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Derwent Pencil

Sketching, shading or producing the perfect portrait – if it’s worth doing - do it with Derwent pencil. A proven pencil from a trusted brand that has been creating since 1916.

Derwent Pencils the leader in fine art pencils for professionals & students

Founded in the United Kingdom in 1832 Banks Son & Co was the UK’s first pencil factory. In 1916 the factory was purchased by The Derwent Cumberland Pencil Company. Over the year’s quality has become a defining characteristic of Derwent Pencils. Now owned by ACCO, It is still renowned as one of the world’s finest manufacturers of quality artists pencils and other outstanding stationery products. Derwent continues dedication to producing some of the finest pencils in the world. So famous is it boasts its own pencil museum. All Derwent pencils conform to ASTM D4236 Standard. They also wear the ACMI seal of approval.   

Congratulations you have found the cheapest inktense Derwent pencils in Australia.

Now you have found the best price, make sure they are the right type for you and read our most extensive Derwent Inktense product descriptions. Inktense pencils are unique to the market and are completely different from traditional watercolour pencil ranges. As the name suggests the Inktense Pencils are made with ink like formula, hence the Ink & tense referencing the intensity of colour.

The Inktense is a Derwent innovation and a unique first. They can be used for many mediums, and are an extremely versatile, vivid, and vibrant pencil that remains permanent when dry. Unlike a traditional watercolour pencil and HB pencils, the Derwent Inktense pencils do not wash away and remain permanent when dry. Their versatility allows you to use them dry, then mix them with water to see the colour transform to permanent ink. Once dry the colour is fixed and is suited for working over without the underlayer being affected or compromised.

The Inktense Derwent pencil has an overall average Lightfast rating of 87%

Manufactured with a quick-dry formula means little bleed, allowing for colours to be precisely placed next to each other without bleeding into each other. These Derwent Inktense pencils are flawless for illustrators & artists of flora, they are the perfect pencil for fashion designers too.

But they are not limited to just these few - they are ideal for vast drawing styles. Their versatility and unique blend make them great for using on everyday fabrics like silk and cotton. Their superior performance means they will stay in place on fabrics when hand washed in cool water with no harsh detergents. (sub 30 degrees Celsius) . They also take extremely well to traditional forms of paper & canvas.

In addition, they have the advantage of being suitable for ceramic and wood. The Inktense Derwent pencils adapt well to a variety of other porous surfaces only limited by your imaginative threshold. You are spoilt for choice with an extensive range of 71 vivid colours manufactured with a highly pigmented 4mm wax based core making them suited to bright coloured strokes. 

You can view the Inktense pencils colour range in the respective tin sizes here: Tin 12 | Tin 24 | Tin 36 | Tin 72 | Wood Case 48 | Wood Case 72. If you are in search of the cheapest inktense Derwent pencils you need to look no further than Office Corporate – You can shop with confidence and peace of mind knowing we have the best price guarantee. 

The Artist in you will be spoilt with Derwent Artist Pencils & crafted colours.

Derwent’s first pencil was the Artists pencil making them the longest standing pencil in the current range. The Artist pencils are manufactured from California incense cedar wood that encases and protects a 4mm wax-based colour core that does not crumble or fade, ensuring your pencil will perform at an optimum until the final sharpening.

 A firm point and highly pigmented 4mm wax-based lead provide for an effortlessly smooth and superbly rich colour laydown and detailed light layering. The Derwent Artist score a maximum of 5 from 5 on Derwent’s point strength scale. Whilst they possess an extremely strong point their slightly waxy texture blends beautifully and layers well. 

The Derwent Artist pencil can be used for a wide variety of drawing styles from bold, bright abstracts to finely detailed illustrations. They are ideal for the drawing of landscapes, animals, urban scenes and natural subjects. Artist Derwent Pencils boast their largest colour range.

With an extensive selection of 126 beautifully blended colours, you will never find yourself wanting when you are layering or blending. 120 Colours are available in the core range. An additional palette of 6 blacks and whites designed for blending and creating balanced tones and highlights in a variety of warm and cool tones.

The Derwent Artist pencil has a Lightfast rating of 79%

The 126 colours are available for your viewing here. Pencils are available in individual colours and inconvenient tins or beautifully crafted wooden cases. The tins are produced in various sizes, the smallest being the Derwent Artist Pencil Tin of 12, followed by the Tin of 24, the Tin of 36 and the largest set of 72. The wooden case set of Artists Derwent pencils are available in 48’s.

