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Get everything you need for the office at Office Corporate. Shop our great selection of desktop staplers and office staplers today and find one that's perfect for your personal and professional needs.

Desktop Staplers: The most commonly used office stapler

It is probably safe to say that the office desktop stapler is one of the most used office products in the world. So much so, people often have to put their name on theirs, so it doesn't go missing! This ever-present office necessity is used to hold important documents together with one swift squeeze may seem like a one size fits all item, but office staplers these days come with a variety of features that can suit different needs. 

Base: The smooth flat bottom of the desktop or office stapler, which is usually rubberized or layered with some other gripping material to make sure it stays wherever you put it.

Common Features of the Desk Office Stapler

The everyday desk office stapler is one of those things you may not notice until it’s gone. But they actually possess a few features that although overlooked, allow them to be super functional. Even if you have a fancier desk stapler on your desk, it probably shares a lot in common with even the most basic desktop stapler

Handle: You know the handle very well. It's the part you push down to push the staple out of the stapler and into your document.

Hammer: The hammer is a thin metal piece that splits the staples one by one as they are pushed into your document.

Magazine: The place that holds the staples.

Pusher: The pusher keeps the staples in place and is attached to a spring that keeps pushing the staples forward so they don't slide around.

Throat: The space where the paper to be stapled goes.

A Desk Office Stapler for everyone!

With Office Corporate’s amazing selection of desktop staplers and office staplers, there is a stapler for everyone! We offer single staplers as well as assorted desk stapler packs so you can stock your office like a pro. No more disappearing staplers! Choose from a variety of colors, styles and strengths to fit both your personality and your office needs.

The typical desktop stapler is a ‘staple’ in any home or office.Electric Staplers:  A office stapler that saves valuable time. If you are working on a large stack of papers, manual stapling can be hard on your hands and take a lot of your time. Electric staplers make tackling that large stack much easier. With split second stapling, you can be done with large amounts of paper in a fraction of the time and save your hands a lot of work, too.

Desktop Stapler: No fuss, lightweight and easy to use.

Heavy Duty Staplers:  A great option for office and school use. Set this office stapler up in the copy room or main office and see how much time you can save! Many of these types of business staplers can handle more than 100 sheets of paper with a single staple with little to no effort.

Handheld/Plier Staplers: Used in many businesses, the handheld stapler is great for holding together letters and other items quickly. Many takeout places use them to secure your order in the bag before delivery. 

Long reach Staplers: Another great option for homes, offices, and schools. Long reach staplers are a great addition to your desktop stapler. They have a longer throat and are good to use when you need to staple specific places other than just the corner of a document. It has a longer throat You can use it to easily staple booklets and pamphlets. One of the essential office items is a desk organiser which is really useful to put you stapler in.

Standing Staplers:  The desktop stapler’s fancier cousin, the standing stapler sits vertically rather than horizontally which can save much-needed desk space and make it easier to find amongst your other office products.

Every desktop or business stapler needs the right accessories.

Don’t forget the accessories! Staples. Staple removers. Paper. Office Corporate is so much more than just staplers and hole punches. With our wide range of office supplies, we are a one-stop shop for all of your business needs. We have the brands you know and trust and others that you’ll come to love at pricing that won't break the bank. Join our rewards program and earn points for every $10 you spend. See a lower price on one of our in-stock items somewhere else? No problem, we will beat that price by 2%. Browse around to see what else we offer to match your brand new desktop stapler!

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