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A Touch of Whimsy    

Office products have a dull reputation, which is why we are excited to provide options that pack a colorful, lighthearted, and high-quality punch. Whether office, classroom, or therapy space, any workroom can benefit from a touch of whimsy, and that’s exactly what Elizabeth Richards provides.

Elizabeth Richards school and learning supplies focus on inclusivity and creativity, giving everyone from educators and therapists the tools to connect with children with specialized needs while engaging their creative side.

Elizabeth Richards educational resources & ergonomic solutions

One highlight of the range is the Flexible Learning line, which features a variety of classroom furniture for every type of child. They can also be a huge help in occupational therapy or special needs settings or for particularly active and energized kids.

 Pedal desks allow kids to work out excess energy through exercising, while the stable desktop attached to the top engages their mind. We offer two different sizes designed for both primary and secondary school children. Colorful bean bags, exercise balls, and textured chairs add to the line, engaging tactile and motor senses and helping children focus on their learning. Portable lap desks, rotational and rolling tables and chairs, and Acti Chairs round out the collection. Each of these options provides detailed customization for educators and other childcare professionals, allowing them to personalize their spaces and fit each child’s needs.

Elizabeth Richards artist engagement with colour & Elizabeth Richards book tubs & boxes

 Another highlight of the Elizabeth Richards line is its dedication to colour and fun for every age. Library, classroom, and office collections feature brightly colored storage Elizabeth Richards book tubs & boxes, pastel book storage racks, and every color and pattern of office supplies. Each tub is made of high-quality durable plastic, with a high back to support book storage and easy display.

 For teachers who are looking to fully integrate their classroom with Modern Teaching Aids, each tub corresponds with levelled reader colors. For teachers looking to introduce reading and writing aids into their classroom, Elizabeth Richards offers a wide range of options as well. Colorful letter tiles allow kids and teachers to practice early vocabulary, while write and wipe sleeves offer sustainable and hygienic ways for early writers to practice. Magazine holders, magnetic pockets, and a variety of dry erase, nontoxic, no-stain markers further support early learning practice. No matter the type of storage or school supplies, you can be sure Elizabeth Richards will offer it in a fun color or whimsical pattern.

Elizabeth Richards also offers a specialized line of indigenous resources, truly allowing educators to engage every child that ends up in their classroom.

Getting Hands-on with Elizabeth Richards Diary 2021

Beyond just classroom furniture, Elizabeth Richards produces many lines of sensory and tactile-friendly classroom materials including elizabeth richards diary 2021. Their line of math’s resources are especially popular; everything from large clocks to magnetic rulers and counting items is available in durable and high-quality material that will last even the toughest of classrooms many school years. You can find other Educational Colour art supplies from our EC range.

A variety of classroom games and toys designed to improve speech and language cognition support pathologists and therapists as well as primary school teachers. Several other classroom toys and learning aids are available to help engage and stimulate students while they learn.

Elizabeth Richards stands out for its quality, vibrancy and inclusivity. The brand’s attention to detail and widespread resources, alongside its dependable record of quality and durability, make it a highlight of Office Corporate products, and we’re delighted to continue to carry Elizabeth Richards in-store and online.

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