All Derwent Artist pencils along with HB pencils are available for speedy delivery throughout Australia including Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane. If you prefer to work with a hexagon pencil that gives you more control to try our Derwent Studio range, it has a 3.5mm core and is identical in colour range to that of the Artists. The Artist and the Studio work in harmony to deliver great effects. Graphitint provides a hint of colour but used wet the tint is transformed into vibrant shades. Ideal for landscapes, animal studies and portraits. Procolour pencils are among their pencils that are really great for drawing.

The Derwent Studio - a hexagonal Derwent pencil with firm points for the control

Looking for a precision pencil? The Derwent Studio colour pencils are the ones for you! Do not wait, invest now & get stuck into the fine details as the Derwent Studio pencil delivers - on point. Charcoal plays a significant role in pencils and tins.

 Constructed from the same formula as the famous Artist pencil, the Studio produces detail. Its slim 3.5mm colour strip is particularly suited for detailed illustrations, precise technical drawings and intricate commercial work. The hexagonal shape of the Studios barrel makes them easy to hold & grip for complete control.

The 6.9mm hexagonal barrel and the blendable 3.5mm colour strip make them well suited to illustrations and botanical art.  Their durable wax core sharpens to a fine point and doesn’t crumble during use making them perfect for intricate areas such as feathers and hair brush, they can be used as a really great alternative to brush for painting. 

Users of the Studio Derwent pencil range say they are capable of producing thinner lines than with other Derwent pencils, and even with a thinner line, the Derwent Studio maintains the same intensity of colour. The colours in the range blend easily and help you reach any result you can imagine.

Available here in singles or tins of 12, 24, 36 and 72, there is a decent range of colour selection for all projects. If you want the set of 48 you can have them delivered in a beautiful mahogany coloured wooden box. All colours are blendable and can be superimposed, again and again, to produce a colour range only limited by the artist. They truly hold their own when it comes to precision and detail, however, if you are needing to cover large areas there are more suited Derwent pencil within the range. They make for a great addition to any artist's toolbox.

Academy Derwent Pencil: a perfect introduction to the world of art without brush

Love art? Have a passion but require tools and not quite sure where to start. Well, read on, because the Academy Derwent pencils have been created for aspiring artists and hobbyists wishing to develop and improve their drawing skills. They have developed a fabulous range of cost-effective options to get you started when experimenting as an artist. The Academy range, covering colouring pencils, soft pastel colours, oil pastel pencils, Markers and Sketch pads and procolour pencils - all built to Derwent’s stringent standards, at a fraction of the price. Academy products are easy to use, with a great range of colours and degrees available, whilst retaining the high standards expected from Derwent.

The Derwent Academy colour pencils are made with natural wood barrels and rich, creamy pigments. The round 6.9mm barrel is also an optimal size for small and large hands alike. Derwent states that the round barrel gives freedom of movement and adds fluidity to your drawing technique.

The 2.9mm core provides for the control required in detailed areas, where precision is required. It certainly gets the job done, but for larger areas of colour application, you may want a Derwent that has a slightly thicker core. The Derwent Academy pencils are available in 36 blendable colours for procolour pencils, conveniently packaged in a metal tin storage case of either 12 or 24 pencils. The handy tin makes them easy to carry around, whether that be to school or an outdoor setting that will inspire your next masterpiece.

Academy Derwent pencil set

The coloured pencils have an attractive black barrel with a colour coordinated head. Useful information is detailed higher up on the barrel including the name of the colour and the set type. A perfect accompaniment for the coloured range is the Derwent Academy HB Sketching Pencils. They have a sleek 6.9 mm hexagonal graphite grey barrel made of charcoal with a long black gloss end dip. They are ideal for graphic work, drawing and detailed sketching. The Derwent Academy sketching sets are supplied in 12 different degrees from a soft 6B to a hard 5H.

Given the Academy colour Derwent pencils are designed and sold for beginners they are sure to be thrown into one of the toughest settings, the classroom! Derwent has clearly worked on making them strong. Most coloured pencils would not cope with the degree of the Academy. Their perfectly created wax cores are robust, and their super strong points mean they handle firm pressure and can be sharpened with most standard sharpeners. Watersoluble graphite in a stick! There are so many things you can do with Derwent watersoluble graphitone; use it like a graphite pencil, peel off the wrapper to use the stick whole or break it into chunks to create broad sweeps of tone really quickly.

