase just as easily.  

What are you waiting for? Get crafty with Office Corporate, the home of incredible craft supplies and stationery.

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