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Office Corporate’s wide range of superior school furniture passes with flying colours every time! Whether you are looking for a comfortable desk chair, a desk, or teacher aids and accessories to enable learners to perform at their peak, Office Corporate has the solution.

Premium school furniture that makes the grade for primary schools

Office Corporate stocks a selection of top-class school furniture to assist in creating a welcoming, engaging, and productive classroom environment. Our incredibly vast selection includes school desks and chairs, fabric pin board, storage solutions, and much more. Give your learners the best early learning tools to inspire high levels of academic performance and ensure they are perfectly positioned for life-long success.

Whether you are an educator looking to spruce up and refurnish your classroom, or a parent creating a comfy area at home for laser-sharp concentration during homework activities, Office Corporate’s school furniture always hits the mark.

We’ve done our homework when it comes to selecting high-performance furniture for the classroom so you don’t have to! Our school desks are constructed from premium materials to ensure they stand the best of time, while our school chairs are comfortable, safe, and sturdy. Our casual chill-out chairs are ideal for little bookworms and provide the ultimate cozy seating solution as they soak up knowledge. Our lap school desks are the ideal durable solution that allows for optimal learning anytime, anywhere.  

Make students comfortable with our school furniture Melbourne catalogue

We’re of the school of thought that ergonomics is key to creating classrooms where learners can excel. This means that all of our school office furniture options are sourced with classroom ergonomics in mind. We consider the comfort of your learners our priority. We offer supportive chairs in a range of sizes crafted especially for little bodies, and desks at an ideal height for comfort as learners put pen to paper.

Not only does Office Corporate bring you an unbelievable selection of superior classroom furniture, but we also bring you these options at the most affordable prices. We blow the competition out of the water with a price beat promise that guarantees that we’ll beat any competitor’s price. We also offer fantastic discounts on bulk purchases. This is ideal for educators looking to stock up on quality furniture solutions for the whole school. It truly pays to choose Office Corporate.

School furniture catalogue: desks and chairs that are in a class of their own

If you are looking for school desks and chairs and a range of school furniture, equipment and teaching aids with a difference, you’ve come to the right place. Our online store is brimming with premium solutions that are the go-to choice for classrooms around Australia.

Whether you are looking to create a cozy reading nook with chill-out chairs, looking for a mobile storage trolley to keep the classroom spick and span, or need mini student whiteboards to create fun and engaging lessons, Office Corporate has the modern solution. Here are why our range of school furniture solutions is loved by educators, parents, and learners alike:

  • The school furniture & whiteboards you need for the long run: In busy classrooms filled with activity, fun, learning, and sometimes a little bit of chaos, durable furniture is a must. Office Corporate’s school furniture choices have been put to the test and have proved to be reliable and long-lasting, time and time again. Don’t settle for inferior quality options that are likely to show signs of wear and tear in a flash. These choices always make the grade.  
  • Easy to clean: Keep classrooms neat and tidy with classroom furniture that makes clean-up time a breeze. Our classroom whiteboards are constructed from high-quality materials such as wood grain laminate that be quickly wiped clean with ease. Don’t fret about painting, crayon options, and marker stains from creative craft lessons. These easily maintained options are the perfect solution.
  • Comfy solutions to boost academic performance: Comfortable bodies make focused learners ready to soak up knowledge and concentrate fully on the task at hand. It’s no secret that uncomfortable classroom furniture for example tubs, storage, and book boxes from various brands like Elizabeth Richards equals distracted wriggling learners. Office Corporate pays the utmost attention to ergonomics when sourcing our furniture solutions. Our desk chairs deliver the ideal back support, while our desks are perfectly positioned at the right height for learners as they write, read, and prepare for a bright future.
  • Safety first: Not only do we ensure that the school furniture options stocked on our website perform in tip-top condition, but we also ensure that they are designed for safety in the classroom. Avoid sharp edges, and unstable chairs with our durable and reliable solutions. We are all about safety first!

Motivate & inspire with our Modern school furniture solutions, flexible classroom furniture

Selecting the right classroom furniture and accessories can transform drab classrooms into stunning spaces for exploration, learning, and inspiration. Further to this, how you decorate your classroom and utilise and layout your high-quality furniture can help learners feel right at home and ready to ace a busy day of learning. While you are browsing Office Corporate’s incredible selection, consider these clever ways to turn a classroom into a home away from home for your learners:

  1. Rainbow school furniture solutions catalogue in Melbourne, Victoria & Sydney: The experts recommend using colour in classrooms to create warm, welcoming spaces where learners feel engaged, inspired, and comfortable. Learning should be fun, and the use of colour will help students feel motivated and stimulated. Office Corporate stocks comfy chairs in a rainbow of colour choices, the ideal addition to a classroom brimming with fun and colour.
  2. Collaborative spaces are key: Traditional layouts with rows of desks may not be the right match for your classroom space and all school activities. Allow children to collaborate and inspire each other during craft sessions or art classes with Office Corporate’s collaborative student desks. It always pays to have a helping hand!
  3. Cluttered classrooms are gone: Cluttered classrooms may easily result in chaos and may even be dangerous for teachers and learners alike. Office Corporate’s quality classroom storage solutions can help you to create an organised, stress-free, and efficient classroom environment. Check out our mobile storage trollies and durable containers for efficient classroom storage for any need.

Classroom furniture and primary school furniture to make teaching as easy as ABC

Office Corporate doesn’t only stock the most effective school desks and chairs, but we also bring you a range of school stationery supplies and teaching accessories to give your learners the best head start. Stock up on whiteboards, markers, drawing tools, pens and pencils, craft paper, activity, subject and lecture books, and craft materials, teaching aids affordably and efficiently with Office Corporate.

We deliver nationwide and ensure you are fully supported through the purchasing and delivery process with dedicated guidance. We also reward you for shopping with us with fantastic welcome offers and business rewards. Choose Office Corporate for school furniture solutions that always make the grade.

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