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Zart Art Supplies is a place you can turn to for your art and crafting needs. Whether you’re creative or you hold a place that encourages art as a platform—like a nursery, university, library, or after-school program—this is the reliable place you can purchase your materials from.

Gather Your Art Materials From Zart Art Supplies

Zart Art supplies were established in 1988. Since the beginning, Zart Art has always been tied to art supplies and has remained committed to providing essential materials to educators, councilors, mentors, and providers.

Today, Zart Art supplies is a known staple in the business and education industry as the place to be for each and every art need in Australia.

If you’re simply representing yourself instead of an establishment or an organization, then fret not. Zart Art supplies also cater to individuals who are art enthusiasts, artists by profession, and hobbyists. No matter who you are or what your art needs are for, Zart Art supplies will answer your calls.

Supplies you can purchase with Zart Art

Here are some Zart Art materials you can purchase at Office Corporate:

  • Pigmented inks - Artist quality pigment ink suitable for brush, pen, airbrush, and special pen techniques. This particular type of ink is ideal for non-greasy surfaces, including glass, metal, acetate, paper, timber, and board. It is quick-drying, water-resistant, and non-toxic.

  • Brush sets - Different types of brush sets are available at Zart Art. Watercolour, flat, round, wide, and foam brushes, among others.

  • Glue - Different kinds of glue made for different surfaces such as wood, glass, metal, paper, plastic, and others.

  • Glue gun - Hot melt glue guns that dry glue sticks in just a minute. Bonds to plastic, paper, wood, and ceramics.

  • Glue sticks - Glue sticks in varying measurements and thickness. Bonds to wood, ceramics, and almost any material in 1 minute.

  • Paste spreader - Suitable for PVA glue and impasto work. This saves your brushes from being ruined as you simply peel off dried glue.

  • Masking tapes - This masking tape is great to use in the classroom or art room. It is Suitable for collage, construction, and masking purposes.

  • Washi tapes - Decorative tapes with different designs and colours. Perfect to use in collage, craft, cardmaking, or display. Ideal for card, paper, canvas, papier mache, wood, and polystyrene.

  • Tape dispensers - Large and small tape dispensers to fit the size of your tapes. Made to contain tape and slice desired end.

  • Bead packs & smock for painting - Bead packs that include a wide array of beads with varying colours and sizes. An assortment of over 1000 fashion beads that may include acrylic, glass, plastic, wooden, seed, glass candy, and foil beads.

  • Artbooks - Different kinds of art books such as pop-up, watercolour, and technique books.

  • Papier-mache items - You can purchase papier-mache tubes which are ideal for construction, photo frames, pre-cut shapes, 

  • Canvas boards - Canvas boards for your artworks. The boards you can browse through come in different shapes and sizes.

  • Strings and yarns - Strings and yarns befitting of any art rooms and stations out there. Perfect for displays, collages, printmaking (make patterns with string), string art, wrapping gifts, weaving, macrame, basket making, knotting, among many others.

  • Glass cutters - Glass cutters with safety shields to ensure no unwanted debris fly straight towards you when this item is in use.

  • Claydoughs - Claydough sets that come in different colours, variations, and sizes.

  • Lab coats - Cotton drill coats to protect your clothing when doing craft activities or projects. Comes with plastic buttons. Comes in small, medium, large, and extra-large.

  • Pens and markers - Different types of pens and markers such as calligraphy pens, fineline pens, water-based markers, and more.

  • Erasers - Your erasers are only as important as the pens and markers you use. Rubber, pencil, board erasers, among others, are available here.

  • Art mounts - Sturdy art mounts you can use to display your photographs, paintings, and/or any kinds of artworks.

Those are just some of the many items you can get from Zart Art Supplies. There are still many more you can purchase here such as fastener dots, tassels, needles, jiggly eyes, poly balls, bandages, pop sticks, different gears and cogs, and so much more.

Why shop Zart Zart at Office Corporate

Office Corporate is a locally-owned Australian business that’s dedicated to bringing you the best branded office and school supplies your money can buy. Being in the business for over 20 years has made us perform our dealings with genuine care and thought. We have catered to multiple industries all over Australia.

To make sure we can provide maximum convenience to our customers, we provide express shipping anywhere in Australia. Just purchase anything you need to purchase and we’ll make sure it arrives at your doorstep in just a matter of days.

No matter what supply you need, we make sure the items you browse on our website are sturdy, efficient, and the most affordable you’ll find anywhere. Office Corporate only works with reliable brands such as Zart Art supplies so that everything you purchase is worth your every dollar.

To even push our point further in providing you the most affordable Zart Art supplies on the market, we have a service called the Price Beat Promise. This service indicates that if you ever find a lower-priced listing on an identical stocked item we have, we will beat that price by over 2%. Just provide legitimate proof of any of our competitors posting the same item we have at a lower price. Once we’re able to verify your report, we’ll sell the very same item to you at a 2% cheaper price! Your budget is our highest consideration.

If you ever have any further queries, whether you need advice on items to purchase, an update on an item delivery, or anything else that comes to mind, you can count on our customer service platform.

Shop now at Office Corporate and indulge your artistic self in the very supplies it needs to bring its most beautiful thoughts to fruition.

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