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At Office Corporate, we don’t just sell any old product. We curate a perfected selection of products to make office spaces efficient and productive. Our focus is on stocking your workspace with quality tools that will help you do your job better than ever, and that includes the classroom.

We know a good education leads to productive work and creates positive office environments and positive life outcomes. By investing in high quality edx education products early on in life, we invest in ultimate success for every child.

Hands-on learning that makes education engaging, applicable, and fun

There are many education products on the market, but Office Corporate prides itself on carrying only the best of the best. Our collection of EDX Education supplies and toys ensures high quality learning materials for every child in every learning environment. EDX is an international supplier that is driven to design, create, and share the highest quality, most effective, and most engaging educational toys out there.

Education isn’t just textbooks and maths problems – at Office Corporate, we are committed to bringing you a diverse range of edx education products, including educational games from EDX. EDX educational toys and games will hold your students’ attention indefinitely and keep them having fun while they are learning.

From construction games to shape play to kinetic toys, EDX education toys don’t just teach your students critical thinking and learning skills, but also work to keep their young and energetic minds active through physical play. Students can practice their fine motor skills while they are pushing their minds to learn and explore new concepts and ideas with EDX educational toys.

With an extensive collection of products to choose from, EDX ensures a perfect game for every skill and every child you’re working with:

  • EDX Education Junior Geoland is an exciting set with mirrors, building sticks and blocks, and activity cards. Aimed for ages five and up, Junior Geoland creates a whole world for kids to explore with their hands and minds. Fine motor skills and creativity meet to make and engaging and fulfilling game for anyone, The construction possibilities with this set are endless, and will keep your child entertained for hours.
  • Help your child unlock their counting and mathematical understanding with EDX Education Plastic Base Ten. For any child that struggles with understanding relationships between number sets, this is the perfect choice. With clear visuals and easy to maneuverer blocks, this set sets children up for success. Bright yellow cubes denote ones, bright green rods stand in for tens, bright blue flats stand in for hundreds, and bright red cubes stand in for thousands, all proportionally and clearly sized to help any student understand numbers more completely. 
  • With EDX Education Rainbow Pebbles Activity Set, set children’s creativity free as they learn how to build creations out of uniquely sized and contoured pebbles. Kids can start with any one of the many activity cards to give them ideas to follow, or they can jump righ in and let their own creativity lead the way!
  • Our school supplies aren’t just table games or card games. With large-scale interactive toys and materials, you can create a whole world in your educational space for kids to explore. With our Step-A-System, kids learn balance and confidence while feeling like their school space has been transformed into an adventurous obstacle course!

Any child will be excited to play with EDX Educational games and any parent will be thrilled to watch their child learn.

EDX educational games are perfect for any student. No matter their learning style, interests, strength, or attention span, there’s an educational set that is right for them.

EDX education games are not just great options for teachers to include in their classrooms, but also make awesome gifts for any kid’s birthday party or a gift-giving occasion of any kind!

Colour and design to hold any child’s interest

EDX educational games are designed with bright colours and engaging aesthetics to keep your student visually engaged, and to keep your educational workspace a fun, beautiful space! With brightly coloured blocks and sleek designs for any setup, these products are as far away from an eyesore as you can get.

Set up an EDX construction game in the corner of your school room and draw the eye of anyone in the room. Any of our educational toys create a fun display on any school table or playroom.

Take your education to the next level with Office Corporate education toys

Games aren’t just for entertainment, and education isn’t just for passing tests. With any one of our EDX Education Games, bring joy and excitement as well as learning to your education setup.

Should you have any questions about our products, our dedicated and knowledgeable product specialists are always on hand to help. Our customer service team is committed to providing you with the tools you need at the best possible price, and we’ll do whatever we can to help you meet your goals.

Heard about our price beat promise? Should you find one of our stock items for cheaper elsewhere, we won’t just match the price, we’ll beat it. We’ll offer you 2% less than competitors.  

What’s more, with regular specials and rewards for returning customers, we guarantee your EDX educational purchase from us won’t be your last. Sign up with us to start earning reward points on every purchase. Get one point for each $10 you spend, and trade in your reward points for 10% off anything on our online store. Sounds like a bargain to us!

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Ready to transform your classroom into a fun, creative, and efficient space? We thought so.

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