The Derwent Academy Pencil line is perfect for addition for school art rooms or for aspiring artists wanting to step up from an entry-level pencil and experiment with new products and techniques. These pencils represent great value for such a premium product and can be delivered to your home, office or school throughout Australia.

Smooth and soft is the Derwent Coloursoft & procolour

Derwent Coloursoft is Derwent's softest wax pencil to date and 72 vibrant colours have been created for this range. As the coloursoft name implies they have a buttery soft texture which brings out the richness of the colour, this, coupled with a nice wide 4mm core provides great coverage, quickly. This relatively new range of 72 smooth and velvety colour pencils can be mixed and blended to create an infinite spectrum of rich vibrant colour. Ideal for a wide range of drawing styles.

The wide soft colour strip gives great to lay down and quickly delivers solid blocks of colour making them perfect for broad application and build-up of colour. These Derwent pencils have a pastel pencils type feel and for deep colour manipulation, you will struggle to find another pencil or brand to equal. You will love these for fast and thick coverage, but if you want a pencil capable of very fine detail, you will want something slightly harder, for this, we recommend the Derwent Studio.

If you like doing bold still-life drawings, cartooning or contemporary landscapes then Derwent Coloursoft coloured pencil is the perfect range for you. Whatever your capability the Coloursoft is a must-have, they are a great pencil for students, amateurs and professionals. Derwent sketching and drawing accessories are the most high quality in the market. Each pencil has around 8mm deep brown barrel with a distinctive colour tab at the top that matches the colour code for easy identification. These richly pigmented pencils can be mixed and blended to create an infinite spectrum of colours. The Coloursoft coloured pencil is available to purchase in single colours and pack sizes to suit all budgets and requirements.

Immerse your creativity with Derwent Watercolour Pencils

The Derwent Watercolor Pencils range is one of Derwent’s best-seller and we know why. They are a wax-based and water-soluble solid performer delivered at a reasonable price, meaning you can dive into the world of watercolor pencil for an outlay representing extremely good value.     

The pencils are presented in a metal tin or finely crafted wooden box making them transportable without risk of breakage or damage. The ease of portability makes them equally suited to field or studio work. The watercolour Derwent pencils can be procured in tins of 12 & 24 making them ideal for students and hobbyists. If you are an artist or an amateur requiring something more extensive you may be adequately accommodated by the tin 36 or 72.

Showcased in wooden cases of 24, 48, and 72 make a perfect package for a lifetime of Derwent watercolour pencil enjoyment, the timeless wooden case is easily replenished as the pencils can be purchased as singular colours, making them desirable for artists who work within specific genres. The case of pencils also makes for a thoughtful and imaginative gift for any aspiring or accomplished artist.  

The soft wax core is 3.4mm in diameter and is encased in a hexagonal 6.9mm barrel. The Watercolour Derwent pencils unique names and numbers are embossed in eloquent silver contrasting the matt black barrel. They are also dipped in their corresponding colour for ease of identification.

Their hexagonal barrel gives them the control of a fine pencil and delivers the beauty of Derwent watercolour. Their versatility means they can be applied dry and water added later or dipped in water on the fly to create unique colour flows and stunning watercolour effects.

Unlike the Intense that remains permanent on drying the watercolour Derwent does not so even if the colour is dry you can re-wet it and move it about again. Derwent procolour range has richly pigmented tins. Derwent graphite pencils combine the creativity of pencil drawings with a hint of soft, subtle colour.

Stay on point with the best Derwent pencil sharpener for artists

You will not be limited by the contents of the package you decide on as the watercolour Derwent pencils is great for mixing and their soft texture allows them to be blended easily, making for a vast array of your own colours. They are perfectly matched with watercolour paper and pads and once blended leave no unsightly pencil strokes.

The tones of the watercolour Derwent pencils are quite consistent, and the colour levels can be adjusted relatively easily with water control. The colour palette presents an array of earthy browns and an abundance of vegetation greens, wonderful for landscape and botanical works. If you are after something with great intensity that drops super vibrant colours that pop off the page you may wish to consider Derwent Inktense.

Protect and get the best of your investment with the best pencil sharpener for artists. Sharpen your pencils with confidence knowing the Derwent pencil sharpener won 1st prize in the 2019 Coloured Pencil Awards for pencil sharpener of the year. It is priced competitively and for a small outlay, you will be equipped with the best pencil sharpeners. Owning this means you will never attempt a fine line with a blunt point again.

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